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redeem points

For more information about Redeeming Points, see our Redeem Points Tips and Tricks articles.
  1. T

    Multi stop redemption

    I'm looking for some advice on a multi stop J redemption. BNE to ADD; then ADD to TLV. From the Singapore website I can calcaulate 88,000 points from BNE to ADD, however I can't calculate the second leg, which I can find on United website flying Ethopian. Thoughts? Ideas? Caluclations before I...
  2. E

    Is it worth redeeming points for Y and W awards?

    Is it worth redeeming points for Y and W awards? Have to book and fly at short notice and can’t get a J award but combo of Y/W/J might be possible? Is it bad value to use points for awards below J?
  3. J

    Hilton redemption changes

    Not sure if I missed this somewhere but couldn't see this being mentioned here. Seems like Hilton decided some time last week to change their redemption rates. Doesn't look like it's all but since I was looking at redemptions for an upcoming trip to Japan, I've been checking the prices and...
  4. W

    What is a stopover on an International Qantas Award redemption?

    Sorry for the big write up but I’m very frustrated and would very much appreciate some help: I’ve spent the past few weekends putting together a RTW itinerary from my honeymoon, which we’ve been credit card churning for, for the past few years. I booked the first half 2 weeks ago and have spent...
  5. get me outta here

    First F Redemption on EK using QF points

    Any suggestions please ... I've never done F on EK so am researching using QF points JFK - DXB - HGK (stopover). Then, HKG-SYD/MEL - CBR on whatever - prob easiest to get is CX J. I've looked for EK 300 days +/- out over the past few days and I've seen no EK on QF site. What may I be...
  6. get me outta here

    EK tips and tricks

    I can't find anything like this for EK so here goes. I'd like to try EK F using QF points but can't seem to find any dates for next May/June as a
  7. B

    Mum spoke to Travel Agent. Said she can book Syd to London Return Business for 280k points. How?!

    Hi all, As the title asks. My mum is travelling to Europe in mid-September 2019 and went to a travel agent to book flights. The travel agent said she can book mum Sydney to London, return, all in Business class, for only 280k points. How is this possible? I myself have quite a few points but...
  8. A

    QFF redemption on CX metal, is no middle name OK?

    We redeemed CX flights using Qantas frequent flyer points. Just checking if other people have had any recent issues boarding with CX if no middle name on ticket (but middle name on passport). There are some past threads about it but not sure how up to date it was. (We rang CX and they said...
  9. N

    Answered Status credits on annual guaranteed redemption seats

    Hi all, Wondering if anyone has any experience on this. In relation to the guaranteed reward seats for Gold/Plat members; are these booked into revenue buckets and do you subsequently receive status credits on those flights? Thanks in advance.
  10. N

    Answered Classic Award Business seats Redemption and Membership Level

    Hoping for some advice please... Have dropped to Silver Status, and trying to decide if its worth it for us to spend the money on doing a Status Run (from Perth) to achieve Gold again. Our aim is to try get 3-4 Award Seats in Business Class to Europe for next year (pref France/Italy), which we...
  11. K

    Answered Does your e-ticket start with 795 for a VA redemption ticket on a partner airline?

    My booking has just been ticketed, but the e-tickets don't appear on the partner airline website.
  12. Mattg

    A380 operating QF79 MEL-NRT on 21/10/19 [as a "Points Plane"]

    Qantas is operating an A380 from Melbourne to Tokyo as a one-off service on 21 October as QF79. Only J and Y are being sold, so presumably some lucky Y passengers will be able to select seats in the PE cabin, and likewise with F seats for J pax. I can currently see award availability on this...
  13. pauly7

    SQ App / Reward bookings

    Hi all quick question, is anyone else having issues looking for reward seats on the SQ app? It’s very buggy and searches mostly return just a blank screen!
  14. Mattg

    BA changing partner award prices

    Uh oh, this cannot be good news :( British Airways is apparently making "changes" to the number of Avios required for redemptions on partner airlines, except for BA, Iberia, Aer Lingus and Vueling. However, they haven't actually said what the new prices will be! I expect prices will increase...
  15. 4

    Answered Booking different cabins in EK for redemption fare?

    Hello folks. I'm looking to book some flights with EK next year for points. Flying ex PER I'm inclined to spring the extra points for F, but be happy enough in J for the DXB-Somewhere-In-Europe leg, and vice versa. I looked at booking the flights under separate itineraries, both risky and more...
  16. Pushka

    Baby and an Award booking.

    Help please. I’m sure this has been answered but I’d like to check again. I’m making an Award booking for my DIL into Manchester for November in J. Her baby is due in August. So, how do I go about this. No gender nor name is known, well, not to me anyway. So help please? Maybe I should call and...
  17. R

    Being bumped - less obvious downside of award bookings

    Late last year I was booked into business with QF on MEL-ADL using BA Avios, and was downgraded at the gate to economy, being left to chase up a refund for the difference with British Airways. In my most recent booking, my partner and I were bumped from a MEL-CNS QF flight the night before...
  18. S

    RTW award flights itinerary questions

    Looking for some advise and help from AFF who have managed to snaffle the elusive J flights using Krisflyer points RTW. Having finally saved up the 240k points each to fly RTW in J my husband and I are now at the planning stage and to be honest it's not as fun as I thought it might have been...
  19. O

    EF not seeming to reflect award flights for QF platinum

    Hi, I am a premium member of EF and a QFF plat. I have added my QFF number to EF but the searches do not reflect the availability on the QF award site. I have checked dates for SYD-SIN/JNB/HKG and, although seats are available on the QFF engine, they do not show on EF. EF is so much easier to...
  20. A

    Using Qantas Frequent flyer points to book classic rewards flights- SYD to London with Qatar

    Hi all I am a newbie here and wanting to get some guidance/ tips on how to utilise the Qantas FFY points to redeem SYD-London flight(business class) for April 2020 (end of April) with Qatar airline. I have been carefully watching for past couple of weeks and I have seem it come up 2wks ago for...