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inflight entertainment

For more information about Inflight Entertainment, see our Inflight Entertainment Tips and Tricks articles.
  1. DavidFlynn

    Qantas WiFi (aka Qantas inflight Internet)

    A quick heads-up: while Qantas planned to flick the switch on its Qantas WiFi service this coming week to allow public access to the inflight Internet service (admittedly only on the one Boeing 737 suitably kitted up, that being VH-XZB) and kick things off with a special charter flight for media...
  2. S

    Q Streaming or Q supplied iPad

    On a set of flights from SYD to ASP followed by a DRW to SYD. Both B737-800. Anyone know if its byod Q entertainment or Q iPads? Ive done a bunch lf SYD BNE or SYD MEL with no ipads.and had to use my small phone screen. Shame you can't use laptops for Q Streaming.
  3. Skyring

    Inflight cameras

    I love those "Skyview" cameras mounted on the tail or under the fuselage that give - via the entertainment screen - a look at the plane in flight or the terrain below that is a lot wider than peering through a porthole. The Emirates A380 has three of these things going, and on takeoff or final...
  4. moa999

    D7 AirAsiaX new IFE units

    Air Asia X has rolled out a new series of tablets, and they are now complimentary with with their Premium Flatbed product. Flights to/from Australia get them first. Comp for premium or MYR49/A$15 for back of the 330. Looks like a 10.1" FullHD Huawei mediapad M2 unit. Xcite Inflight...
  5. ajd

    Qantas passenger sues over broken IFE

    10-hour flight, 5 movies, $100: Qantas passenger takes action over broken in-flight entertainment system
  6. DavidFlynn

    Virgin Australia to get inflight Internet

    Just in: Virgin Australia will begin rollout of inflight Internet on domestic and international flights from 'mid-2017' across the B738, A332 and B777 fleets. Virgin Australia to launch inflight Internet on domestic, international flights - Australian Business Traveller
  7. J

    Qantas Entertainment App: Is it worth installing?

    I am travelling in J on a 717 to MEL-HBA tomorrow and then HBA-SYD on Sunday. I have had an email suggesting installing the QF Entertainment app (I'm Android, Mrs jaybeedee is an old iphone). I like the idea of a play list that I can pick up again on my next flight, but I hate disappointing...
  8. albatross710

    Seatguru and AVOD underseat units

    As an avid aisle seat selector I have been caught out numerous times by the under-seat AVOD units that are on the various aircraft. When I look on Seatguru (SeatGuru Seat Map Qantas Airbus A330-300 (333) V2) I dont see any mention of the units. I know that I have been sitting in A330 - Y...
  9. Foreigner

    High speed Inflight connectivity takes a leap

    Honeywell, Inmarsat Move Forward on High-Speed In-Flight Connectivity Successful tests of hardware and systems on B757 should prepare for tests on other aircraft types.
  10. medhead

    737 IFE - playlist stopping

    I've noticed that certain albums on the new QF 737 IFE - the on demand version will not play properly. One song will play then about 5 seconds from the end of the song it just locks in place, doesn't move to the next song. This happens when playing the album, putting the entire album over to a...
  11. OzEire

    Lack of options in new dom J IFE

    I thought I was doing something wrong. I searched the menu again and again. I gave up and read the inflight magazine :eek: Only 12 movie options available on the beautiful new 16" screen I'm front of my J seat? Only one of these of slight interest to me. Not just a problem on transcon flights...
  12. Z

    AVOD / IFE box in Y

    I haven't flown QF Y in a while, but will be on QF98 at the end of the month. This is an A333. Last time in QF Y I recall there was an AVOD/IFE box really restricting legroom and preventing me from putting anything under the seat in front. Does anyone know which seats these boxes are under, or...
  13. M

    No seatback IFE on long domestic flights.

    Flown SYD-DRW twice on a Sunday in 2 weeks and both times just the drop down sceens installed. I believe this is probably the longest domestic route with daily (or more) solely 738 aircraft operating. The aircraft planners should surely have as a priority that the longer routes get setback IFE...
  14. vetrade

    Southwest IFE.....

    Nobody Expected A Flight Attendant Could Do THIS. And It Was Caught On Video!
  15. M

    XFB now has WIFI IFE

    A vast improvement on what was previously offered. Assuming XFA has had it install as well.
  16. sweens

    IFE on QF4

    Travelled back to Sydney yesterday on QF 4 from Honolulu with SWMBO in J on the good old 767...the flight was OK, obliviously no fully reclining seats but I knew this when I booked so no surprise there. The issue yesterday was the state of the IFE system, which on a 767 is based on QF streaming...
  17. moa999

    Qantas 738 Refurb: More seats, Q-stream IFE (from 2015)

    Commencing mid-2015 - One additional row to economy - Made possible by changes to galley and lavatory, and although the article I think miswords it, a slimline seat. - Older 738s (ie the 38 without seatback IFE to get Q-Streaming) - presumably using the ipads from retired 767s Qantas adds more...
  18. D

    QF IFE to ditch Channel 9 in favour of Fox

  19. markis10

    QF increases IFE content

    New Digital Content Experience in Qantas Domestic Lounges as Part of Entertainment Refresh 22 July 2014 Qantas, together with oOh! Media, has launched ‘QView’, a new interactive digital content experience in Qantas Clubs and Lounges across Australia. This change is the first part of a...
  20. 777

    Wireless IFE Embraer 190

    I thought folks here might be interested to know that i flew MEL-CBR on the EJet on Wednesday and the wireless IFE was working. According to the cabin crew it was the first flight that it had been operational. I assume it will be through the rest of the fleet soon but my E190 flight back on...