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redeem points

For more information about Redeeming Points, see our Redeem Points Tips and Tricks articles.
  1. R

    Qantas Rewards - Expensive?

    Hi,I have some qantas points i want to use for business,and have seen some people say they have got business for 100k but everytime i look i can only see them for over 500k.Am i looking wrong?
  2. Mattg

    Unable to book TG or SQ awards using United miles

    Hopefully this is just a temporary glitch, rather than a deliberate move by United! Apparently it's not currently possible to book any TG or SQ award flights using United MileagePlus miles. The article below seems to think this has been the case since 15 January. United Airlines Mileage Plus...
  3. J

    CX award availability gone but still showing on ExpertFlyer

    Hi I saw a SIN-HKG (F) and HKG-LAX (J) award availability in the middle of the night last night on the QF booking system. This morning, those availability were gone, but ExpertFlyer seems to indicate they are still available. Does anyone know if CX award availability on QF comes and goes...
  4. I

    How to redeem Lufthansa points in Australia

    I've been RTW twice on Lufthansa PE tickets and have 33,000 Miles and More points ... but how can I redeem them for flights in Australia? Are there other ways to spend them if I'm not travelling in Europe? Hotels maybe? Advice please.
  5. 4

    Redeem QF credit on Jetstar?

    I'm in Perth, fancy a weekend in Bali. I've got a credit that needs used up from a canx QF last year, but the only options I'm offered to redeem are connecting in the East. Is there a way to book PER-DPS on JQ with a QF credit. Thanks for your knowledge :)
  6. B

    When are Award Seats Released

    Is there are specific day/time that Qantas (or One World airlines) release available award seats? I have been following a couple of routes (Sin to Mel & Syd to HKG) that we are hoping to get J class award seats for a few months now and the avails never appear to change. There always appears to...
  7. N

    Award cancellation/change fees

    I've booked 4 award tickets for my family christmas 2019, i also have heaps of QF points. I've been looking for QF alternatives and there is BA first availability at that time. My question is when working out change/cancellation fees is it per ticket or booking? if it's per ticket a...
  8. cjd600

    QF1 SYD-LHR, F + J Awards available Jan/Feb

    Decent availability for the next 4-5 weeks for 2 x J and 2 x F Classic Awards on QF1, SYD-LHR. Mainly Sun-Weds. Not sure premium cabin releases are common on this flight (certainly not for NB anyway).
  9. Seat0B

    Rewarding Long Term Frequent Flyer Loyalty

    How do you think Qantas should reward long term FF loyalty? After 22 years of membership, well over 28,000 lifetime status credits, 13 years as Platinum and 3 years as Platinum One, this year I will fail to retain Platinum for the first time in over 15 years. I’ve had to cancel 2 trips that...
  10. K

    Cant find multi leg SQ awards via website?

    Been trying to piece together a PER-SIN-EU trip. Cant seem to price together an award via website. EY flights keep showing up. but if i broke it down by segment it shows up. Do I need to call up or?
  11. N

    Altitude Rewards - Amex Devaluation?

    I hold a Westpac Altitude Black Amex (With the Mastercard). I spoke to their call centre and asked re devaluation from April 15, 2019. The call centre staff told me that Altitude rewards would not be changing from April 2019. My question is - Has anyone else heard this or did I get an...
  12. N

    BUsiness Award from Mel Calgary

    HI I need help booking Melbourne (MEL) to Calgary (YYC) return business reward flight I am Velocity Platinum member with 300k points & Qantas 146k points & flybuys 234k points 350K Nab reward points I m quite new never booked with points been saving. I called Singapore airline but they so no...
  13. BD1959

    Using points for a Y redemption is a waste, except ...

    Hi All, Normally I'd agree with the statement that using points on a Y award redemption is a waste of points: Fees are high There is no SC or points earn Better value $$$ on J or even F However there are times when this is less true and right now, with the QF Sale on, is one of those times...
  14. N

    Awards and married flights

    Hi I'm looking at bookng an award flight to Bangkok, on a particular day i'm interested in there is a 9:05am departure arriving at 215pm in Singapore. On the same day all flights to Bangkok have availability with a number departing after my arrival in Singapore. When i book to bangkok i can't...
  15. V

    Release date for QF Classic Award J class seats

    Can anyone point me to the thread that states when (ie to the hour) Qantas: a. releases award seats (is it 353 days in advance) ? b. let's plats and above request award seats We are CL and CLP+P1 and are looking to request business class seats for (around) 27.12.19 to 30.12.19 and I...
  16. QF WP

    Hertz Gold Plus Rewards "enhancement" from 1 Jan 19

    Well the enhancements have already happened according to the email I just received o_O. Thanks for letting me know in advance Hertz :p . The email trying to paint a positive picture: At Hertz, we're always looking for new ways to add value to our Gold Plus Rewards® members. Effective January...
  17. D

    QFF Reward Change

    Hi Guys, Just after some knowledge please, I have been reading the T&C’s here; Frequent Flyer Terms and Conditions | Qantas and getting confused. I had a QFF reward booking, 4 tickets, Qantas business to Narita on the18/12/18 which I have flown and have return home with Jetstar via Cairns on...
  18. L

    WW Rewards at Parcel Lockers

    Went to collect a package today from an Aus Post parcel locker and was prompted to scan Woolworths rewards card to earn points. Didn’t have my card with me to test out how many…probably negligible amount anyway. Anyone aware of this?
  19. R

    Losing Classic Awards at Payment Stage

    Just checking others experience but in 2 consecutive days I have logged in and selected 2 award J seats to LAX and selected the seats, needed to change passenger details and got through to the payment page and this stage I have lost the seats. A message appears unable to make a booking. It is...
  20. Dr Ralph

    ANZ Rewards CC Question

    Hoping someone may be able to confirm this for me from their own experiences before I act. I currently have a ANZ frequent flyer black card credit card which feeds into QFF points. I've read the terms, but wanted to confirm that I am not excluded from making an application for the ANZ Rewards...