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  1. C

    Hard to redeem Qantas points on Emirates?

    I think I'm an experienced QF points redeemer. I’ve managed to fly J class every June for the past six years Brisbane to Europe, but has usually been with CX &/or BA, in to London, Paris, Frankfurt etc. I book 350-odd days in advance & not had a problem. Had time on my hands recently & out of...
  2. dxwell

    SQ Redemption not working IST-BNE

    Been trying to book a SQ redemption for IST-BNE J class for early January 2021. I hit the button at exactly 10am AEST 355 days out, but only see Advantage redemptions. I can see IST-SIN J Saver redemptions for the date, and then the next day I can see SIN-BNE J Save redemptions. Is this because...
  3. P

    Flybuys Dollars REDEEM Alert INFO 2020!

    Hi all, Found out the following today after being a Flybuys member for 10+ years and as a result of losing free for life Coles Black card when Citi took over and said no use of CC: 1. If you have a Coles financial service linked to Flybuys you will get prompted, ever time to use $10 Flybuys...
  4. N

    VA redemption flight on ANZ Rewards Travel

    I just booked my redemption flight from my ANZ Rewards Travel Adventures card. Got my velocity number added as well to the booking, so it shows up that I'm VA Gold, gives me my additional free baggage, seat selection etc. What I can't work out, is will I earn points + status credits + eligible...
  5. Q

    Business Reward Redemption to First?

    Hi, Wondering if anyone can provide guidance. I've booked a Business Saver reward return trip in business. Being we wanted to lock down dates (honeymoon), we didnt want to wait to accumulate further points to get to first. However we are well on our way to getting the required points. Q...
  6. Y

    Is it possible to add an extra leg to a velocity redemption?

    Situation is I have a bne-lax flight booked. I would like to add a delta connection lax to phx. The connecting redemption flight is available but I’m just not sure if VA allows you to add a flight. I could not do it online and the first agent I spoke to had no idea if it was possible. Any advice...
  7. MikeG

    Cancelled Qantas flight through agent - can I redeem through direct?

    I booked a flight with jet a broa d due to the fires, and when cancelled was given a Qantas credit - I was given a ticket number rather than a voucher code - what are my rights with regard to using the Qantas voucher with qantas directly or another agent? Qantas charged a $90 reissue fee, and...
  8. John in Melbourne

    A Qantas J points redemption whinge

    I received an email from Qantas saying that they had J points-redemption seats available from MEL to San Francisco (YAY!!). Have just discovered that the route will be MEL to Shanghai (Pudong), a 6.5 hour wait, then Shanghai to San Francisco, all on China East. A total of 29 hours. WTF???!!!
  9. R

    First class redemption on Emirates - PER to CDG, then AMS-KUL

    Hi All I just redeemed all my qantas points for first class to Europe, on Emirates and I want to make the most of this. On the way back I have to fly into KUL because there isn't any availability to get to Aus. I have only had the chance to fly business (<5hr trips) on a handful of occasions...
  10. B

    QANTAS redemption rates

    At the moment I get the majority of points from my Credit Card spend and the odd business class trip to Asia, Europe or the US (probably only once every 18 months). I was looking at getting a QANTAS CC and aligning myself QANTAS, I like flying with them, and it would be kinda nice to not have...
  11. T

    J redemption BNE to LHR Help please

    Hi Sorry if this is elsewhere I have searched all over ( maybe I am thick !) I know I have seen posts about this since the new redemption rules came in ?? Planning on leaving approx saturday 3/10/20 ( 4 pax in J ) so the opportunity doesnt open until 15/10/19. However I have been viewing what...
  12. Mr H

    Jetstar Asia legs on Qantas premium redemption

    I have just made a sweet redemption for April - MEL-SIN-CGK in QF F and 3K (Jetstar Asia) Y - and CGK-SIN-MEL in 3K Y and EK F. It would have been even sweeter if I had made it a fortnight ago. :) Now I knew the deal with the Jetstar Asia legs when I booked, so this isn't a complaint as such...
  13. M

    Do redemption seats "devalue" the First Class product?

    Before reading this - BREATHE! This is not my opinion – it is a QUESTION. And I am not the first person to ponder this – I thought this a great forum for a sensible (?) discussion… Recently I was reading about AF or LH (or maybe both) that do not allow First Class seats to be fully redeemed as...
  14. Duffa

    MH redemptions to Europe in J - dynamic pricing

    Haven't been on the MH site for a while. Is there ANY point in even looking for J redemptions to Europe? I had a quick look but can find nothing for less than 406,000 return. Am I doing something wrong?
  15. Drakecula

    Schedule change in J RTW redemption

    Sorry if this has been already asked. This might seem a simple question, but I'm new to redemptions and this is my first Big one. One of the legs booked on our RTW is YVR-MEX and original departure was 1355 arriving 2115. The new departure is three hours later which I know isn't the end of the...
  16. P

    Redeem free flight offered on Platinum/ Black credit cards

    This seems kind of embarrassing to ask but I've been on Qantas Black credit card schemes for over a decade and I've always forgotten to redeem any free flight per year offer since having them. I'm curious what area do I speak to that this flight comes out of- is it contacting the bank- Qantas...
  17. W

    Can I access International Busines Class Lounge on redemption

    Hi all Just wanted to see if anyone has had any experience in accessing International Business class lounge when travelling on. Jetstar Business Class Redemption Booking. I am a Bronze member. I spoke on the Qantas chat lline and they said bag not but the frequent flyer centre said yes. I...
  18. trippin_the_rift

    Krisflyer Redemptions - The Best Kept FF Secret [Pre Aug 14, 2019]

    For those not aware - from August 14, Krisflyer removed the ability to waitlist for a flight within 14 days of departure. Being able to waitlist was (IMO) the single biggest perk of redeeming Krisflyer miles on Singapore Airlines. Why so good, and why did SQ remove the option? When...
  19. W

    Velocity Redemption on Hawaiian Airlines

    Can someone in the know confirm the Velocity points can be used to redeem on ALL Hawaiian air flights or just those between AU and Hawaii (I know this can only be done over the phone). The VA website seems to imply flights between AU and Hawaii whilst the HA website mentions Velocity points...
  20. K

    TPE to SYD China Airlines QFF redemption will you do it.

    To fly China airlines business class redemption at 65k or purchase economy ticket for $560. Flight departs 23.30 arrives Sydney 10.45 How is China Airlines business class? Last leg home after flying rtw for +6weeks.