FF Solutions Webinar – International Travel During COVID-19

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May 29, 2011
I know that many of you are enjoying Matt's AFF on Air podcasts. As you probably know this is a free service available to all our members. But did you know that Matt also conducts regular webinars over at Frequent Flyer Solutions, our sister website.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, travelling in or out of Australia has become a huge challenge. Sadly, even if you have a very good reason to need to travel overseas, it’s no longer as simple as booking a plane ticket.

Theoretically, Australian citizens and permanent residents have a right to return home (albeit with 14 days of hotel quarantine upon arrival). But with tens of tens of thousands of Australians still stranded overseas, and limited arrival caps, getting a spot on a commercial flight has proven very difficult.

The upcoming Frequent Flyer Solutions webinar will explain how to maximise your chances of successfully returning to Australia on a commercial or repatriation flight, while minimising the risk of getting bumped. It will also outline the process of applying for a travel exemption to leave Australia, navigating pre-flight COVID testing requirements and quarantine rules, and more.

For many Australians with itchy feet, New Zealand is currently the only realistic overseas destination. This webinar will also cover the Trans-Tasman Travel Bubble and explore what’s next for Australia’s international border arrangements.

This one-hour webinar will include:​

  • How to get a travel exemption to leave Australia
  • How to maximise the chances of getting back to Australia on a commercial or DFAT flight
  • Hotel quarantine in Australia
  • Navigating the complex travel requirements during COVID-19
  • Using points to travel during the pandemic
  • The travel bubble between Australia & New Zealand
  • Airline policies and COVID-19 travel insurance
  • Is it worth booking flights now for 2022?
  • The opportunity to ask questions
  • And much more!
Join Matt at 8pm (AEST) on Wednesday, 16 June 2021 for the next Frequent Flyer Solutions webinar.

You can find out more and register HERE. Note that unlike our free podcasts, this Frequent Flyer Solutions event does cost $39.95 to attend. It's cheaper for Frequent Flyer Solutions paid members.
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