The Great Melbourne Cantiniere Catastrophe Corroboree 17 Feb 2023.

Added to Calendar: 17-02-23

Thanks for all the photos of the shindig that I missed due to a work commitment.
How was the Woodlands red?
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You will need to book well in advance...

But thanks to all for a very worthwhile night...was good to share my plonk with others who genuinely appreciated it.
Maybe next time I’ll get lucky to taste a grange. Thanks for the company @whughes3. I second the bit in being able to taste other plonk too 😍

Amazing catchup and fun times meeting new friends @Ade @RooFlyer @TomVexille and others briefly, next time will try to have longer convo, and old ones, as always and thanks for the organising @penegal and @Cruiser Elite
It was a great night; tremendous gratitude must go to Penegal and Cruiser Elite for the organisation, mirth and merriment.

I enjoyed myself and the company of everyone. Well worth the effort of rearranging my regular Friday night AA meeting.

The number of Ansett stories particularly tickled my fancy. For some reason, my counselling sessions continue to avoid the subject.

A special thanks to all those who travelled some distance for the event. Until next time, arrivederci and may all your upgrades be granted.


Surprised that it took so many posts to see a pic of @penegal.

And I am not even looking at the camera in several/most of them. The paparetizzi at these events are enough to drive you up the wall with their "candid" "Are you ready?" photos.

At least he says that I am an intellectual goliath, although perhaps he/you may not realise that head circumference is not correlated to intelligence. That brand of medicine was debunked some time ago.
What a great night!

Thank you to everyone who attended, and for the interesting and varied wines which were bought along to share. They were nice. I regret that I missed out on snaring a sample of @Hvr's "Coke No Sugar". but it was on the bill.

Speaking of the bill, thank you to everyone* for bringing cash, and being generous in rounding up your totals. As always, all excess funds, plus a little tip from the penegal piggy bank were remitted to the restaurant in cash as a tip for the wonderful people who served us. Thank you to the staff at The Olive Tree for another great meal.

It is really pleasing that we had a great honest group, so that night's like this run smoothly, and the organiser doesn't end up "short".

* There are three people who are in the "sin bin" because apparently 58 days notice to bring cash wasn't adequate notice. Fortunately I am a nice guy and I was in a good mood, so could arrange some "Olive Tree After Pay" (aka bank transfer)... Kids these days.
Thank you for all the organisers, it was a wonderful night, even though I am a Royal Brunei-grade dry individual. Wonderful people, and additional thanks to the AFF editor from whom I learnt some great advice about manipulating points for my latest trip.

On a happy note SQ have availability in J from South Africa to Melbourne on the day after the day I'd hoped to fly. Let's hope my work doesn't mind me being away for an additional day, and I don't get stabbed in Joburg first!
I am sorry that it has taken so long for me to reply to this thread. And I wasn't hung over; just tired!
It has been a long 3 years without me joining in on an AFF function at the OT.
The company was very good, the food great, the wine outstanding. Add to that the conversation, and meeting old friends, and making new ones. Good to see how many people were from interstate, and they are always welcome.
@penegal co-ordinated the gathering very well indeed, and thanks to him and also the director @Cruiser Elite.
Special thanks to @whughes3 for bringing along a very special bottle of Grange. I much appreciated having a taste of this wine, as did quite a few others. An excellent wine in perfect condition.
Look forward to future catch ups.
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