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April Wine Tour - The Elder Tour to Rockford


AFF Supporter
Jan 22, 2013
Confirm Platinum - flights booked

@Buzzard Where in the city will the bus do pickup?
Entertainment Centre if he’s not changing the pickup point.
Same place as usual, outside the Adelaide Convention Center on North Terrace. Please don't go to the Entertainment Center, it's a kilometer or so up the road.
Once all details are finalised I shall post all the information .


AFF Supporter
Mar 16, 2005
My Map
Turn my back on the site for a minute...:)
Please mark me as platinum...guessing as per usual there will be a drop off at ADL on Sunday around the 5 to 5:30 mark?
Thanks for organising.


AFF Supporter
Jan 22, 2013
Rockford has been confirmed!

I'm not sure how to change the thread title so until I find out it has to stay as it is.

What I can do however is give the details of the tour. A trybooking link will be provided soon and at that time I shall insert a link re collection of funds.

The Tour:
Departing from the bottom of the escalators outside the Adelaide Convention Centre (our usual departure point) at 08:30 on Sunday 7th April, we make the trip out to Krondorf Road Tanunda to be met at the locked gate of Rockford by our host Todd at 10:00.

Part way through vintage, we might see some of the process if there will be any staff working on the day.
Todd will escort us down into the Barrel Room where I am assured something a bit special will be made available to the group.
I'm waiting to hear back from Todd as to the quantity of BP and BS that will be available for purchase so stay tuned.

Once all the wine has evaporated and we have waved our money goodbye, we board our coach for the short(ish) drive to Elderton.
I need to mention again that on arrival to Elderton we need to walk about 700 meters to the cellar door (and back) as our coach will not fit under a power line.

We should arrive at Elderton between 12:30 - 1:00 at which time platters, cheese plates and Elani's artisan focaccia will be served.

Lunch over by 2:00, we make our way over to the Commander Lounge which is usually reserved for members, much like the Stone Wall Room at Rockford. Our host for the private tasting will be either Cameron_or_Alister
We have been asked to allow 1.5 hours for tasting so I'm expecting a fabulous afternoon in the lounge.

Departure and Drop Off:
With our Elderton experience not scheduled to finish until 3:30 we are going to be on a tight schedule.
Guests will probably want to purchase some fabulous wines and we also have to walk back to the coach.
Hopefully we get away by 4:00 and to the airport by 5:30. Please be mindful when booking your return flight. Things go wrong, people go missing, there could be roadworks or whatever.

As always there will be games on the coach plus a lucky dip or two.
A big thank you to @mrsterryn, @Katy and I'm pretty sure I still have some things from @Denali to give away.
Ruby and I will also kick the tin for a few prizes.
Who knows, a bottle of Basket Press might even be up for grabs.

The same as last year, $115.00 per head including lunch. Beverages shall be at your own expense.
Please be aware that your ticket is non refundable unless the event goes into wait list. You may however find somebody yourself to take the ticket off your hands.
Trybooking may charge you a small fee. Any fees charged by Trybooking are beyond my/our control.

So spread the word, only 23* seats are up or grabs (Ruby and I have the other 2) and I'm certain that a trip to Rockford and Elderton will be very special.
*Those who have already or will indicated "Platinum" have priority when the link goes live, hopefully tomorrow.


AFF Supporter
Oct 11, 2010
Can’t wait Buzz, it’ll be a cracker of a day as usual :)


AFF Supporter
Mar 11, 2003
As posted above, I can't make this tour but am going with my parents to the Barossa Valley the weekend after next so might pop into Elderton to have a bit of a taste :)

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