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visas & immigration

For more information about Visas & Immigration, see our Visas & Immigration Tips and Tricks articles.
  1. albatross710

    ABC Catalyst: Passport problems – how easy it to spot a false identity?

    Spotted this interesting story on Catalyst. the program shows the passport security features, the use of facial recognition and the rollout of new facial recognition terminals for incoming pax at BNE. Interesting to see how they cross match each new passport application with previous 20,000,000...
  2. A

    Change passport once flight booked and paid for

    Hi, My aussie passport is being processed now and I expect it to be delivered some time next week. In the mean time, I received these really good offers to South America via LAN but they expire this thursday, feb 26th. Question is: does anyone know if I can book with my foreign passport...
  3. W

    Ridiculous immigration lines at BNE

    Hi there, apologies in advance for the rant - it has been a long day. I arrived in BNE this morning at 7.25am on QF124 from AKL and then proceeded to spend close to 3h waiting in line at immigration. Within 75min there are 6 international flights arriving and I counted 3 staffed counters -...
  4. B

    Potential impact of new passport number on an international ticket

    Hi all Re Potential impact of a new passport number on an international ticket My current passport expires in September 2015. It has insufficient validity for my China trip commencing 7 July 2015. China visas require 6 months validity from proposed date of entry into China. I have applied...
  5. exceladdict

    Passport/Security Info for Multi-Carrier OW USDM Booking

    Hi All I have recently made a multi-carrier USDM booking and was not at any stage asked for detailed passport info - I don't think it's stored in my USDM account. Last OS (paid) trip, I had to provide detailed passport info to Qantas. I called QR yesterday, who advised that they most certainly...
  6. Mark3000

    Enrich booking without passport number

    I've found the flights I want and was all ready to book, but my wife's current passport (in her maiden name) expires in June 2015 and the flights I want to book are in Sep2015. We were planning to get her a new passport in a few months It won't let me do an Enrich points booking without putting...
  7. M

    UK Registered traveller service - Express immigration trial

    The UK has been trialling a Registered Traveller scheme for quite a few months now. It has now moved into additional trials and the public can now sign up if you have an invitation code. Service costs £50/year, (first year is non-refundable if you are...
  8. Hvr

    United Airlines stranded at immigrationless Canberra

    If only CBR was a true international airport rather than just taking the name in vain.
  9. Quickstatus

    LAX automated passport control

    Can Aussies with entry visa to US (for the purposes of staying greater than 90 days) use the auto passport kiosks at at TBIT?. I understand that travellers on VWP can use these kiosks.
  10. Tonkatough

    Australian Passport Enquiry - Number of Pages Required

    I hope someone can help with this: I will soon be travelling to the USA using a valid Australian passport, and will complete the usual ESTA application, but I have only one blank (unused) page remaining in the passport. Is one blank (unused) page sufficient for entry/exit to/from the USA? I...
  11. harvyk

    Passport stamps, love them or loath them?

    Over on FT there is a discussion over passport stamps. They are certainly becoming a part of a bygone era as more places use electronic means for tracking boarder movements. However are you happy to see them go or do you still love getting that stamp, if nothing else to say you've been there...
  12. M

    Mobi Passport - Spain SIM card

    Hi all, hoping for advice on Spain SIM card mainly for data. Plan to use a MIFI and use my phone for google maps navigation, searching for info, skype phone home and checking emails. Have done a search and I do realize buying a local SIM from movistar or vodafone is the best value. However I am...
  13. Hvr

    Passport Officers poor on passport photo ID

    Well this surely cannot be a surprise to anybody who has to endure the looking and wondering by the passport officer. What is interesting is that there is no mention of expanding SmartGate which can process people very quickly and more importantly, accurately and refers any suspicious person for...
  14. Timsboot

    Passport stolen on a plane - is this possible?

    Last week I received a panicked call from a friend of a friend (person A) who had just landed at BKK for the start of a 2 week TH holiday. Somewhere between boarding their flight in Dubai and getting to immigration at BKK this person's travelling companion (person B) had lost their passport...
  15. Flashback

    What Immigration did with just $1m and open source software

    What Immigration did with just $1m and open source software - Software - News -
  16. Happy Trails

    UK Passport Renewal for Dual / Multi Citizens

    Has anyone with dual / multi citizenship renewed a UK passport recently? They now instruct you to send them all of your non-cancelled passports, "British or otherwise". There's no way I'm sending them my other passports for God knows how long and I'm thinking of simply ignoring this...
  17. markis10

    DFW introduces automated passport control

    Automated Passport Control at Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) 22 July 2014 Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) has launched Automated Passport Control© (APC) enabling the fastest, most convenient and secure entry process for international customers entering the US. Automated passport...
  18. kremin

    DOM to INT - passport for domestic sector?

    Hi all, Easy one I hope Sister & husband flying from HVB to connect with QF1 They're on 3 PNRs, both QF to SYD, then QF to DXB and the other EK codeshare ( hey , it was cheaper! ) Anyway I am on a different PNR again ( you know why! ) and I will have their passports here in SYD. Can they...
  19. N

    Entry in Australia on EU passport but Australian citizen

    My 83 year old mother who lives in Auckland has fallen and fractured her hip and may have had a stroke either immediately before the fall or during the period before my brother went around to do his routine (every second day) "welfare" check. She was admitted to hospital last night and my...
  20. K

    Redemption of Points to Daughter without a Passport

    I am wanting to book a flight for my daughter to the GoldCoast using KrisFlyer points but you need a passport number to do so. I really do not fancy getting a passport for her when we do not plan on going overseas for quite some time. Is there any way around this? Can anyone help?