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redeem points

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  1. W

    No velocity award economy out of tassie in 19/20 summer holidays

    Seems to be no virgin economy award availability in economy on any flight on any day from Hobart or Launceston to Sydney starting from wed 18 dec 2019. Been checking at midnight a few nights for the release of the new day and it seems they are not releasing. Business award availability appears...
  2. D

    RTW ticketed as LH which Rewards programme?

    Hi All, - Have just booked the family of 4 (all adult fares) a J class RTW airfare. First and last flight is QF so will accrue QF Status and points i am told, but the rest of the trip is UA (cross Coast in the US) and the rest is LH. I am currently Velocity GOld and have been told i can have...
  3. G

    One World Airlines Award Bookings - how?

    G'day all How do you book a flight on one world airlines with FF points? cheers Garry
  4. W

    Last minute cancellation of classic reward

    Hi all, am I interpreting the cancellation rules for classic reward flights correctly and that I can cancel my flight up to the time and date of departure? I currently have 2 bookings (NRT-BNE-CNS) and (HND-SYD-CNS) for the same date. I'm not 100% sure I'll be able to catch the flight from...
  5. B

    Addition of Marriott to ANZ Rewards

    Just wondering how many ANZ Rewards cards users would like to see Marriott Rewards added as a transfer partner? I am guessing there are a lot of people out there like me who own an ANZ Rewards card to accumulate Velocity, and also hold an AMEX card for the old SPG program, now Marriott. Given...
  6. L

    Positioning flight options to ensure Emirates A380 reward seat

    Hi All, I'm booking F reward seats for my partner and I on Emirates in November, heading to Europe via Dubai. I'm gunning for an A380 service because shower.... however ex Sydney the A380 flight departs at 6am and we would prefer an evening service in all honesty so we can enjoy the day, soak...
  7. R

    More than one Woolworths Rewards Cards

    Is it possible/wise to create more than one Woolworths rewards account? I've noticed you can get quit good offers if you consistently spend low amounts. Does anyone know if you have to be over 18? Kids could be a possibility and easy to transfer points as well. Any experience amongst members on...
  8. Z

    Booking CX economy rewards flight using QFF

    I’m looking to book an economy rewards flight on CX using my QFF. I don’t have enough Asia Miles to book directly through Cathay Pacific. A few questions: 1. The Qantas website tells me I can’t choose my seat when booking CX rewards flight using QFF. Is this correct? Can I pay more for seat...
  9. M

    Qantas now charging fuel surcharges for AA awards

    Maybe the title should have had a question mark after it... but... Don't know if this is new, or a glitch, but QFFF now seems to be adding fuel surcharges for AA awards. Tried on a couple of routes - USA to Europe and USA to Japan. In addition to the standard $5.60 I've been used to in the...
  10. L

    Air NZ Award Space via KrisFlyer

    So MEL/SYD to AKL in J for 25k KF miles on an Air NZ dreamliner is not a bad way to get to New Zealand, if that's where you're headed. I can see stacks of award space using the United search engine in Oct/Nov this year (we're talking availability every day kind of levels) but any attempt to...
  11. Lewdannie

    Reward booking BNE to DXB direct

    Hi, I was looking to book a rewards flight to Dubai and then onto Italy but the Qantas site always routes me via Adelaide and Melbourne. I know Emirates fly an A380 direct from BNE, any thoughts? I am looking at late Nov or early December Thanks
  12. N

    Singapore Reward "Rip-off" [Surprised by Award Price Increase]

    After searching for months, I finally managed to get my dream booking. Our family of 5 from SYD to SIN return on business class. I reserved the flights on Saturday the 19th of January at a total cost of 580,000 miles via phone (since I didn't have the points in my account at the time). At the...
  13. J

    No CX in expert flyer award & upgrade?

    I am new to expert flyer. I try to find a reward ticket availability for CX in expert flyer. However, the drop down to choose airline doesn't show CX. Am I missing something or CX is not available in expert flyer?
  14. SYD

    Regent Hotels & Resorts joins IHG Rewards Club

    Received an email and saw this article. Regent Hotels Become IHG Rewards Club Participating February 1, 2019 Has anyone stayed at one of these? Will they sit somewhere between CP and IC?
  15. Dr Ralph

    20,000 Woolworths rewards points with a pet insurance policy

    Take out a pet insurance policy with Woolworths before February 24 and receive a bonus 20,000 Woolworths rewards points if you use this code: PET20K I'm yet to check the cost of their most basic policy to see how much the points would actually cost to 'buy'. Terms suggest you would need to keep...
  16. Mattg

    "Refer and be rewarded" promo

    Did anyone else get this email from Velocity Frequent Flyer? Virgin is offering 1,000 Velocity points (up to a maximum of 20,000 points) for each person that signs up using my personal referral link by the end of March and earns at least 50 points by the end of April. Not sure if this is...
  17. J

    What's happened to award availability on SYD to JHB route?

    It's been a few years since I booked an award flight to Johannesburg via Sydney in December but it was always pretty guaranteed that if I logged in exactly 353 days in advance there would be availability in economy class for my family. I am trying to book this exact trip for December 2019 and...
  18. C

    QANTAS awards to Singapore in April

    Hey there, I have a few hundred thousand QANTAS points but am only a Bronze member. It seems that there is bugger all available to redeem for Business Class (or even First!?) return to Singapore in April (from Melbourne). I'm guessing this is due to the school holidays? Is it likely that...
  19. J

    QF award cancellation deadline / double booking

    Hi I've been looking at QF award bookings for a SIN-Brekenridge (Colorado) trip. I need a LAX-EGE (part of a SIN-LAX (JAL) and LAX-EGE (AA) rewards booking on the same ticket) and a LAX-DEN booking on the same day (in case I can't take the LAX-EGE as I'm waiting for another passenger to arrive...
  20. M

    Linking Amex to Emirates Rewards

    Hi Anyone had any luck linking their Ascent account to Emirates? I tried all different possible formats but keep getting wrong format error and need to transfer points across Thanks!