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flight upgrades

For more information about Flight Upgrades, see our Flight Upgrade Tips and Tricks articles.
  1. G

    VA Plat Upgrade Business Seat Release?

    Hi all, What are the chances of Virgin releasing more business reward seats on say Cairns>Brisbane (VA782) for the end of the end of month? I called the platinum line where they confirmed there is no availability on that flight at the moment (only 2 appear booked into business). It appears...
  2. O

    mySQupgrade pricing and success

    Similar to the existing threads for Virgin and Qantas upgrades, thought I'd start one for SQ. Tried researching before making my bookings but there isn't a lot of info online elsewhere about SQ upgrade success and prices. SIN->SYD SQ231 successful at US$150 (approx. $200 AU) for Y to PE -...
  3. F

    Domestic award upgrade

    I'm looking to book a domestic economy ticket and upgrade using points to business My understanding is that as long as there is a classic J award ticket available it will confirm immediately but the Qantas chat agent said it goes into a queue and could take up to T-12 hrs before the flight...
  4. exceladdict

    QF9/10 Domestic Upgrade

    Hi All Considering booking a leg from MEL>PER on QF9 and wondering if upgrades will be treated in line with international or domestic upgrade process? Has anyone done this on the dom legs yet? Flight appears to be being sold as a red e-deal so assume it won't become a non-upgradeable int'l...
  5. unclebobl

    What points do I get for an successful bid upgrade

    My wife and I booked via Virgin FF but flew Etihad to Europe economy returning Dublin/UAE/ Melb. I received an email to bid for an upgrade from economy to Business on the return, I bid $1250(the min) ea from UAE-Mel leg and was successful. Can a FF tell me a was that good value and can, or do I...
  6. Renato1

    Jetstar Upgrade Offers

    I got an email from Jetstar today stating, "You’re one of a lucky few eligible to upgrade to Business Class for one of your upcoming flights on your trip to Bangkok." The offer was an upgrade to Business for $210 each. I'm not sure what made us eligible - possibly that I'd already paid for...
  7. J

    Securing J Upgrade from PE on VA2?

    Hey all, Travelling SYD>LAX return on VA1/VA2 over the next couple of weeks in PE, and have already secured J upgrade for VA1. I'm waitlisted for a J upgrade for the return leg, but I've noticed that for a few VA2 flights with fewer than 10 seats left, the J reward seats don't open up even from...
  8. Matt_01

    Upgrade on MU domestic connecting from QF International

    Interested to know if anyone has experience with MU domestic upgrades either cash or points and can you transfer points to MU via a hotel program as AMEX transfer seems to be not possible. There is a back story to my question, I booked x2 J rewards SYD-PVG-HRB for MrsM and MissM, ticketed with...
  9. Freq Flier 2013

    What to wear to get an upgrade

    Another news article about flying. Anyone think it's true? Flight attendant reveals what to wear to bag a free first class upgrade
  10. Edge

    Velocity UpgradeMe Platinum offer

    Hi, I understand the UpgradeMe platinum certificates are valid for 12 months. Can anyone confirm the following please? - My review date is 3-June-18; where I will retain WP and receive 4 more upgrades. - Do I have to physically use (actually fly) the upgrades before 2-June-19? - Or as long as...
  11. S

    Emirates Upgrade Availability

    My friends have purchased Economy Flex fares with Emirates for PER-DUB in December 2018, hoping to upgrade with miles. Currently there is no upgrade availability. However Award J bookings are available on the flights in question. They have spoken to Emirates and are on a cancellation list for...
  12. A

    Upgrade dilemma - Syd or Mel for best chance of F class upgrade

    I am about to book two J class tickets to LAX for my wife & I. We would like to use points to upgrade to F class. In the members opinion/experience, would Syd or Mel give us a better chance of obtaining our upgrade? We are both platinum with Qantas. Thank you in advance for your...
  13. mrsterryn

    Reward Seat versus upgrade

    Thinking of going to L.A. in a couple of weeks. No business or premium economy reward seats Business tickets are unusual expensive, does this translate into unlikely upgrades ? Also taking into account just purchasing the tickets be it premium or business would I be unlikely to get the next...
  14. V

    Qantas FF rewards upgrade

    Hi, please forgive me and my newby questions. I am very new at using Qantas frequent flyer reward points. I want to fly from Melbourne to Heathrow and then Singapore to Melbourne. It’s a multi city flight I want to use my points to potentially upgrade to Business at the very least on the...
  15. defurax

    "Menu Select" not available if upgraded

    I'm not sure if this is an enhancement or a software glitch but I'm unable to use the "Menu Select" function for an upcoming flight. I had already pre-ordered a meal two days ago for my flight to HKG (booked in PE) and last night I received a notification that my upgrade request to J was...
  16. danielt25

    P1 upgrade query

    Hi, thinking of booking a return "sale" fare to HKG mid may ... The T&C state this is not upgradeable by points. Has anyone been on these no frills sales tickets and still managed a complimentary P1 upgrade?
  17. albatross710

    PR bidding for Upgrades

    Anyone had any experience bidding for upgrades on Philippine Airlines flights to/from Australia? There are a few threads on FlyerTalk about NA destinations I have a few flights BNE-MNL-BNE on their new direct service which I got at AUD513 return. The upgrade bid opens at USD430 (AUD560) with...
  18. S

    Upgrade based on Status

    Hi all, I really should know the answer to this question however it has fallen out of my brain. If two tickets are booked on the one PNR is the higher status used when looking up upgrades (assuming the higher status person made the bookings)? i.e One person is a Gold and one is a Bronze...
  19. D

    Upgrade seats opened up

    Admittedly only domestic J upgrades and I'm not sure if this is common, but VA GCC has opened up some seats for me, of which I was very appreciative. Almost a return to the days where the GCC were a pleasure to call!