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redeem points

For more information about Redeeming Points, see our Redeem Points Tips and Tricks articles.
  1. D

    Availability of Singapore KrisFlyer First Class Awards from Aust to Europe

    Hi, I am having trouble finding first class award flights to book at saver rates from Australia to Europe. My first preference is the new Suites class but I can’t find even the old A380 first class either at saver rates. I will know in the next day or so whether I want to travel in mid March...
  2. upupandaway

    How can I get QFF to correct PER-DOH miles for classic awards?

    I'm quite keen to take advantage of J and F classic awards which seem readily available on the QR Airbus 380 from Perth to Doha. However, the points on QF website suggest the sector is classified as zone 7 (50,000 in Y, 92,000 in J, 134,000 in F). This sector is 5,789 nautical miles here...
  3. rock86

    Emirates to axe chauffeur drive on award tickets

    Thanks @DavidFlynn for bringing this to light at ausbt Emirates to axe chauffeur service on award tickets and some upgrades So if you have an award booking (like me), make sure you confirm the chauffeur drive before 1 March 2019!
  4. D

    Help planning a KrisFlyer Singapore Suites Class redemption

    Hi, I am wanting to plan a trip in the fantastic Suites Class - the new A380 fitout for my wife and I. Luckily have the points to transfer from Amex MR prior to the devaluation. The one thing I can't find is the routes that carry this new first class - I know it goes from Syd-Sin-LHR but where...
  5. B

    Award Booking Change

    We have been watching for J class award bookings from Singapore to Australia in September for a couple of months and there never appears to be any availability on the days we are trying get. Interestingly, there always seems to be avails on the previous week and earlier but they never seem to...
  6. Danryan75

    Answered QF15 J award availability

    Hi all, Chasing some info on award availability on QF15 for December 2019. I have read that it is released to bronze members 297 days before date of flight. Looking at the website I am unable to find any availability on Qantas metal at all on this flight when looking at 297 days from today (30...
  7. K

    Changing one leg on an award light

    HI. Have have booked two business class rewards seats from Melb, via Dubai to Paris using QFF points. I would like to change the Dubai/Paris leg to Dubai/Hamburg. There are award seats available on the Qantas site. Is it possible for me to change online the last leg, without cancelling the...
  8. C

    Return flights from SYD to Europe in September - Business Award

    Hi all, Looking to spend a few weeks in Europe in September, preferably flying Business, but PE or Economy will also be okay for the shorter legs. I have substantial points with Qantas and AMEX (can transfer to Velocity or KrisFlyer). Main requirement is that I need to be in Venice by...
  9. T

    Answered Award flight to Tbilisi, Georgia

    I recently moved points across from Virgin with the hope of redeeming a return J flight to the country of Georgia. I recall checking a few months ago and seeing that this was possible with routing MEL > SIN > IST > TBS with the last leg on Turkish. I am struggling to get this to appear on the...
  10. SYD

    “Reward Nights. Faster.” (aka Accelerate Q1 2019)

    REGISTER NOW: IHG launches its new Accelerate-style promotion for January to April Note the early registration cutoff compared to usual Accelerate offers. Some interesting ones for me including Platinum after 7 nights! And 49,200 Bonus points: 16,000 Stay 8 night(s). 16,200 Stay at 3 Crowne...
  11. T

    How to find/add Domestic JL leg to existing international JL reward?

    Mrs tizey & I have a MEL-NRT J reward booking using QFF for later in the year . I'd like to explore adding a domestic leg (Y is fine), either as a connecting flight to same day we land on NRT (so not go into Tokyo), or even a day or two later as a stopover in Tokyo. Where to? Not sure.. I'd...
  12. mrsterryn

    Rules on carry on luggage reward flight

    Have a rewards ticket which is done through Qantas and Qantas is also my first leg SYD to HND Qantas and JAL (my second leg ) have different carry on limits. Qantas is more generous. Whose limit applies ? My flight is a 'direct ' Syd to CDG
  13. C

    CX Premium Economy award codes

    Hi, Setting up alerts on EF but they don't show which are awards and which are revenue classes. PE has E, R and W, does anyone know which is the award bucket? Thanks for any help. Cheers, CM
  14. S

    2019 and beyond, cc rewards and flights

    2019 will see a huge devaluation in the amex program Churning offers still exist but seem to be less frequent/less generous as previous Ato spend using gift cards is gone And with various ccr changes Eventually, will there become a point where the points earning becomes pointless we just...
  15. get me outta here

    Upgrade a CX reward on an existing PNR

    Is this correct advice from QF or a HUACA .... I have a J CX reward CBR-HKG-JFK which has a very long transit in HKG, booked via QF. I saw an F seat on CX with a much shorter connection and wanted to upgrade to that in the same PNR on the same date. QF said CX wouldn’t do it as all CX see was...
  16. mrsterryn

    Rewards Seats and why you purchase

    I just have booked a rewards flight SYD CDG and return LHR SYD have to say part of the considerations behind my dates were having to experience 1st class with other airlines apart from Qantas Obviously :) people book the travel to visit stacks of places on a fixed cost but do many just book...
  17. A

    Fees for points redemption

    Hi Everyone Im looking at booking a reward flight for 2 people with QF points on EK metal from brisbane to Amsterdam return. The flight requires 512 000 points and I am just short of that so ill need to buy some wine or top up points. As they won't show the fees/taxes until the payment page...
  18. TahoeSkier

    Answered Can my Platinum friend help with award booking?

    Hi all A conversation over dinner with a good friend last night got us thinking what he might be able to do to assist me with making my next award booking (USA). He's been Plat for a few years but isn't quite sure exactly what (if anything) he could do to help. At a basic level, I know he will...
  19. H

    Why is only Economy available for classic award flight

    Hi, I was trying to look for a Qantas classic award flight from Hong Kong to Melbourne in Dec 2019. Not sure why, but I could see ONLY economy seats available for the whole Dec 2019. I could see Business and Premium Economy seats available in earlier months. I wonder if the upper flight classes...
  20. Mr_Gimlet

    Classic award - different fees and charges for economy and business?

    I normally use my points to fly Mrs_Gimlet around Australia for her meetings and conferences as she works for a charity. In a rare case of preplanning, I am looking at using points for Melbourne-Jakarta via Sydney. No problems checking dates and availability etc, but I see that the fees and...