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  • Hey there. For some reason the app doesn't show these messages - and I only had my iPad with me. Damn!
    Hi Tae! Welcome to Perth!
    I'm busy today as it's the Festival of Jo (my older sister's birthday haha) but when do you depart tomorrow? Perhaps tomorrow night would be nice for a drink? Would be great to meet you =) Especially given I'm yet to meet another female AFFer!
    I was reusing old domains. My first OS trip with my partner Justin I had a blog called 31 days with justin. lol
    Hey Tae
    Had a great time with Mum and Dad and the dogs. I was treated like a celebrity at the local shops.
    Hi! Cool, will see you in the lounge then =)
    I'm staying at Grand Chancellor.. didn't see the Mecure special (darn it) and booked on Qantas website.
    Am currently staying in the Mecure Kuta Beach, trying to rack up some A-Club points. Great minds haha.
    Are you going solo? Staying in AKL long?
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