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  1. Z

    JQ flights cancelled in 2018, allocated a QF business ticket and cant select seats

    Hoping someone out there might be able to assist. We had a paid Mel-Sin flight booked on Jetstar in Business class in April 2018. JQ are dropping this flight. We were offered a business class seat on the QF flight that same day for no extra charge. Happy.. But they wont let us select our...
  2. Mr_Orange

    Points earn and seat selection (MH/QF & SQ/VA)

    Hi all, We are travelling to LGK and rtn in Jan next year. The route is BNE(SQ)-SIN(SQ)-KUL(MH)-LGK. I currently have my QFF number in the booking, although I can’t remember how I managed that. I would like to earn VA points for the SQ flights and QFF points for the MH (assuming fare buckets...
  3. Quickstatus

    When does QF open seat allocation

    When does seat allocation open for QF on their internationalS Want to move a seat 18 to 12 for a bronze
  4. eric2011

    VA seat 1A

    Can anyone who travels J on domestic VA 737-800's tell me if there is a bulkhead in front of 1A or do you stare at the FA's in the crew seat. Thanks
  5. kaz

    SQ232 SYD- SIN seat map question

    Hoping for some advice. Booked on SQ232 SYD to SIN on 5 /2/18 and when I go to choose my seat within 'Manage booking' with Singapore Airlines it shows a seating plan which is different from the seat map websites I've looked at EG Seatguru & ExpertFlyer. I'm interested in Row 41 which shows...
  6. cgichard

    Ticket on multiple airlines: seat selection?

    For a forthcoming MEL-ATH return I found the best combination of flights/timings on the LH website. I was able to book PE seats on the LH segments (HKG-MUC and MUC-SIN), but that leaves me with no seat allocation for MEL-HKG on CX or SIN-MEL on SQ, both booked in PE. [No PE on the LH MUC-ATH...
  7. Quickstatus

    United seat selection not sticking

    Hi my united seat selection is not sticking Went into United website and searched for my PNR. There are 4 flights - 1 UA, 2 AS, 1UA. The AS flights cannot be assigned a seat from within the UA website but I can assign the seats for the UA flights. Then pressed continue. Then I get a whirly bird...
  8. G

    Improving seat allocation options

    I read somewhere about the time before departure that Qantas and Virgin "open" the options for a better seat. Does anyone know what the times are for these airlines? Thanks in advance!
  9. Tazza_0712

    Seat Selection: Aisle or Window Only

    Hi all, I did a quick search but was unable to find any information about this little issue. My business partner and I are reserved on a MEL to SYD flight on December 1st, both business reward seats with the same booking number. When we booked, the flight was aboard an A332 and we selected our...
  10. Austman

    Free seat selection privilege after linking bookings for WP

    It always used to work... As a WP, if I linked my booking to a passenger travelling on the same flight, I could then request seat allocation of that passenger to be next to me. Anywhere in the WP free seat allocation area, regardless of the other passenger's status. At no charge. Now it's...
  11. serfty

    International WP Seat Selection Enhanced ™

    I was checking on some flights I have coming up and noticed a change to available seating on flights as per the subject. Until recently as a WP, I have been able to select front row bulkheads on 330's. Now it seems Qantas are completely blocking off the front two rows - presumably for P1/CL...
  12. C

    Seat selection on Thai flights

    Hi, I booked using UA points on TG going MEL-BKK-DPS-BKK-MEL in J (why go direct right?). MEL-BKK are 777s, flight was good. For BKK-DPS, both of which are 747s when choosing my seat, I noticed that I was able to grab 1A on the inbound and 1E on the outbound, both of which are F cabins. Now...
  13. albatross710

    China Southern Seat Selection?

    Mrs Albatross has an upcoming flight on China Southern. When I go to the Seat Reservation page after booking I fill out the details, click on "Seat Reserved" (sic) and nothing happens. The page asks for "Certificate Number" which I have tried as both the Order Number and the Ticket Number...
  14. Ansett

    Possible Qantas Seat Selection eligibility Changes?

    I see that Qantas have changed the International flight search to reflect that of the domestic lay out. Whilst logged in as a WP, I looked at and selected a flight and low and behold as a WP it tells me that I am not able to select seats on Red E Deals. One hopes that this is indeed just the IT...
  15. clipped_wings

    Seat Selection for SYD-HKG

    Hi all This may have been discussed on a previous thread, so apologies for duplication. Husband and I are currently planning a quick 2 night stay in Hong Kong. As we reside in Sydney, we are mindful of selecting an itinerary that allows us to fly down to Melbourne (B737) and onward to HKG in...
  16. Tonkatough

    MH Seat Selection Farce

    I've read the posts on MH seat selection but just thought I would share my recent issues with MH seat selection. Part 1: MEL-KUL-KUA in Y. A few weeks out I called MH to request seats as I normally do. I am OneWorld Emerald and can usually get access to the bulk head seats for a bit more space...
  17. Ansett

    QR 777-300ER Seat Selection HELP

    HI All I will flying Doha to London on a Qatar 777-300 ER and looking for best seat selection option. I am confused as to which version I will be on as can not find the following seat map anywhere. Can any one help me and suggest a good option also why is there only 2 seats in some location...
  18. R

    Seat selection for couple with Bassinet in A380 and 777

    Hi all, My wife and I have booked LHR -> SIN on the A380 (SQ 321), and then SIN -> BNE on the 777 (SQ 245) in June 2018. We will have a 6 month old son, so will require the bassinet. I am hoping to select my wife to sit in 17A on the A380, and 11A on the 777, as it looks like these are the...
  19. J

    Virgin codeshare on Etihad - seat selection

    Hey guys trying to select seats for my rewards flights which were booked on virgin website. The Virgin website won't let me select seats on the segments involving etihad planes. The virgin booking confirmation letter includes a six-digit 'airline reservation code' (EY) which allows me to see...
  20. bigjobs

    change in seat selection process on domestic qantas?

    I am flying to ADL from BNE on sunday and just went to choose a seat after making my booking. I can see the emergency rows are free for selection but it wants to charge me 30 bucks to choose one on the emergency rows. I thought that practice only applied on international flights. has this...