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  1. A

    Free 2x QF Lounge Passes

    I have 2x Qantas General Lounge Passes EXP: 07/04 for anyone who can use them.
  2. J

    Free 2 x QF Lounge Passes Exp 21/3

    Hi all, Some more passes (2) for those who missed out on all the others on offer. Exp 21/3/21. Thanks.
  3. A

    EXCHANGE: 2 x Qantas General Lounge passes (exp 22/3/21)

    Hi all, I have 2 x Qantas General Lounge passes that are expiring on 22 March 2021 - just over one week before we're booked to fly on 31 March. 😞 So wondering if anyone is flying soon and would be happy to exchange my passes for 2 expiring 31/3 or later?
  4. T

    Free [GONE] 1 x Qantas General Lounge Passes EXP: 21/03

    Free to a good home, 1 per person. Tell me how you can use them in the next two weeks :)
  5. M

    Qantas Airport lounge invitation

    I put this up today and they went quick. However, the guy who wanted the 20th March 2021 couldn't end up using them. Plus I have a third one for 10 April that I can't use. Just send through Qantas member number and surname. Also post here that you want them so people know that they are taken.
  6. M

    **GONE** 6 x Lounge invitations expire between 20 March to 22 April

    Let me know if you need them.
  7. D

    2 x QF lounge passes EXP 22/3

    Hi All, As above - 2 x qf lounge passes free to a good home... PM QFF numbers and surnames and they are yours... Cheers
  8. scoobs214

    Using QF lounge pass when BA flyer number in booking?

    Hey guys, could I please have some help. Currently credit all QF bookings to BAEC but wanna link a QF lounge pass to my booking and can't due to BA fflyer number. Tried to change to QF fflyer number temporarily to link lounge pass but won't let me in manage booking. Is this possible to do and if...
  9. S

    Virgin Lounge upgrade thread

    Thought keep all rolling updates in one spot, with the statement that Virgin will convert all lounges to the new livery. I have not flown and stepped inside a airport since December of 2019! I’m not sure what lounges are currently in the progress of conversion to the new livery. Adelaide ✅...
  10. M

    Free [ Gone] 2 x QF General Lounge Passes Exp. 20/3/21

    Free to anyone with over 20 posts
  11. C

    Amex Plat Charge Priority Pass in AU

    Have all the Australian Priority Pass member lounges, inc REX etc disappeared?
  12. vetrade

    Free [Gone] 2 x QF General Lounge Passes Exp. 21/3/21

    Free to anyone with over 20 posts
  13. wendlle

    Virgin Lounge Pass Question

    I am currently have Gold status with Velocity. I have two Lounge Passes in my account from when I was silver, they expire on July 2021. My Status is going to be reviewed in August and there is no way I can maintain Gold without International travel which is a huge shame. I have never had...
  14. A

    Qantas Lounge Invitation Error

    Is anyone else getting an error message when trying to access their complimentary lounge invitations?
  15. J

    Free (GONE) 3x QP Lounge passes (Expire 27/28 Mar)

    Hi all - I have 3 x QP lounge passes (1 x 27 Mar exp, 2 x 28 Mar exp) to give away. First person/people to message below can have them.
  16. L

    Qantas Lounge Invitations - Access with Infant?

    Hi Everyone My wife and I are travelling from SYD-ADL soon and taking our 10 month old with us. We have a fair few complimentary lounge invites we wouldn't mind burning on this trip but wanted to get opinions on the wording of T&Cs on Qantas' website. The lounge invites say you cannot have...
  17. R

    Qantas Lounge Pass Portal Not Working?

    Is it just me or is the QANTAS Lounge Pass Portal Complimentary Lounge Invitations | Qantas not working? For the past few days I always get "Something went wrong. Please try again later." I want to check if a couple of passes have come through.
  18. Stevo.1702

    Question - Lounge access prior to international connection

    Hi all, I am flying SQ out of Melbourne to Singapore at the end of the month. I understand there are no international lounges operating, and that VA has temporarily removed the ability to visit lounges on arrival. Will I be able to access the Dom VA lounge in Melbourne after arriving from...
  19. FrequentishFlyer

    Free GONE 4x Qantas Lounge Passes (2x May, 2x December)

    Free to a good home
  20. kookaburra75

    Free (Gone) Two Qantas Lounge Passes - expire 20 March 2021

    Two Electronic Qantas Passes available for free, to a good home - expire on 20 Mar 2021. First in, best dressed