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premium economy

For more information about Premium Economy, see our Premium Economy Tips and Tricks articles.
  1. T

    Prem Econ - SIN-SYD/BNE - BA 15 vs QF 52

    Hi guys, new to the forum, so be nice! Very quick one from people who have travelled on both BA's 777 and QF's 747 prem econ product from SIN to either SYD/BNE. Pros & Cons? I've had the good fortune to check out the BA 777 prem econ product from a cabin perspective, but never experienced the...
  2. R

    Premium Economy VA Melbourne to Nadi

    Stupid question probably. Read the info online, but just checking: flying premium economy from Melbourne to Nadi on VA. Am I correct that even as a Platinum member I won't have access to the lounge? Since "Pacific Islands" are excluded from lounge access? It is a VA flight number; I just assumed...
  3. D

    Strange Discovery on a Premium Economy Return Flight booking

    Just booked in Y+ to fly out to Singapore from Sydney later this month. The only return flight from Singapore to Sydney was via brisbane. My Brisbane to Sydney leg is on a 747, I'm guessing the one that stops in BNE on the way back from Dallas Fort Worth and does actually have Premium Economy...
  4. R

    QF International premium economy

    Hello! Recently used Qantas premium economy QF63/QF64. I considered the cabin class a reasonable substitute for business. I managed to get quality sleep both ways. Quiet cabin and good wine. 36J, 36K provide extra room but can be a bit noisy as next to galley. No problems with 38K and J. Only...
  5. R

    "best" carrier between SYD and LAX - Premium Economy

    Hi, looking for best carrier between SYD and LAX, Premium Economy. Any experiences? First choice at the moment is AIR NZ (skybed). Has anyone taken Fiji Air, Economy? Cheers
  6. B

    QF5 and QF6 lose 747 and premium economy class

    I was checking my upcoming bookings and noticed that my up coming flight to Singapore from Sydney was cancelled QF5. Instead domestic economy to BNE and PE to SIN on QF52. No calls or notification, so I called CS. Was informed that Qantas was taking the 747 off that route and replacing it with...
  7. smckay

    QF001 Premium Economy seat advice

    We're on this flight next week and currently installed in row 28 (last row of config 2) there and back. Can anyone advise if these are good seats or should I see if the front exit row seats come free and grab them? Balancing between being at the back and no chair grabber/kicker/tray whinger...
  8. D

    Upgrade Request to Premium Economy disappeared

    Hi, I am flying from PER - SYD - LAX -YVR tomorrow. A few weeks ago we submitted an Upgrade Request using QFF Points from Economy to Premium Economy for our SYD-LAX and LAX-SYD legs of the trip. The request was noted on our booking last night however now that we are within 24 hours of our...
  9. W

    QF cheap Premium Economy to HK $1398 return

    just got their email now. this is a great price from Melb. It was around the $1900 mark
  10. T

    35K premium economy on QF 744

    HI Guys, does anyone know if the Premium Economy seat, 35K, on the 747-400 that is doing the SYD-SIN QF5 run tomorrow, has reduced legroom? It is behind a bulkhead. its available and I might move to it from 33a if the legroom is good. I like the idea of it being a little easier to get in and...
  11. G

    Lounge access for Premium Economy

    We are travelling AKL BNE (VA) LAX MCO (VA on DL) MCO LAX (VA on VX) BNE AKL(VA). We booked premium economy seats, then found that the US domestic flights are only economy, and now find that we can only access NZ Koru lounge for the trans tansman flights. No lounge access in BNE prior...
  12. seritonin

    Premium Economy row 10 and 11 seating blocked

    I have just redeem 2 X PE seats with Virgin MEL-LAX next year. I can't seem to select row 10 or 11 for seats. Are these seats reserved for Platinum/Gold/commercial tickets passengers? (I'm only Silver). Anyone has insights?
  13. S

    Qantas premium economy routes.

    I have googled and checked the Qantas site, but have been unable to find a list of which destinations have PE as an option, does anyone know where I can find such a list or maybe know a link. Thanks
  14. S

    Premium economy Auckland to Vancouver Air NZ

    Our family wanting to fly air nz to Vancouver in Jan - thinking if upgrading to premium economy from Auckland to Vancouver. Should we fly direct on 777-200 and get "old" product - or go via LAX to experience newer premium economy product on 777-300?? Obviously takes longer if we go via LAX and...
  15. P

    SC & points for Airnz Premium Economy

    Hi all, Planning a trip to the States, and looking at the best connection times, airnz definitely has the best offering considering total flight time with connections 27hrs vs. 37 and 48 with a VA flight Wlg to msy. Want to book PE but airnz site is showing the fare as a global saver - will I...
  16. pmdg7444

    Virgin Australia International Long Haul Premium Economy (hint A54/A55)

    Welcome to my second TR on AFF! Intro I'm sure there are some of you who have booked A54/A55 and are yet to commence their journeys............and seeing that there's a previous thread on A47, I thought: why not do the same? If you have access to the spreadsheet- u know what this is about...
  17. eckorock

    Food in Premium Economy (International Long Haul)

    Hey fellas, anybody flown VA Prem.Economy , what's the food like? Is it identical meals to Economy or do you get some kind of a-la-carte choices like in Business? If you have special meal requirements (e.g. kosher, vegetarian) do you advise them before the flight and how soon before? cheers!
  18. Q

    QF premium economy question

    Hi All Really quick question, my grandmother (74yo) is looking at upgrading an economy ticket to premium economy or business for a long haul flight SCL-SYD. She is interested in the leg support to help her deal with the travel. Does the premium economy foot rest rise to the horizontal or does...
  19. J

    JAL treats Premium Economy as an Economy Fare

    Close friend of mine and her son booked Premium Economy Canberra to Sapporo with Sydney to Narita JHL772 ticketed as Premium Economy. JAL has reconfigured their aircraft for the flight , rebooked my two friends into Economy with no offer of a refund or anything else, and seated them 20 rows...
  20. S

    Front seats Cathay Pacific Premium Economy Not Available

    I have four long haul flights in September in PE on CP. I bought the flights last November during the Early Bird Sale. Seat selection is 6 months prior to flight. So I logged on 6 months prior to flight to choose seats hoping to get the front row seats with the leg rests. On all four flights I...