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  • Hi Serfty,

    not sure where to put a query or if there is a member that I can PM to give me some guidance ?

    On Qatar outwards 13th May 2019. The return flight is what I am procrastinating about, ex London around 2nd August - those UK departure taxes are steep !
    I read that flying out of Amsterdam is cheaper, but hassle getting a train London to Amsterdam - it does not seem like a big saving.

    thanks Antoinette
    Hi Antoinette,

    Your question is better posted on the open discussion forum.

    If you'd like I will set that up for you.

    Cheers ...
    Hi Serfty, members suggested contacting you for advice or help. I just changed my email address and my name is now my username. For privacy i’d like it changed back to “eddie” which it’s been for 3 years, but unable to work out how. Can you help? Thank you.
    Hi Serfty
    Im locked out of new site comments (You have insufficient privileges to reply here.)
    Hello Ross
    I am running with Michelle's phone. Her number is <redacted>
    I havent got Cruiser Elite phone number until i geback home
    Noel cove
    HI Serfty

    I saw the thread about the SC chase on the USA routes.

    It refer to a web site to check out the routing/bookings.
    I think I am ok with the routes (have worked them out), but what web site did you consider

    AA perhaps?


    This year I am going to take advantage of the AFF gold membership and hopefully thereby get a discount on my Qantas Club membership.
    Quick question. On the front page of this website, it says if i do this, I will get a discount on my Qantas Club fee of $80.....when I follow the link to the next page it says I will get a discount of $70?? Could you please clarify. Also as my Qantas Club is due for renewal on 31/3/2012, how much time do you need to process my application??


    Paul R Ronis
    Hi Sefty

    Can you help?

    I cannot post new pots in the main forum. the "Create new post" button is nowhere to be seen. I do have this banner though???

    Hello infinity, it appears that you have not posted on our forums in several weeks. Why not take a few moments to ask a question, provide some advice, or perhaps share a travel tale!
    Hello Serfty. I can gather in my short time as a member you have a wealth of FF experience. I have many clients that share this keen interest in maximising their travel outcomes on points. Would you be interested in talking about the knowledge base we each have on this subject?
    Serfty,I really appreciate your comments especially the 28 degree GE card. Thank you.Getting my sons girlfriend upgraded 16 hours before departure with SQ to J on the A380 for 29 US dollars and 92,125 points gave me a real buzz seeing I made those points for about $350 care of Westpac before March 15th.Remember I am just stumbling along making a few mistakes as I experiment with what works and what doesn't work.
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