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seat selection

For more information about Seat Selection, see our Seat Selection Tips and Tricks articles.
  1. Rubix

    VA Seat Change - Velocity X to Standard

    So....this is not the first time but I am starting to get annoyed at this. Here is the latest trick...... Booked in as a WP, Velocity X, sitting 28K on a320 SYD-PER and been moved again to 17F. I realised the change when I got the flight reminder email that online check-in is open. This has...
  2. K

    Etihad codeshare business class using Velocity points - recent seat selection experience ?

    Hi all I'm looking for recent experience of selecting seats for an Etihad business class award flight booked through Velocity. Trying to decide whether to fly Etihad AMS to SYD, or use Qantas points to book Qatar Airways business class. EY have the better flight time and transit time in Abu...
  3. T

    Selecting an upper-deck A380 Economy seat for 2020

    Hi all, Suppose someone already selected seats in a QF A380's upper-deck economy section for an early 2020 flight, unaware that a number of A380s would have been refurbished by then and the seats in question may not exist. Would Qantas automatically reassign that person to a different seat...
  4. L

    Answered How does Qantas check-in seat selection work?

    Hi Guys, So I am about to fly on Qantas Economy again where you have to pay for your seats or wait for the 24 hour checkin window. Its almost 24 hours but i was wondering how does the seats allocation work? As previously at times if i try to check in just when its 24 hours or so to go then...
  5. A

    Answered QF Seat Selection - Not Working?

    Hello fellow AFF'ers, Has anyone recently faced any issues in selecting seats on QF Intl. flights? Flight numbers : 1. QF127 - SYD-HKG - 14/Aug/2019 2. QF8255/CX631 - HKG-MAA - 14/Aug/2019 3. QF8240/CX632 - MAA-HKG - 17/Aug/2019 4. QF128 - HKG-MAA - 17/Aug/2019 I tried, for the past one...
  6. T

    Seat Selection on QantasLink De Havilland DHC-8 400 Flight

    I'm booked on QF2566 (CBR-BNE) on 18 August. I am not able to view the seat map or make a seat selection via the Qantas website or app, and when I look at Expertflyer it says a seat map isn't available for this flight. When I booked the seats (via phone to Qantas) they said seat selection...
  7. C

    First Time in Business, Seat Selection

    HI All So I have booked my flights with me, my wife and my (Will be) 3 year daughter to Japan. Anyway I was looking at selecting our seats, and I was unsure of what is the best layout for a familly to travel. Qantas have defaulted to all of us in the window, but I was wondering if we should...
  8. Sludge321

    Tech issues - seats no longer blocked for gold/platinum?

    I noticed today when checking a seat map that all seats (apart from Economy X) now seem to be available for selection even when not logged in to my Velocity account. I'm guessing this is probably a temporary tech blip, but I guess VA could have just abandoned blocking the forward seats for...
  9. K

    Seat selection

    I do FIFO work so I fly a lot with Qantas and I'm currently silver frequent flyer. I have noticed though when I choose my seats I haven't got the same selection other people have that are silver and I seem to always get this "individual seat selection isn't available in this flight" message when...
  10. Happy Dude

    Seat selection advice pls (1st time pointy end SQ)

    Seeking advice for seat selection for the following confirmed redemptions for the wee wife and I: 1. SQ288 CBR - SIN in J, 777-300ER with 2013 J seat/config 2. SQ856 SIN - HKG in J, A380-800 with 2017 J seat/config 3. SQ001HKG - SIN in F, 777-300ER with 2013 F seat/config 4. SQ231 SIN - SYD...
  11. Mattg

    Pax kicked off Air NZ flight for ignoring safety briefing

    I haven't seen this discussed here elsewhere yet. A couple has apparently been kicked off an Air New Zealand flight from Wellington to Auckland after refusing to listen to the safety briefing. They were seated in the exit row. Good on the cabin crew, I say...
  12. Katie

    Seat selection in QF app and website?

    Is there a current known issue with seat selection in the QF app and website? A points US from Y+ to J on QF11 on Weds came through last night. I tried to change my seat from row 16 to an available seat in row 12. I would get an error each time I tried. I tried using the full website this...
  13. BCons

    Seat selection on SQ codeshare (ANA)

    Have an Aust/Tokyo trip in J booked direct with SQ. The return flt NTA/SIN is an ANA codeshare - Have been able to make usual seat selection for the SQ legs but cant do it for the ANA flight. I can bring up the booking on ANA website using the same SQ PNR but I cant access seat selection page...
  14. H

    Can't select seats in PE

    So I booked a flight SYD-LAX to take advantage of triple points. Generally I travel in Y as I am only short and don't like a lot of fuss but this time around I have booked PE through an OTA. The flight now appears in My Bookings in Velocity but when I go to select seats I am advised to contact...
  15. A

    Answered Seat selection not available on codeshare

    I recently flew CHC to SYD in Y on a QF/EK flight booked with Qantas. I am QF SG. Seat selection was not available until check-in, when there were only 3 seats left. Is this because it was an Emirates plane or because it was a short sector? Or is there another reason? I'm planning to fly...
  16. S

    Answered Jestar seat selection with family of 5

    Flying jetstar on a 10 hour international flight. 2 adults and 3 children between 5-10. If we don't select seating before the flight, what are the chances that jetstar will seat everyone apart?
  17. V

    Answered QF11/12 - "Individual seat selection isn't available for this flight."

    Does anyone know if it's possible to get the contact centre to assign a seat for you on these flights, as you can't seem to do it online anymore. I was able to do it online when I flew this same route a few years ago, so it seems they've made another "enhancement" since then. And bonus...
  18. B

    One World J "RTW" Award seat selection?

    So I've just managed to get myself and Mrs BD onto 2 x 280000 J awards via the QF Multi city tool. I can select seats for all the BA flights but I have QR, AY, CX and IB legs that I can't do it with via QF. Can I select if I go to the individual airline websites using QF's PNR? If not then...
  19. D

    Qantas WP seat selection on EK ticket

    Hi, I'm going to book a Y ticket with Emirates to London and I read that as a QF platinum that I get to select certain seats for free. However, when I go to book the ticket on Emirates I don't have the option of free seats. So is this an actual benefit? Does the benefit only become apparent...
  20. O

    Seat Selection Air North E 170

    Hi, I've got 4 flight sectors coming up on Air north on the top end. Does anyone know when seat selection opens up or only at the airport.. Would a QFF Gold have any preference over seating - eg to get row one ?