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seat selection

For more information about Seat Selection, see our Seat Selection Tips and Tricks articles.
  1. juddles

    Why QF and LATAM have seat selection issues on their codeshares

    Hi all, not sure in which forum to post this - it is about the QF/Latam codeshares trans-pacific, and the seat selection issues they have. This is more a curiosity thread - I will explain..... Qantas and Latam both fly SYD to SCL and vice versa. The Latam 787 flights do a stopover at AKL...
  2. BrockF

    Seat Selection WPF ?

    Have an upcoming flight in J BKK- SYD and seat selection is showing “requested WPF “ below that is “you cannot elect a seat for this flight”. QF Plat and number is in the booking and was able to select seats for earlier flights on the same PNR. Can anyone explain what WPF is? I haven’t had this...
  3. Mrmaxwell

    Seat Selection Blocked due to Bassinet

    I've had a few issues lately where international long haul QF flights have been fully booked and the only available seats (Y+ / J) have been bulkhead bassinet seats and 1 or 2 centre seats. I am told on a regular basis these seats are blocked until airport check in opens and cannot be released...
  4. inline64

    Seat Selection

    I have been trying for days to select my seat both on the web and mobile app which I am unable to see anything, this has never happened before. What am I doing wrong?
  5. Scottydog

    Seat question on QF Emirates operated Boeing777-200

    So I booked my flights back to Scotland for 19/07. DSC promotion yay. Flight is QF operated by Emirates ADL-DXB-EDI. First Flight number QF8441.Aircraft 777-200 LR. seat number 38A. The trouble is when I look on seat guru 38A is not there? Looks like it should be last seat before the toilets. I...
  6. albatross710

    Answered Seat Allocation Alaska Airlines

    I have the PNR for Alaska Airlines segment as part of a QF multi-trip booking. Is it possible to do online seat reservation? Cannot do it through QF site or directly through the Alaska site. Alaska says : The seat map for this flight is currently unavailable. Please check back later for...
  7. B

    Answered Dreamliner to LAX on-board entertainment/seat

    Hi First of all i don't no why my preview thread was taken down since it was related to Qantas questions. Oh though the questions i recently i ask was never answered and it's there for why i ask here because it's always good to know things. So apologies if something went wrong. But i highly...
  8. Daver6

    Answered Issue with seat selection due to duplicated FF number

    Hi all, I've booked a OW award for MrsDaver6 and I that includes flights on QF, QR, AY, UL and CX. Obviously I cannot select seats for other airlines using the QF MMB. Retrieving my booking on QR, it gives me an error when I finalise QR seat selection. Something along the lines of my FF number...
  9. J

    Answered QF11 PE Seat Configuration - is row 24 exit?

    Hi all, QQ - tried searching and couldn't find an exact answer so sorry if it's duplicated. I'm on QF11 in PE. I booked 24A which says 'Exit Row' however called Qantas and the consultant said it was behind a bulkhead. Bulkhead I don't mind, exit row, I don't particularly like. Seatguru says...
  10. N

    Answered EK 405 Seating Boeing 777 seating J and F

    Hi, Have booked separate flights for me and the wife both travelling with a child. Wife is booked in J with my Son (6) I'm booked in F with my Daughter (4) trying to work out best seating arrangements, i know business is in a 2-3-2 config and first is in a 1-2-1 config. I assume for the J...
  11. B

    Answered Economy Seat Selection on QF International as OW Ruby?

    I just purchased 4 really cheap fares for DFW-SYD r/t. I'm about to be AA gold / OW ruby. What are the seat selection benefits like for my family and I (all on the same reservation)? Any recognition of status, or ability to choose better seats? At booking or at a certain point in time? It's...
  12. T

    Seat selection as sapphire

    Hi I've just dropped from Emerald to Sapphire (AA). For upcoming flights on an A380 (QF11/12), I cannot view/select certain economy seats that were previously available 32A-K, 49ABC etc. Is there any documentation on what seats can be selected as a Sapphire? Will I be able to see/select...
  13. S

    Answered Favourable seat selection on TG (Thai Aiways)

    I booked TG flights last year in Y for travel in July this year from SYD to FCO. I rarely fly with them, but am an Enrich member (for what its worth). I've been checking seat availability every month since, and unsurprisingly still no favourable forward seats or bulkhead areas are...
  14. AustraliaPoochie

    Answered Buying 2 seats for 1 on VA dom online - non comfort seat req

    Has anyone succeeded in doing this? From the buying part to the airport part, to succeeding on getting onto the plane part. I do realise that there is a cheaper option, is to phone up VA phone bookings and ask for a "comfort seat request" on VA dom, or do a booking for economy X. Ie, Mr X...
  15. W

    EK flight seat selection and experience

    Potentially looking at a EK operated QF coded flight in Y :eek:. I've never had much to do with the EK tie up previously. Upon doing some dummy bookings I noted seat selection was not possible. As such questions are: 1. Can I see seat selection before payment stage without EF? 2. What are the...
  16. W

    Seat map prior to booking?

    Hi all, I am just wondering, is there anyway to see seat maps for someone with QF Gold prior to booking? I am interested in flying to Bali to see friends in mid-late February on QF45 & QF46 with Mrs wanderlust_tim. However, as it is a 737-800 we only want to book if we can select the seats up...
  17. albatross710

    Seat selection has been restricted on this flight as most seats have already been assigned.

    Seat selection has been restricted on this flight as most seats have already been assigned. Received this message when I went into view the seat map and select a seat directly on the Emirates site. I booked through QF and did a seat selection from the QF site. The advantage of using the...
  18. A

    Answered VS Codeshare - seat selection

    I'm looking at booking the VA/VS MEL-HKG-LHR flight, curious if anyone knows whether I'll be able to pick seats on the VS segment ahead of time. Will be in Y so keen to avoid the middle seat if possible! Cheers.
  19. A

    Answered Qantas classic reward flight on American Airlines - seat selection fees?

    Hello, I am planning a somewhat 'last minute' return trip from Australia to America - in a few weeks time. Since I have left my planning and booking quite late, there are limited options for classic reward flights. The flights I am looking at have me travelling from MEL to SFO on QF metal...
  20. R

    Selecting seats - QF award on China Eastern

    Does Qantas provide a MU compatible (781 or 774) flight number so that I can try to select a seat through MU's website on an award flight?