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  1. M

    New Amex redemption rates for SQ/EK; adding transfers to QR/HA

  2. W

    Qantas Redemption and ANA Paying Ticket

    Hi I am seeking for thoughts whether this approach is of any advantage. Qantas points one way business class redemption for 82000 points plus taxes (2 passengers) - Outbound Premium economy ticket for $6000 in total for 2 passengers. - Inbound However, the return ticket for premium economy is...
  3. G

    Redemption to Europe in J waitlist for 350 days

    Looking at BNE to FCO - each day is already waitlist in J. Can book separate legs BNE-SIN and SIN-FCO with no problem at all Have not redeemed for 6 months and previously had no problem booking in J to Europe for 4 people on first available day. Is this the new norm now or just picked difficult...
  4. dsotm

    Poor (aka None) Availability for J Redemption MEL/LAX

    Just looking to book 2x redemption seats for MEL/LAX, but notice there is zero availability one year out. I don't have Velocity status so maybe the plats and golds have snapped them up. There are some partner airlines with viability (via Singapore or Doha) with long layovers and eyewatering...
  5. J

    Slowness of e ticket issue with changes initiated by Qantas that impact redemption bookings.

    On enquiring of Qantas I get a response that indicates all e tickets are queued whether paid flight that are changed by Qantas or redemption flights where Qanats initiated a change. Our reality is that it takes 3 or even 4 phone calls weeks after the change has been effected to obtain a new e...
  6. L

    SIN Lounge access on SQ redemption flight for Velocity Gold?

    Can anyone advise if I should expect to have KrisFlyer lounge access in Singapore on a SQ redemption flight as Velocity Gold status? I’m looking to redeem flights directly with SQ, but because of this, I can’t attach my velocity FF number at the booking page - will I still have lounge access by...
  7. K

    CDG - BKK trying to book QR flights with Asia Miles but flights not showing when trying to Redeem

    Hi, First time poster. I have a honeymoon planned for Next year and have Transferred points to Asia Miles when they had a 15% bonus. I am wanting to travel from Paris to Bangkok. Ideally via Helsinki as Finnair has a direct HEL - BKK flight however availability is limited, so thinking of going...
  8. J

    Seat selection Cathay redemption Business

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone else having the same issue. I was able to choose seats from a Qantas classic reward booking until very recently when I manage my booking from Cathay I am no longer able to alter my seat selection and instead get this message. “Seat selection is not available...
  9. LostRedditor

    Just made a terrible value redemption in order to help a family figure

    A friend needs to go see her granddad in the UK as he has terminal cancer. She is strapped for cash and couldn't really afford to go. So I offered to buy her the tickets using points. Of course this is happening in the peak travel time (July) so there were hardly any availability. Found economy...
  10. FromTheRail

    Redemption Tickets

    Looking at a PER-SIN-LHR journey using points PER-SIN is available SIN-LHR is available PER-SIN-LHR is not available So I can book it individually, but obvious want to book it as 1 booking so less points used, going to phone up tomorrow to see if this is possible to do Anyone had this...
  11. K

    SQ redemption available as a one way ticket but not as a return ticket..

    Hi! I'm looking to book 2 x J redemption next Feb for MEL - SIN - DAD - SIN - MEL. When I selected my flights, all legs were available for selection - except I encountered an error message before I could make payment. While the booking was not ticketed, I could see it reserved in my portal...
  12. D

    Singapore redemption saga, no resolution - help!

    I regret to have to moan about a not-so-good predicament I now find myself in regarding my SQ redemption booking. This is a prolonged saga so I will get on with getting down the details. 1. Originally I booked an F redemption from MEL-HKG-SFO for June of this year about 11 months in advance...
  13. N

    Redeem enrich points with another oneworld airline

    How do I redeem Enrich points with another oneworld airline? Have not been successful with their call centre
  14. M@rcoPolo

    Best way to score 3 x J redemption seats

    I'm trying to use my Asia Miles (expiring soon) to book 3 x J seats out of SYD In particular - trying to book SYD - KTM (one way) in Feb / Mar 2024 I can see availability for 2 x J seats (with MH via KUL) but nothing at all for 3 seats... so I'm trying to figure out what's the best way to...
  15. Mr H

    VA Redemption on Etihad

    I have just redeemed Velocity points for a shorthaul Etihad business class flight AUH-MCT. Cost: 18,000 Velocity plus AUD 265 The retail cost of this flight is apparently AUD 2,306. So I got $2,041 value for 18,000 points. That makes 11.3c per Velocity point. That must make this one of the...
  16. I

    VA Redemption on HA?

    Has anyone ever managed to redeem Velocity Points successfully on HA? I found some saver seats, both showing on HA and AA for redemption (HNL-HND). Called VA up today - and they couldn't even see the flight loaded into their system, let alone availability in J. I asked them why this is, and...
  17. Brizz

    Improved display of flights on Virgin - paid and reward

    Hi all - was looking at flights today and noticed what appeared to be an improved display of both paid and reward availability including both economy and business... Certainly makes it easier to see which flights have the lowest priced Bus. Class seats!
  18. Happy Dude

    DFW-LHR redemption using QFF points

    Trying to book DFW-LHR for 4 pax in whY in June using QFF points and the QF site (one-way and multicity) shows nothing. AA shows plenty of availability as does the JAL site (although that doesn't seem straightforward for a new member these days). Does this mean that the seats can't/won't be...
  19. M

    A bit confused - QF Redemption

    Hi Brains Trust, Apologies if this has been asked before. I've been scouring the community and I'm tripping over myself with the different responses. I know rewards seats are released around 330 days out, so I think that's the first place I went wrong. I used to be a travel agent and waaaay...
  20. DrGear

    Painfully slow QFF gift card redemption

    Sick of my QFF points sitting there gathering dust, so I took advantage of the gift card sale they had. Fiancee works for Apple so we get a pretty hefty discount, and I needed a new Mac for the business so got enough gift cards to cover what I was after. 3 days later, still haven't had them sent...