traveling with children

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  1. SeatBackForward

    Kudos to QF staff and flght crew when travelling with Kids.

    Just a quick note to thank QF staff for their service over a recent trip to Brisbane. Sydney to Brisbane is only a short trip, but travelling with a 3yr and 1yr old means the length of the journey is rarely the issue. QF staff were very helpful at all points of contact, checking in (Strollers...
  2. quokka77

    minor reductions in Qantas credit card surcharges

    Qantas cuts debit card surcharge to $2.50 and credit card fee to $7 | Hardly earth shattering, Qantas has announced minor reductions in some card surcharges. Personally I think this is an ambit position ahead of any possible regulatory move against such charges.
  3. J

    children joining QFF

    I was wondering how we could get our children free QFF memberships through Woolworths (or any other way), when the minimum age for joining Everyday Rewards was 18 years old? Does anyone know how to circumnavigate this problem?
  4. Hvr

    100 high school kids kicked off flight

    Good to see proactive action being taken and lots of publicity. A few more cases like this and maybe people will start to get the message.
  5. Pablo

    Buying kids clothes in Bangkok or coughet

    Hi wondering if anyone has any tips for where to buy good and cheap kids clothes in Bangkok (or coughet)? A few years ago we found an awesome shop in Pratnum Markets but when we were back there last June it's wasn't there anymore. Thought someone on here would have some insider tips. heading...
  6. Velocity Frequent Flyer

    Sydney Lounge feedback wanted regarding meeting rooms and kids area

    Our flagship lounge expansion and upgrade in Sydney is due for completion later this year, which will double the original seat capacity. Now the team are reviewing design options for a ‘kid’s zone’ plus meeting rooms, and we want to hear your thoughts! Things we’d like to know: Do you...
  7. Welsh-Kiwi

    Kids meals in Qantas J

    Hello everyone! I am soon to be flying Sydney - Dallas on Qantas in J with my 4 year old daughter. I'm interested to know whether the kids meals in J are the same as in Y? Thanks W-K
  8. X

    A380 F bassinet relatively small? And SYD-LHR alternatives for an eight-month-old?

    Hi guys My wife and I are booked to fly QF1/2 in F with our then eight-month-old in a few months' time. We've been allocated 4A+5A. I had assumed it would be a very comfortable experience but - after seeing the bassinet when sitting in 5A last week - I'm having second thoughts. The bassinet...
  9. R

    Travel gift ideas for a family with two kids in kinder travelling in whY

    What travel gift do you give two adults travelling with a 3 year old and a 4 year old in Y to LAX with Qantas? They will be visiting WDW in Orlando and possibly San Francisco and LA. I thought about spending money. My other ideas: 1. If allowed by the admin here, use the QC discount to get...
  10. simongr

    Just confirming no kids size PJs in J on QF

    Hi all Just checking something - QF do NOT give out PJs in J that are suitable for kids - and by kids I mean 4 - 5 year olds. I wouldn't have noticed before but am assuming no PJs. We are coming up with a plan to convert an adult's set to kid's size...
  11. AVC

    Oh no! Not those kids again!

    Air New Zealand | Woman kicked off flight over toddler Mother and children removed from flight. They say as he was not strapped in. She say"s "they never told me that". But, at least they had a quiet flight. The rest of the PAX that is.
  12. Shano

    Singapore Hotel Recommendation for 2 Adults and 2 Kids

    We are looking at booking a 3 day stopover in Singapore on our way back from Koh Samui later this year. There will be 4 of us - 2 adults and 2 kids aged 5 and 7. I have stayed in Singapore previously but about 5 years ago now and usually only in transit. This will be the first trip to...
  13. Danger UXB

    French Alps NOWAK (NO Wives And Kids)

    ITINERARY Star Alliance J redemption Thru Kris Flyer 190000KF points First excuse the whole report is being written on my iPod touch 8gb with a bluetooth keyboard. The "h" does not work so well but thankfully the spell check on ipod notes picks up most of the problems! Also all of the...
  14. C

    International business lounge-are kids allowed

    Hi I am travelling Melbourne to LAX. I have inherited 2 business class lounge passes. If hubby and u use these can we take 1child in each or do they need a pass if their own? Children are ages 7 and 5 ? Advice please.
  15. legroom

    Bassinette Seat in J: worth taking the risk ?

    Friends A380 EK metal flight, 2200 departure time, SYD DXB, travelling solo. All good A/K seats are now gone. 7 A/K are available but are designated bassinette seats. Worth a punt that no baby would be flying ???? My guess is that in the worst case, I may be moved to another seat (all with...
  16. simongr

    A380 Biz class kids meal

    Hi all Just wondering if anyone has recent experience of the kids meal in J on the A380 (obviously not personally consuming it but seeing what your own darlings have pushed around the plate)? boygr is a pretty good eater (sushi, prawns, chow mein, haloumi, pea fritters, blue cheese - just...
  17. M

    Non-dependent children into lounges?

    Has anyone had any experience with gaining entry for children who are family but are not your dependents into QF lounges? I ask because I will be flying out of CBR next week with my Dad, Step-mother and 17yr old step-brother. I know my newly minted WP status would allow me to guest my Dad and...
  18. Baysider

    Older Kids Means Time to Change Airline Alliance Strategy

    I've just returned from a 3 week trip across 4 countries with my partner and kids (teenagers). The OneWorld lounges ALL played hardball on the "one guest" rule which meant that most times we opted not to use the lounge. In the past this was never an issue, but this time it was ALWAYS an issue...
  19. X

    Newbie question about VWP minor offenses ...

    Hi all, I know there are a tonne of threads about this already which I have read through but still a bit unsure as to how I am going to go with my trip to America which is planned for a months time (Jan 2013)... I am 25 years old now and when I was younger (the first time being 17 but was...