The Great Melbourne Cantiniere Catastrophe Corroboree 17 Feb 2023.

Added to Calendar: 17-02-23

I hope everyone has a great evening. I regret being unable to join you.

Naturally I expect lots of photos and accept that what happens at the OT stays at the OT
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Today is the day... 7pm at The Olive Tree

Please remember to bring CASH!

Look at that magic... currently looking like we might have 26 people and a booking for 26 people.

Platinum - Definite / Attending
  1. penegal
  2. Cruiser Elite
  3. blackcat20
  4. TomVexille
  5. Doug_Westcott
  6. Hvr
  7. whughes3
  8. Sprucegoose
  9. tuapekastar
  10. Bundy Bear
  11. JessicaTam
  12. RooFlyer
  13. serfty
  14. Ade
  15. kookaburra75
  16. Mrs kookaburra75
  17. ric_melb
  18. Matt_01
  19. mel-world
  20. gwilli1
  21. LinaLee
  22. boomy
  23. Mattg
  24. Goodonya
  25. hossein_au
  26. drcam

Gold - Probably
  • travelnutjohn

Bronze - No, but I had to tell you
  • kpc
  • Mr He
  • Flyrner
  • Princess Fiona*
  • Port Power*
  • whole-lotta-moxie*
  • Major*
  • QF WP*
  • cove
  • straitman
That is impressive! Nice work everyone. Enjoy. Photos.
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Looks like a great night was had, and I'm sorry I had to bail last-minute (feeling a little off-colour). Love the steaks, and plenty of people I would have liked to have caught up with.
Geez rotten luck about not feeling well. You missed a vibrant resounding group sing-a-long led by moi 🤡. That would have made you feel better and lifted your spirits, hey?
I settled for the 500g scotch fillet since the wagyu was sold out by the time orders were taken on the second table. Bewdiful !!!!
And yes, unfortunately with all the great reds around, I was on zero alcohol ( as per doctor’s orders 👎)


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An excellent evening 😀 very nice to meet everyone and put faces to the handles 😀

I had the penne vego pasta (with a serve of fresh chilli on the side, of course) with side order of steamed veggies

The pasta was nice. Chilli added a nice (much needed) kick to the dish.


Followed by crepe Suzette - tasted amazing. I remember watching Gordon Ramsey doing crepe Suzette - where the dish is lit on fire. I was hoping the same, but no fire show today.


The dishes I had fade in comparison to the amazing company of fellow AFF’ers :) looking forward to the next meetups.

Excellent rendition of happy bday by @Goodonya :)

Thanks to all the organisers of the evening :)
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Thanks especially to Penegal and Cruiser for organising/OT marshalling ( and for Penegal volunteering to be stuck with the bill if necessary 😳 and Cruiser for the signs).

Very convivial company all round. The reds were excellent .