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seat selection

For more information about Seat Selection, see our Seat Selection Tips and Tricks articles.
  1. J

    Any suggestion on seat selection for 4 pax in J - SQ 218 and SQ 237?

    Hi all, Any suggestion on the seat selection for 2 adults and 2 children? Currently I've just selected the first available row (Row 11)... https://www.seatguru.com/airlines/Singapore_Air/Singapore_Air_Airbus_A380_D.php...
  2. Captain Halliday

    JL seat selection

    I have two JL sectors in a OW Award booking and need advice on selecting J seats. One flight is 787-8 with the old "shell neo" configuration. The other is a 767 with the "Sky Suite". TIA.
  3. Mattg

    Warning: Jetstar seat selection fees

    I recently flew with Jetstar from Cairns to Osaka on the 787. On both the outbound and return flights we paid for "up-front" seats in row 10, which cost an extra $25 each. These are bulkhead seats in the first row of economy. Our CNS-KIX flight was cancelled less than 24 hours before departure...
  4. W

    Qantas award bookings which include a Jetstar flight - seat selection free?

    Hi I just made a Qantas award booking for my parents which included 2 domestic flights in J with Qantas, and one flight with Jetstar. There was no direct Qantas flight on the route so I had no option but to make the award booking with Jetstar. When I went to select seats, I was directed to the...
  5. andye

    MH Domestic Y seat selection and through-check

    Have just bought some (very cheap) Y flights KUL-TGG to connect to a separate SYD-KUL (also MH Y) for family holiday Website won't let me choose seats for free despite OWS status. Phone agent said seat selection not free either Should I HUACA? I will only be OWR when I take the flights but the...
  6. Ansett

    Qantas Removed Seat Allocation from Boooking

    I dropped from Platinum to Gold as of 1st January, with a number of flights booked that sees me sitting at 1380 status credits as of today and reaching 1500 by the 21st of the month. Two of those flights are MEL-AKL in J in February. I selected seats 1C when I booked as a WP. I checked seat...
  7. T

    Seat allocations for no status

    (Warning ... rant) Seriously. Yet again I fly and find a noddy no status (saw the boarding pass) in the middle seat of the supposed priority WP zone in row 4 right next to me. Acres of middle seats back in silver/red. C'mon VA is there really no benefit being WP any more??? (And yes I'm...
  8. D

    HKG to MEL Seat Selection Help

    Hi currently have seats 27a and b allocated for our flights to Hong Kong is April (A330-300) and just noticed that the exit row seats 45A and B are available for the return, is it worth the extra $180.00 to swap do you think. Its an overnight flight on the return so hopefully will be able to...
  9. A

    WP Advance Seat Selection

    I rang the premium hotline to find out why all the first two rows in economy on my domestic QF flights were blocked out and unable to be pre-selected. As a WP I have pre-booked rows 4 and 5 as recently as December. The consultant informed me that these rows are now blocked off for Chairmans Club...
  10. fairbasa

    QF Legroom Seat Selection Charge Glitch?

    Saw this one on another forum: Supposedly there's a bug in QF's system that lets non-status flyers choose legroom seats for $30 rather than the usual exorbitant fee? I don't have a booking coming up so interested to hear if it works for others. Supposedly in the confirmation email for your...
  11. Greg555

    BA seat selection fee non refundable

    Hello all as this is my first post. A cautionary tale for those paying for seat selection on British Airways. If you cancel there's no refund... If you want to do seat selection on BA greater than 7 days out from flight you have to pay, on this occasion AU$152 for J, Hong Kong to Heathrow (I...
  12. Chimpy

    Thai Airways Seat Selection

    Next year my wife and I are traveling to Bangkok in F on Thai Airways. My question is which seats would be the better choice travelling as a couple? At the moment they have put us in 1A and 2A. Would we be better off leaving it at that or sitting across from each other in 1A and 1K? We have...
  13. S

    VA Codeshare on Singapore (SQ) - seat selection?

    I booked a flight online to Europe, it was booked using virgin but all the flights are on a Singapore airline plane. I want to select my own seats but when i log into my velocity account i can see the fights but I cant select seats, it says to contact guest services. I rang guest services and...
  14. M

    QF Seat Selection Block

    Hi, I have a flight SYD-BNE on Sunday - and went to select a seat and noticed that while row 4 was still blocked for P1 (confirmed in EF) I could select row 5 (as a WP). Historically I have only been able to select row 6 until closer to checkin. A few thoughts: It was earlier this morning -...
  15. coyote25

    Seat Allocation Etiquette

    So boarding a flight today and I found a pax sitting in my seat exit row 13F. I politely said, excuse me I think that is my seat. Turns out they are allocated 12F so honest mistake at this point (I'm assuming). However at that point she said it doesn't matter I'm staying here you take 12F. I...
  16. N

    Seat selection for VA WP

    I've just booked one of the directors on SQ SYD-SIN-PVG and back (in Y). They are VA WP. You'll have to excuse my ignorance as my SQ experience is non-existant. On the legs to and from Australia, the seat maps are showing every seat allocated except for the exit rows (which it wants to charge...
  17. G

    Just Now EK start to charge fee for Seat Selection

    Hi Just find today, the EK start charge fee in select seat. Why? Any way to avoid it Thanks
  18. M

    Gold Status seat selection

    I am currently gold status. I have been making a couple of domestic bookings of late and the only seats that are being offered up to me for selection are seats towards the back of the plane. It use to be from about row 7. I am not flying the cheapest fare either. Have I missed something?
  19. Pleb Status

    EK to introduce Y advanced seat selection fee from 03 October?

    In a similar move to VA, EK appear to be introducing an advanced seat selection fee for Y passengers on lower Y class fares and with no status. If implemented, I assume the QF codeshares may also possibly be affected in the future. Seat selection at check in will still be free. Charges are up...
  20. scottz95

    Qantas flight seat selection booked as a LATAM codeshare

    Hi all, I booked a trip to Peru next year through Flight Centre earlier this week. It's in J but they've ticketed two of the Qantas segments (PER-SYD, SYD-SCL) as Latam codeshare flights. Unfortunately I can't seat select for these flights through either Latam website nor the Qantas site...