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  1. exceladdict

    Data Collection and Health Insurance Companies

    Here on AFF we're well versed in discussing credit records; but I'm interested in how this is applying to other industries - particularly health. This thread is sparked by two recent experiences. I'm with HBF, who in WA are huge. Recently, they've begun offering three free things for members...
  2. M

    UK levies 'health surcharge' for visa holders (longer than 6 month stay)

    Seems like this slipped under the radar here in OZ - mainly because we are exempt (along with Kiwis as we both have reciprocal health care agreements with the UK). As of April, the UK will require the payment of a health care levy for all visa holders staying longer than 6 months. This will be...
  3. D

    Healthy Relationships

    I thought it might be worth starting a new thread so we can share ideas how we attempt to maintain and hopefully even grow our personal relationships outside work. I have never travelled for work so I can only imagine the potential strain on relationships caused to those constantly away from...
  4. Foreigner

    Jet Lag strategies

    Feasting (watch grammar!) and fasting and other remedies: Jet Lag Cures: 4 Classic & 3 Alternative Methods | What's yours?
  5. Foreigner


    Most liver transplants by 2020 will be 'linked to over-eating, not alcohol' | Society | The Guardian Overeating link to fatty out for buffets and unhealthy meals.
  6. Renato1

    Travel Insurance vs Health Insurance

    My local health insurance provider is Defence Health, and when I travel overseas I use Defence Health Travel Insurance which was always way cheaper than anybody else's who I contacted. And I suspend our local membership during the time we are away, and are being covered by the Travel insurance...
  7. B

    Health insurance

    This question is addressed to those who have had to live overseas for protracted periods, beyond the coverage of travel insurance, which will be my situation later this year. Our comprehensive health cover is currently with Medibank Private, at about the highest rate. I have seen discussion...
  8. ozbeachbabe

    What's your best tip for avoiding jet lag?

    Just curious as to the tried and true tips people use to avoid jet lag. In the case of an early morning arrival at your destination some people will tell you not to sleep at all then stay up all day before going to bed at 'normal' time at your destination. I'm in favour of listening to your...
  9. S

    Business Travel and health/fitness

    Sitting in the QF dom J lounge yesterday afternoon I couldn't help noticing the common themes of business travellers there. Yes they may have been travelling for leisure but arriving at 3 or 4pm in a suit with a briefcase and pulling out a laptop to send emails suggested they were likely...
  10. YSSY

    Uncharacteristically bad jet lag

    I'm a regular traveller and consider myself pretty good at minimising jet lag, and yes have at times felt a bit tired after trips and been a bit out of sync but always recovered quickly. I also work shifts when offshore, so consider myself seasoned. Last week I went to Europe and back, no...
  11. Milboo

    Melatonin Recommendations

    Hi Grateful for advice/ experience re best melatonin product to pick up for long haul travel. Either in Aus or in NZ. Thanks.
  12. Quickstatus

    DVT prevention and carriage of clexane needles in carry on luggage.

    I decided to get a prescription of clexane (injectable blood thinner) for my last trip to the US. I gave myself the clexane at the airport prior to customs and security and carried the needles through security. Carried same to security for connecting flight to Denver. Another dose on the...
  13. markis10

    Travel bad for your health?

    Just been listening to a report on the ABC about superbugs and their drug resistance, one expert (whose name I missed) mentioned travel was an issue, with a study a few years back showing 50% of overseas travelers came back with a new superbug ! It does make you wonder. I will post a link to...
  14. cosi

    New app uses algorithm to beat jet lag

    MATHEMATICIANS have developed a smartphone app they claim will help travellers to overcome jet lag as quickly as possible. The downside is that you may be required to haul yourself on to a foreign street at 5am to achieve maximum exposure to daylight, and then place yourself under a 7pm...
  15. Quickstatus

    travelling east CDG-YVR - strategy to minimise jetlag

    Will be travelling east CDG-SIN-SYD on SQ in Y (transit in SIN) Depart CDG 1200hrs Arrive SYD 1855hrs+1 Overnight in SYD for 2 nights (essentially one day) Then SYD-MEL-LAX on VA in J and then LAX-YVR on AC in Y (transit in MEL and LAX) Depart SYD 0830 Arrive YVR 1430 What would be your...
  16. P

    Paying Health insurance 14months in advance?

    Hi all, So how does this relate to AFF? Well pay by credit card and then get FF points to use on flights. Anyway is it worth paying 14months in advance(new max after the last 2 years in advance payment) prior to April 1st? Will want to pay next annual by March 31st next year!
  17. Foreigner

    Healthful flying

    Choosing the Right Foods and Drinks for Your Flight | Healthy Travel Blog Eat and drink in moderation and avoid wrong foods... Gas troubles can transcend questions of personal discomfort or public decency. In 2006, a flatulent airplane passenger forced an American Airlines plane to make an...
  18. legroom

    Kangaroo Route (Oz - London): how best to adjust body clock to minimise jet lag ?

    Friends I am interested in your tactic in adjusting the body clock on the Kangaroo route (AUS - LHR) after reading this post where the OP was aiming for shut eye leaving LHR on QF10. Normally, I would aim to set my watch and my body clock for the destination time zone once I settle into my...
  19. markis10

    iSelect now a QFF partner with points for Health Insurance and Energy

    iSelect and Qantas Frequent Flyer have announced a new offering which allows iSelect customers to earn Qantas Points when purchasing Private Health Insurance and Energy products. The offer has been launched following the signing of a three year deal between Qantas Frequent Flyer and iSelect...
  20. puppysparkes

    QLD will have a new health commission

    June 2013 is the confirmed date. The Honourable Lawrence Springborg MP, seeking the HQCC’s input into the development of legislation to strengthen the health complaints management system in Queensland.