Need to find a Qantas Club corp. program

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Dec 3, 2006
I currently have silver membership with Qantas. I formerly had club membership but let it expire just on 12 months ago. I called Qantas they said I would have to pay the rejoining fee. Most of my flights are paid for with points so I do not get to accrue any form of status, but would like to use the lounges again.
My silver status expires in Oct and even that will vanish so I would like to avoid the long lines (I have to check luggage unfortunately).
Does anyone know of, or does this site have its own coporate membership I can tap into, or am I stuck with paying the huge first year fee again?

cheers folks

********** Message from AFF Administrator **********

You may have arrived at this page via a Search Engine, so would not be aware of the context of this post:

AFF GOLD members can take advantage of our Corporate Scheme when joining or renewing the Qantas Club.

Qantas Club Membership rates is available at

Details about our AFF Membership levels is available at Become an AFF Supporter | Australian Frequent Flyer
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I posted the following in a similar thread recently:

"I've seen some of the prices that some corporates get, and they are pretty amazing. Most aren't open to the public. Some are. You tend to find discounted rates with a lot of professional bodies (eg Accounting/IT/Engineers etc). If you're qualified for membership with one of those organisations, then you may be able to get their rate.

If you do a google search such as the following, you might find an organisation that you are eligible to join (or have joined already!)
discounted qantas club membership - Google Search
Thanks, I knew someone would find it, i have been searching the threads and posts and couldn't find anything. I guess the problem will be if I don't belong to any of the groups. I will check out the link... thanks
Basically there are two types of Corporate membership that I am aware of.

More info is at this link:

Flying with Us - Qantas Club - Membership Types - Corporate Membership

Keep in mind the differences regarding how the memberships are managed. The "managed" scheme may require you to wait until the group expiry date to join.

BTW, those prices are just the RRP. There are bigger discounts available. Have you checked that your employer doesn't have a scheme you can join? Your partner's employer? Your bank, gym or health care fund? There are many discounted memberships available.
Some employers will allow their staff to salary sacrifice Qantas Club membership since the ATO determined that there is no FBT liability for such provisions.
I can't find the old thread... but a few months ago there was a link to a website where you could go, to get much cheaper rates for QP..
As I understand the QF Club rules, any group of 10 (or more) members can qualify for the "standard" corporate rate. The equates to a $200 saving per person per year.

See Flying with Us - Qantas Club - Membership Types - Corporate Membership

As an additional service to our online community, I'm happy to co-ordinate a "individually managed" Corporate membership, if we get enough interest (ie. 10 or more members).

Please note:

1) Any contract (and exchange of money) will be between you and Qantas. You will (obviously) be responsible for your membership fee. We are just setting up a corporate scheme so members of can qualify for a corporate rate.

2) Please read the details about "Individually Managed" schemes on the Qantas website at Flying with Us - Qantas Club - Membership Types - Corporate Membership

3) To set up the scheme, I'll need your completed application forms so that I can submit them in a single batch to Qantas. I will also need the payment you'll be making to Qantas. This can be either a cheque made out to Qantas or your credit card number. Again, payment is to Qantas not us.

4) We will not be charging for this service - it will be free to all registered members of our online community.

If you are interested, Private Message (PM) me with your details. If we have sufficient interest, I'll then get back to you with the next steps.
Great idea Admin. If I wasn't fortunate to be platinum / (or gold) I would be very interested in this offer.

If this goes ahead I would do this if and when I fall back to silver status
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Great offer admin! Hope you find the 10 to start the ball rolling. And it will be great to be able to point people to a Corporate scheme we know they would have legitimate access to and can trust :)

I think as "manager" of the scheme, your only involvement is with setting up the original scheme with the 10. After that people just sign up with the scheme reference number I believe. (but could be wrong).
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Flashware said:
I can't find the old thread... but a few months ago there was a link to a website where you could go, to get much cheaper rates for QP..

You may be thinking of this one Flashware, but it's just a "404 not found" now. And if you try just the base URL it goes through to some half constructed sports site.

So it's timely that admin has made his kind offer.
yes that was the link I had but like you said its a sports website now that you get redirected to. I guess they didn't take off!
The Association of Professional Engineers Scientists & Managers Australia (APESMA) offer other member organisation discounts also.

Those organisations are listed here:
Member Advantage

I notice the QC prices:
1 year membership (new member): $540 (including joining and $55 Member Advantage management fee)saving $145

2 years membership (new member): $755 (including joining and $55 Member Advantage management fee)saving $215

Partner and renewal membership rates are also available

Not sure how current this pricing is.
Just found this:

Taxpayers Australia - About Membership

Taxpayers Australia Corporate Membership no. 5380261
on the application form, include payment and post to:
Grant Andrews
Qantas Corporate Sales
Level 12,
8 Exhibition St,
Victoria 3000
or fax to Grant Andrews on 03 8656 6059

not sure if they confirm your a member or not????
alien said:
not sure if they confirm your a member or not????
Well just going by the name of the organisation, I think most of us would qualify for membership.
tassiedude said:
does paying for corperate Qantas CLUB membershp qualify for Free QFF Membership?
Yes, all Qantas Club memberships include membership of the Qantas FF program.
Does anyone know if there is a way to transfer a non-corporate membership? Paying another joining fee doesn't really appeal to me.
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