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  1. G

    40k bonus points for joining Qantas Club (ends 16/11/2015)

    Now your world of Qantas Club membership can take off with a sensational getaway. We're offering you a reward of 40,000 bonus Qantas Points when you join between 12 and 16 November 2015 - so be quick! To be eligible for this offer, simply join now and pay a total of $895 (inclusive of a $385...
  2. P

    Qantas Club?

    Are the Qantas Club & Qantas first lounge the same thing? :-|
  3. S

    Free Where to buy Qantas Club passes?

    Hi all, I am a silver QC member, but I am after a Qantas Club complimentary pass for my mother to use on her upcoming trip next month. It seems they are taking them down off Gumtree and eBay where i previously bought them. Anyone know who is selling one or where to get them from? Cheers :)
  4. N

    Qantas Club - Denied Access [QP member before CX flight]

    I don't know if there has been a recent Qantas policy change, but I recently traveled from Melbourne to Manila, via Hong Kong. I booked and paid for my flights through Qantas, and flew from Melbourne to Hong Kong on a Qantas operated flight. However, the Hong Kong to Manila leg was a code share...
  5. jamesatfish

    Free 1x Qantas Club pass, expiry Jan 2016

    As the thread title suggests, I've got an unneeded Qantas Club / International Business Lounge pass with an expiry of January 2016. Was issued to my 5yr old when she dropped back to PS this year, but she's unlikely to be flying by herself and needing lounge access... If anyone wants it, send...
  6. J

    Free 2 x Qantas Club complimentary invitations to give away (Valid until end of Sep 2015)

    Hi again everyone, I have 2 x Qantas Club complimentary invitations to give away (valid until the end of September 2015). They can be picked up in the Sydney CBD or posted elsewhere. Please PM me if you'd like to have them! James
  7. shan1983

    Free 1 x Qantas Club Pass - Exp end September 2015

    Howdy Anyone keen on this spare pass I have? Didn't end up using this third one on a recent trip OS. Can post to the first person that responds to this and then PM's me their address. Cheers
  8. L

    Free Free 1 X Qantas Club pass - exp end October 2015

    I have one Qantas Club pass. Expires end of October 2015. Happy to post Australia wide. Thanks L
  9. S

    Complimentary Qantas Club invitations

    I can't remember how we get these. Can I book any flight as long as its a QF i.e. domestic or international? And does it have to be a flight in the name of the card holder. Thanks for any help with this. I'm taking my family overseas and would like them to join us in the club lounge.
  10. S

    Qantas Club Corporate Scheme

    Hi Everyone, Can you please tell me if the Qantas Club corporate scheme still happens through AFF? I was a gold member and my membership for some reason has lapsed instead of automatically renewed. I emailed the admins last week and again just now but am yet to hear back. Was hoping one of...
  11. H

    Brisbane Airport Check in time and QP opening time

    Good morning my knowledgeable friends! I have some questions that perhaps some experienced Brisbane travelers can help me with. I have a flight from BNE to SYD next month, connecting to a US flight, and to maximize time in the First Lounge, I am taking a 5.30am flight. Just checking the Qantas...
  12. Gold Member

    Free 4 x Qantas Club Passes (exp. November 2015)

    Need some karma... so these are free as a whole (x4 only) to a good home - those who make meaningful and worthwhile contributions to this forum. Minimum post count 500. Do not Private Message me.
  13. O

    2 EQP for discount J/F and 3 EQP for full fare J/F?????

    I was just watching a youtube clip on the AA channel regarding elite status. The narrator says that "Beginning April 7th and continuing all throughout 2015 we'll reward you with even more Elite Qualifying points...." It goes on to say about the 2EQP for discount J/F and 3 EQP for full fare...
  14. B

    Qantas Club Closed

    Last time we flew out of Launceston Airport we went to use the Qantas Club and were told that it was closed. We arrived at the check in at about 5 pm and our flight was 1.5 hours later. Is this something that happens in most regional airports in Australia?
  15. S

    Free QANTAS Club passes

    Just found 2 Qantas club passes expire end July 2015 - any takers?
  16. wanderer_au

    Sydney domestic Qantas Club renovation

    Heading to Melbourne tonight on the 1845 service and really noticing the crowd in here tonight, no doubt due to the reduced space available because of (welcome) renovations in the Qantas Club. The food could do with a bit of hot protein though - lots of carbs and salad but not a lot else...
  17. TheEmu

    Free 1 x Qantas Club Lounge Pass - Exp July 2015

    Sorry about the late mail - cc issued pass that I forgot about - expiry is end of this month. First in - I'll post same day.
  18. kamchatsky

    Free 1* Qantas Club Pass (expiry end September 2015) to give away

    I have 1 Qantas Club pass (expiry end September 2015) which I won't use and will be giving it away. This Pass also allows you to enter Qantas operated International Business Lounges. So if you want this pass, please post in 25 words or less, "which person would you like to meet at Qantas...
  19. F

    Qantas Club membership

    As a Gold member I want to take advantage of the savings on QC membership - joining and annual fee. How is this done? None of the links provide any specific information Thanks!
  20. G

    Qantas Club

    Does AFF still have a Corporate Scheme?