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premium economy

For more information about Premium Economy, see our Premium Economy Tips and Tricks articles.
  1. ozjuice

    SQ Premium Economy Food & Service

    Not a rant but wanted to share my disappointment. I'm quite a fan of the SQ product and fly them as much as possible. However, my recent flight SIN - BNE was a PE flight that landed in BNE at approx 7AM. Once boarded we had no bottled water (We did on the way out) and the dinner served was...
  2. S

    Qantas selling PY on QF9/10 dom legs

    Just doing some searches for Mel-Per trip and noticed PY product is saleable now on the Dom legs of QF9/10.I was aware you could do redemptions and points upgrades but don’t recall the PY product saleable on the Dom tags. The fare conditions drop down doesn’t show points or status earned yet.The...
  3. R

    Mel to Europe: Thai Business or Which Premium Economy Airline

    I'm looking to book flights Melbourne - Europe for next September. Thai Airways have cheap Business Class fares on offer at the moment. Questions: 1) I've read bad reports about Thai Business Class seats not being comfortable. Can people confirm this? 2) Are Thai Business Class seats often on...
  4. Mattg

    SQ Premium Economy SIN-LAX/EWR from $1,328 return

    Some super deals on Singapore Airlines Premium Economy on the new non-stop flights from Singapore to Los Angeles and New York! SIN-LAX non-stop for SGD1,328 return; depart from 2-15 November SIN-EWR non-stop for SGD1,428 return; depart 22 October-8 November These fares are comparable to the...
  5. Daver6

    QF 747 Y+ bulkhead seats

    On this version of the 747 SeatGuru Seat Map Qantas Boeing 747-400 (744) Three Class V2 what's the legroom like in the bulkhead seats 36J and K? Any comments from experience or pictures would be greatly appreciated. Is legroom restricted much?
  6. Daver6

    Y fare class for domestic when booking Y+

    When booking say PER to LAX in Y+, the domestic sector is in Y between PER and SYD. Does anyone know what fare class this falls into in terms of SC earn and for upgrades for the domestic sector in Y?
  7. M

    SIA O/W J Milan to Aus ~$2100, Y+ ~$1100

    Singapore Airlines has some sharp one way fares departing Milan in November and December. Fares available to SYD, MEL and BNE. Example MXP to MEL: Y+ $1091 Google Flights J $2075 Google Flights Fare class D 'business saver' Prices to Sydney and Brisbane similar. Some departures from Rome...
  8. ozjuice

    Best Premium Economy seats on 77W

    Can anyone please advise on the best seating for a couple in PE to LAX? I have only been on the pre-fit out 777 and found the bulkhead a little tight. I remember something about this being changed. any updated advice would be great as I need to book ASAP.
  9. N

    How best to use Ascent Premium Points

    I'm turning 40 and been collecting points for a couple of years. I have 370,000 Amex Ascent Premium points, 500,000 Velocity Points and 50,000 Qantas points (a refund from a failed 1st Class Emirates flight after they cancelled flying their A380 from Sydney to Auckland last year)... I'm looking...
  10. F

    AA in Premium Econ MIA > LHR

    Recently, I traveled on this new service, AA56 (upgraded 777), a few points. I was in 16A, which was nice as it's got unlimited leg room. Seat was pretty decent, not hugely roomy width wise though. Recline wasn't great to be honest. The weird bit was placement of the headphones, at the back of...
  11. huwcar

    Making the most of MEL-TLV trip in Premium Economy

    Hi all, Long time since I have posted here. Not even much of a lurker these days! In 6 months ago did MEL-TLV return on Cathay (outbound in premium economy, return in business) but I fear that I didn't maximise potential points and status benefits as I simply credited to my Qantas FF account...
  12. NSun

    Qantas to scrap Premium Economy to HKG from April 2019 [only A330 scheduled]

    I was searching SYD-HKG flights next year and I noticed from April the flights QF127/128 and QF 117/118 were both A330 flights. I rang the QF Call desk and they confirmed this was correct and not just a system glitch. Obviously this will mean the 747 is being removed on this route - yet it will...
  13. juddles

    How I survived the slums of Premium Economy

    Not sure in what forum to post this, but that is what mods get paid so highly to decide..... Have had a few fantastic years flying up the pointy end - mainly QF, but always sth america to Australia, on some route. Am on a sabbatical this year, so no income and trying to economize. Yesterday...
  14. PineappleSkip

    Emirates announces premium economy from 2020

    Just received this one Emirates airline to launch premium economy in 2020, says Clark Emirates' Tim Clark comment "The aeroplanes that we ordered, the latest A380s - the first six of which come in 2020 – we will be installing premium economy in those, and it will be an Emirates premium economy...
  15. futaris


    Airfare of the Day: China Airlines PREMIUM ECONOMY CLASS Sydney (SYD), Australia to Rome (FCO), Italy/Amsterdam (AMS), Netherlands/Vienna (VIE), Austria/Frankfurt (FRA), Germany/London (LGW), United Kingdom from 1125 €/$1345/A$1783 Round Trip
  16. Mattg

    Velocity gold status upgrade with premium economy booking

    Did anyone else receive this offer from Velocity? Free pilot gold Velocity membership for booking 2 return Premium Economy flights to Los Angeles on Virgin Australia. T&Cs below. I assume it is targeted as I can't find any information about this online.
  17. M

    Let's talk about Economy X

    Hi there, Long time reader, first time poster! I apologise if this has been brought up in another thread but I can't seem to find anyone talking about it... So once upon a time about February last year Virgin introduced something called Economy X, which gives row 3-5 extra legroom AND priority...
  18. E

    Tokyo from $1526 return flying Qantas Premium Economy

    Destinations: Tokyo Airline: Qantas Departure Dates: 12-25 June 2018, 18 July to 18 September 2018 and 10 October to 28 November 2018 Valid Till: On sale till sold out Sydney – $1526 Melbourne – $1558 Brisbane – $1567 Adelaide – $1571 Canberra – $1597 Frequent Flyer: Qantas Frequent...
  19. J

    Economy X

    Hi guys So have a trip booked with the fam to Fiji in Jan. Wondeirng whether I should burn some points upgrading to Economy X (7400/person). I know it used to be the case that seats in row 3 opened up to anyone just prior to travel. I imagine with you now having to pay for economy X that this...
  20. J

    Opinions: QF A380 row 32 (Y) vs Y+

    Hi all, I'm currently booked with my wife and two kids from MEL-SIN in Y. It's a daytime flight and we have 4 seats together in Row 32, which I understand are among the best Y seats on the plane. I booked using points during the recent promotion that offered 50% of Y awards. I'm still happy...