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  1. R

    US Carriers with Bassinet? (LAX -> Washington)

    Does anyone know of any US carriers that have bassinet for east/west long haul flights? Flying from LAX to DC next year with a 6 month old, and a bassinet will help for the 5 hour flight. Preferably in J, and preferably a VA partner.
  2. D

    CX 840 HKG to JFK Best J Seat two Kids

    Hey as always I like to run my seat selection pass the gurus.. Travelling with two kids (family 4) I typically choose main J cabin half down rows G & K. However I have an itch to try the small cabin and all of row 12 is available (77H layout) Read some reviews that are positive and other say...
  3. A

    Food Allergies-Air Travel-Kids

    I am travelling with a child that has severe food allergies. I will be vacationing for 3 weeks in Australia. I plan to bring most of the food for my child from USA. Because I would want to avoid as much as possible using anything new. I plan to bring milk in 8 OZ boxes, carry few and check in...
  4. vertisol

    SYD Flounge with kids

    Enduring a trip to coughet with the family on JQ this school holidays... What's everyone's experience with the Flounge menu with respect to kids? While I'm more than happy with spicy pork belly, sashimi, lobster thermidor etc my two boys won't. Do they do something simpler as well as fancy...
  5. R

    Seat selection for couple with Bassinet in A380 and 777

    Hi all, My wife and I have booked LHR -> SIN on the A380 (SQ 321), and then SIN -> BNE on the 777 (SQ 245) in June 2018. We will have a 6 month old son, so will require the bassinet. I am hoping to select my wife to sit in 17A on the A380, and 11A on the 777, as it looks like these are the...
  6. A

    Parent (in J) and kids (in Y)on separate PNR

    Planning a trip MEL-PER and thinking that the mrs and I will use an AAdv J award and we will buy Y tix for the kids on the same flight. So how do I go about booking tickets for the kids on their PNR given we won't be on it but will be on the same flight? I don't want them to be regarded or...
  7. get me outta here

    Should parents give their children drugs to help them sleep on long-haul flights?

    Interesting article. Mentions some of the adverse effects too such as, "Professor Starr says the sedative he prescribes can cause paradoxical agitation in very rare cases, and this is far more likely with antihistamines." And, "poo-plosion". :shock: Should parents give their children drugs...
  8. D

    Transfers in Dubai with two kids

    Hey all, Has anyone got any advice regarding transfers from Airport to Hotel in Dubai with multiple young children? We'll have a 3 month old and 3 year old and it's proving very difficult to find anyone offering a baby capsule and even harder to get more than one seat per car. The best we've...
  9. E

    MH Bassinet Seat Location in Business A330

    Hi, i tried to search online but couldn't see anything definitive. Would be good to see if anyone here knew Per seatguru, the bassinet seats seem to be 1A 1D 1G and 1K. That can't be all correc though (i.e. all 4 seats are bassinets?)...
  10. Colster

    Asia three ways with the kids...

    Hi all, after our successful trip to Beijing and HKG last year, we are off again this year. Myself, SWMBO, and the two mini Colsters (boys aged 10&11) will be christmassing and NYE this year in Singapore, Vietnam and Hong Kong. i travel a lot to SIN but never with the kids. Vietnam is also new...
  11. GarrettM

    United gate agent says leggings on kids are inappropriate

    United Airlines refuses girl, 10, because of her leggings | Daily Mail Online Not the greatest PR. Although it seems the travelling group may have been part of an FA Pass Travel group, which does come with a few requirements.
  12. Jmrocky

    Bintang singlets and kids - what could go wrong

    Hi all, thought I would have a go at my first trip report. I really enjoy reading others so thought I may as well contribute. Just a bit about this trip, and I can imagine the collective groans on AFF as I say (in line with the title) that this will cover a trip to Bali. "Bali, he's not a...
  13. C

    Complimentary Lounge Pass - children?

    Hi, I will be travelling to Europe later this year on a QF flight. I have two lounge passes (through my CC). We have 2 children 7 and 10 and our nephew (17) will be travelling with us. Will 2 passes be sufficient to get the 5 of us into the international business class lounge or do I have to...
  14. A

    Points Redemption and kids

    Hi there, First thread so here goes... Looking at a family holiday to use some QF points. Thought that to maximise the points per $, that it may be better to book the adults using points, and then pay in $ for the child (seeing int'l kids fare is cheaper than an adult, as opposed to using...
  15. E

    Children in QF F Lounge as OWE

    Hey just wanted to clarify the QF lounge access policy:-Ill be flying BA (as a OWE) with my wife soon. Will i have problems bringing in my 2 kids (3 yo and 6 mths)?I understand that two children under 18 generally dont count as guests - but is this only for members under the QF program?
  16. V

    Emirates Premium with children - review & info for Qantas v Skywards points

    In the last 6 months, I've flown 1 adult, 3 YO and 6 month old to DXB on F out of Sydney (using Qantas Points on Emirates A380) and 2 adults 3YO and 10month old on J to MXB via DXB (using Emirates points on Emirates A380). I am a Bronze Qantas FF, and my Husband is a Gold (now platinum) Skywards...
  17. D

    Award redemptions for children

    Hi All, I am looking to redeem some J award seats next year. Including children seems to throw an error - do I just redeem them as an adult ? Is there any discount - is it worth calling qantas to find out ? Cheers Dave
  18. M

    Alitalia - MilleMiglia Kids - Skyteam Partners Earn?

    Hi All, I am looking for some insight with Alitalia. I have booked a recent trip to Bali with the family, flying Garuda ex MEL and wanted to utilize my Alitalia Gold Status for lounge access. I noticed that Alitalia have a family pooling option with MilleMiglia Kids. While their T&C's do not...
  19. kevrosmith

    Changes to Unaccompanied Minor policy carrying Medication

    News & Commercial Alerts This one has an ACA headline story written all over it: "My child was really looking forward to visiting their grandparents for school holidays but Qantas refused to let them on board because he/she had a ventolin puffer and we didn't have a letter from the doctor..."...
  20. A

    Va7 bassinet?

    Hi everyone! With the refurbished planes on the VA Bne-Lax flights where is the bassinet now? We have sat in economy row 20 before and now alocated 21A,B,C for an upcoming flight with infant and child. Is 21 A-C a bassinet position now? Thanks!