The Great Melbourne Cantiniere Catastrophe Corroboree 17 Feb 2023.

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May 17, 2009
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Let's have a kiki, and drown our collective sorrows with some Cantiniere...

What: Dinner, and some questionable, but hopefully good wines.
When: 6:55pm, Friday 17th February 2023
Where: The Olive Tree, 19 Park Street, South Melbourne

Background reading from a competing thread:
Speaking of controversial wine... I have found a carton of Mitolo Cantiniere Shiraz 2013...

That great Vinomofo wine which members of this forum accused of being a "straight to Vinomofo" wine with an "inflated fake RRP"... I am not one to judge, but there is no reference to it anywhere on the Mitolo website.

Maybe I better bring that along to wash down some steak. I haven't actually drunk any yet, and it did say "drink by 2022"...

Deal first identified by @AnonymousCoward in this thread: Vinomofo Wine Deals

VM Link: CT Link:
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Updated list.

NB: I have downgraded most of the "Silvers" to "Bronze" (with asterisks below) on the assumption that they are not coming. Having not heard anything more from @drcam or @travelnutjohn I have left them both at Silver for now. If you are coming please confirm.

Platinum - Definite / Attending
  1. penegal
  2. Cruiser Elite
  3. blackcat20
  4. TomVexille
  5. Doug_Westcott
  6. Hvr
  7. whughes3
  8. Sprucegoose
  9. tuapekastar
  10. Bundy Bear
  11. JessicaTam
  12. RooFlyer
  13. serfty
  14. Ade
  15. kookaburra75
  16. Mrs kookaburra75
  17. ric_melb
  18. Matt_01
  19. straitman
  20. mel-world
  21. gwilli1
  22. LinaLee
  23. boomy
  24. Mattg
  25. Goodonya

Gold - Probably
  • drcam
  • travelnutjohn

Bronze - No, but I had to tell you
  • kpc
  • Mr He
  • Flyrner
  • Princess Fiona*
  • Port Power*
  • whole-lotta-moxie*
  • Major*
  • QF WP*
  • cove
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Watching this thread with interest. Might be able to join depending on the dates finalised. At the moment, my dates are pretty open, but will wait for some suggestions.
Would love to join but probably not before Xmas.
Last week of the year works for me but will understand if others prefer to catch up beforehand.
Saturday 17 December works for me but might not suit everyone, including penegal who seems to be double booked every time i head to Melbourne
Look at all you difficult customers who want a date... outrageous!

Here I was thinking @Cruiser Elite would organise it for all of us!
@Bundy Bear Works for me I think... I am finishing up work for the year on Friday 16th December, then someone wants to have a "lunch" at 7pm that evening, so I should be free by say 7/8pm Saturday 17th December... Or any of the following week.

The Olive Tree is closed 23rd (really 22nd December) until 17th January 2023
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Wed or Fri nt preferred?
Either is fine for me
If we were to find a babysitter and make this work, it would need to be a Friday and probably post Christmas.
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