traveling with children

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  1. V

    Flying to Athens with young child

    Hi, My husband and I are taking my 4 yr old son to Athens and just looking for any hints and tips on flying with him. We are flying economy with Emirates from Brisbane (Qantas codeshare). Any suggestions? Is it worth joining a club for lounge access for Dubai stop over? Thanks, V.
  2. mrsterryn

    Flying babysuits umm clothes

    Having our first grandbaby born this morning just wondering if anyone has cute outfits for travel......well like the Qantas grosuit
  3. E

    A tale of two children (in J)

    It was the best of times, it was the worst of times... No this is not one of those periodic threads debating whether infants / children should be allowed in the J cabin (I think angel children should be allowed, monster babies sent to the cargo hold or, better, fly DHL*) But i was flying SQ...
  4. joffaa

    S7 Children Award seat redemption fees via QF , Exorbitant

    I recently booked a few flights Biz Class with S7 (Siberian airlines)using QF Points via Qantas website. to my shock the fees for Adults was 7 Pounds each whilst the kids fees were 52 pounds each. 2 adults and 2 kids was $220 in fees(II questioned this via chat on QF website and after waiting...
  5. JohnK

    LCC Booking with Child

    I had an issue recently where 3K allocated seats all over for a booking for myself, wife and 2 year old daughter. I thought we were sitting together but seats were automatically allocated apart. I've been looking at booking Air Asia CNX-DMK later this month and started booking the flight and...
  6. M

    Sydney: minor change to flight paths

    Airservices Australia posted this on its website: Temporary flight path change in Sydney Over the last two weeks residents of suburbs including Coogee, South Coogee, Randwick and Maroubra may have observed changes to the flight path. This is because the usual departure flight path has been...
  7. Denali

    VA approves new seating for children with disabilities

    Virgin Australia - Approval I was amazed to hear from Virgin Australia, who responded to my post and took it one step further and invited to fly myself and my family to their head office to discuss seating options ..... Virgin Australia for their approval of seating devices for infants and...
  8. blackcat20

    TomCat's Luxury Escape

    It's been over a year since our last trip report, so it felt like time for a new one. Earlier this year we were tossing up between two Luxury Escape's deals: the JW Marriot Khao Lak and the St Regis Langkawi. The first deal was 8 nights all inclusive, the latter 5 nights with a great range of...
  9. H

    Refused guest child access to TBIT OW lounge when flying QF

    My SG colleague just returned from a family vacation to Disneyland and on the way home was looking forward to spending some time in the TBIT OW J lounge with his wife and two children. The lounge dragon refused entry for his children stating that the OW policy does not include children as...
  10. I

    Pram/stroller on child fare

    VA were great when flying with an infant, but I have an OOL-AKL flight with a now 2 yr old (child fare) and the website doesn't mention if the pram is a free checked item?
  11. L

    Travelled PER-BNE with a child

    Hey all, Wanted to share a recent experience I had with Qantas traveling with my almost 3 year old in Y. We did a trip PER-BNE, traveling there on Qantas and returning on Virgin. I normally travel solo or with the wife as I like the quiet / downtime in the air but it was time for a family...
  12. mrsterryn

    Mother and child different surnames

    Currently my daughter in law is deliberating changing her surname . However there is a grandchild on the way which will have my Son surname. Next year she is planning on travelling overseas with grand child without husband Is that ever an issue ?
  13. M

    Kids / Child Meals

    Doing the QF10/95 PER MEL LAX combo shortly. I put child meals in the booking for my two but it says that they aren't available for either flight. Is this the norm being a supper departure? Just the Menu Select options looks a little sophisticated for their palate!
  14. V

    Qantas J Meals for Kids

    First time in Qantas J for a while. Emirates J - we order the Kids meal to get the kids 'gift bag', but our kids eat from the standard menu. What are the kids meals like on Qantas J? If we order a standard meal, will we still get the kids gift packs?
  15. JohnK

    Booking flights for travel with a child

    I'm sure I know the answer but wondering if anyone has any recent experiences. My daughter will be 2 next week and I will take her to Sydney every 2-3 weeks to visit grandparents but her travel won't be booked too far in advance but rather last minute just in case she is not able to travel if...
  16. J

    Minor schedule change - and now I have to phone Air NZ?

    I've got a TT flight booking (for next July) with NZ, and I have just got an email from them advising of a very minor schedule change (15 mins earlier than the original departure time). For some weird reason, the email says: "We're reminding* you we've had to reschedule your flight(s) below...
  17. S

    Redeem qantas gift voucher for children?

    Hi Am I able to redeem a Qantas gift voucher for a family for 2adults 3 children? The gift voucher seems to only allow purchase for adults. If I buy a voucher for 5 people, it looks like I will have to pay adult fares for the children? I rang Qantas today and they said you should be able to...
  18. wendlle

    Lounge Pass and Children Question

    I've just noticed that my latest status credits have been given to me 3 days before my status review which is a shame because I won't be traveling much in the next 12 months so will no doubt slip down to Silver as I can't get enough credits to keep my gold (or go up to Platinum in time) So, I am...
  19. S

    Bassinets Singapore Airlines A380 in J

    Hi does anyone know exactly where the bassinets are actually placed on the Business Class Seats on A380 with Singapore Airlines. On the map it shows the seats location but not exactly where the Bassinet is placed.
  20. D

    that bassinet life (RTW with our 9 mth old)

    Hi all thought i'd throw together a few photos from our recent RTW trip. SYD-DFW QF J ORD-xFRA-ATH LH F/J LHR-SIN-SYD SQ suites/F plus some food and hotel photos thrown in for good measure