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  1. S

    Redeem qantas gift voucher for children?

    Hi Am I able to redeem a Qantas gift voucher for a family for 2adults 3 children? The gift voucher seems to only allow purchase for adults. If I buy a voucher for 5 people, it looks like I will have to pay adult fares for the children? I rang Qantas today and they said you should be able to...
  2. wendlle

    Lounge Pass and Children Question

    I've just noticed that my latest status credits have been given to me 3 days before my status review which is a shame because I won't be traveling much in the next 12 months so will no doubt slip down to Silver as I can't get enough credits to keep my gold (or go up to Platinum in time) So, I am...
  3. S

    Bassinets Singapore Airlines A380 in J

    Hi does anyone know exactly where the bassinets are actually placed on the Business Class Seats on A380 with Singapore Airlines. On the map it shows the seats location but not exactly where the Bassinet is placed.
  4. D

    that bassinet life (RTW with our 9 mth old)

    Hi all thought i'd throw together a few photos from our recent RTW trip. SYD-DFW QF J ORD-xFRA-ATH LH F/J LHR-SIN-SYD SQ suites/F plus some food and hotel photos thrown in for good measure
  5. JohnK

    Child discount on Qantas revenue airfares

    I thought there was some sort of discount on revenue airfares but haven't been paying too much attention until today. I'm looking at a BNE-SIN-HKT//BKK-SIN-BNE airfare for 2 adults and a 2+ year old child and the quoted airfare is $975/person but when going to the total page the total for 3...
  6. F

    Qantas Gold, flying CX, QF HKG lounge access (with kids) ?

    soon to be SG, and will be flying myself, wife and kid on CX to/from SYD <=> HKG. under Frequent Flyer - Flying Qantas and Partner Airlines - Status Credits and Tier Benefits - Tier Benefits it is not clear whether three of us will have access to the HKG Qantas lounge because under 1. there are...
  7. J

    Year 3 kid qantas classic rewards tickets

    I have some QFF points to spend on a holiday with my wife and a 3 years old girl. We want to book either premium economy or business class seats. However, for a 3 years old kid, she really don't need a full flat business seat. Just wondering, can I book 2 business tickets for my wife and me, and...
  8. QF WP

    Planning: 3 days in Seattle - with 2 kids

    Flying into SEA on 5th July and there for 6th - 8th with the possibility of extending to 9th (as currently 2 nights planned for Everett 9th and 10th but hoping to only do one). We had a chat with AFF/FT friends on the weekend about things to do there and I have read the previous thread in this...
  9. R

    Guaranteeing baby bassinet

    Hi all, We are travelling to Europe in 3 months flying Emirates business outbound and Ehithad First inbound, both award bookings. Is there any way to guarantee a baby bassinet? I have spoken to Etihad at length and have been informed there is no way to guarantee- this will be determined at...
  10. irv

    Children's Passport

    I am having difficulty getting an answer to this even from the passport help line. We tragically lost our daughter at Christmas time, she was a single mum with a ten year old son. There was never a biological father in my grandsons life, in fact we don't know a single thing about him and his...
  11. D

    does anyone know the bassinet seats in J on QF7 (A380)

    not really the appropriate thread but related - does anyone know the bassinet seats in J on QF7 (A380). Flying to DFW in a couple of weeks and really want to make sure we get one!
  12. M

    Accidentally converted CC points into KF miles in kids account

    Just had a look at my KrisFlyer miles and noticed that I’ve accidentally transferred my CC points to my kids Krisflyers account instead. Should I get them transferred across to my account is there a benefit of having the points (50k) in my kids account?
  13. juddles

    Customer service assessment - from a child's perspective.

    Hi all, I am a fairly energetic supporter of Qantas, but I reject the "fan" tag as I also happily criticize them for things they suck at (like the obscene co-payments required to "redeem a free points ticket") I am more focussed on hard product than staff, as comfort and rest are more...
  14. Awesom Andy

    Best bassinet seat in Y? (international flights)

    Has anyone worked out where would be the bassinet seat when flying with an infant? Obviously, the baby couldn't tell me which one she prefers. Using adult thinking, the ones right at the front would be nice and quiet (while ignoring all the WPs moaning), but the "noisy" part at the back is...
  15. S

    Qantas Vouchers with Children & Infants

    Sorry to ask. I did a search but couldnt find a thread that answered this easily. With buying a QF voucher what do you do if you have children & infants in the booking. Are they counted as a person when buying a voucher or do you not include them and somehow add them later when redeeming? Or do...
  16. T

    Lounge Access as QF Plat with Children

    Hi Folks, as QF Plat I will have my first AA domestic flight with Mrs. Tyrolean and our two kids (9 and 12). We will fly AA First Class, but that does not give us lounge access. Do I get access to the lounge in MIA with the kids? Oneworld says one guest only. Does it make sense to buy a day...
  17. doctork

    Tips for late departure SIN-HEL with kids

    Hi travelling brains trust! I'm flying in February: Singapore-Helsinki-LHR with DrMrsTorkPhD, Miss 7yearsTork and Miss 4yearsTorklet. AY business SIN-HEL connecting to BA Club Europe HEL-LHR. Finnair departs late at night 2355 from Changi. We're holidaying at the W Sentosa beforehand and I can...
  18. R

    Bassinet seats couple bookings

    Wife, infant and I are booked for LHR -> SIN -> BNE in June 2018. Called up trying to reserve 96D and 96F on the A380, but was advised we can only reserve one bassinet seat, so we can't sit side by side. Likewise, on the 757 tried to book 19D and 19F, but again advised we can only book one...
  19. kempvet

    Unaccompanied Minor in J Class access to TBIT QF J Lounge

    HI all, My 7 year old is traveling in J on AA from LAX-SYD. Her mother is being allowed through security until my 7 year old boards the plane. Are my daughter and her mother allowed into the QF TBIT J Lounge?. After all, my daughter has a J fare.
  20. BAM1748

    The kids love it...

    Boarding Pass for the kids from NASA. Send Your Name to Mars: InSight