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  1. S

    LATAM SCL Lounge access with QF28

    So I'm booked J on QF28 which grants access to the LATAM lounge. Check in for QF28 opens at 10:30 for a 13:30 departure. Issue is that I am planning to arrive on an overnight flight from Lima getting in at around 4am. Is there any way to get to the lounge to rest before checking in to the...
  2. K

    Al Safwa First Class Lounge - Arrival access

    Hi guys, I have a flight from Perth to Doha in QR First and then onwards from Doha to London in QR Business. I heard that if you arrived on a long haul First class flight you will be granted entry to the Al Safwa First Class Lounge despite not having an onward First Class flight. I looked at...
  3. R

    Free 1 x QF Digital Lounge Pass (Exp 17 Feb 2020) GONE

    I have 1 QF lounge pass expiring soon (17 Feb) that I won't be using.
  4. K

    Another Celeb denied access to Qantas Lounge [Dress code]

    Eva Marie denied access to Qantas Business Lounge, seems she is wearing trackies. Same stuff I wear into Qantas lounge when flying international. Is there more to ok this or lounge dragon antics ...
  5. R

    Emirates MEL lounge access [PAX: 3 J, 2 Y, no status]

    Hi all, we are flying Emirates J Mel-Dxb. 3 of us ticketed by Qantas flying on Emirates metal. We also have two other family members travelling in economy. We don't have status with Qantas or Emirates. Is there any way we can guest these two additional family members in? Only other option for us...
  6. O

    Lounge Access Oneworld Syd & Singapore

    Hi Team :).. Long time reader first time poster. I was seeking some advice on a up coming trip that I have booked (Qantas web chat appear to be useless). I have booked ticket with Qantas Syd (QF81) I Class to Singapore and I have a connecting flight to Ho Chi Min with Jetstar Asia (QF515) O...
  7. H

    Lounge Access SFO -FJ flight

    Hi all. Have a booking with Qantas (points booking) on FJ871 SFO-NAD in J (no status) Are we eligible for lounge access - an if so which lounge? We have friends travelling on the same flight in paid economy (no status) - can we guest them in to the lounge with us?? Thank you
  8. B

    Platinum - LHR <> US on VS/DL Partnership

    I'm just wanting to know if anyone has had experience flying between LHR and the US on Delta/Virgin Atlantic. I'm wondering if you are flying on a Virgin codeshare with a Delta flight, would you get access to the LHR Lounge? Also, if you are on a Delta flight from LHR (with a DL ticket), would...
  9. ScottM

    American Airlines: Entering AA FF number on booking & accessing lounge with QANTAS card

    G'day, I have QF Lifetime Gold status. I was wondering if it is possible when flying in the US to book (paying) a flight and enter my AA frequent flyer number to accrue miles with AA but then use my QF Lifetime Gold FF card to access the Admirals Club? i.e. My ticket would say I was AAdvantage...
  10. C

    Etihad Lounge in KL

    I've had a hunt around online, and can't seem to find anything on the Etihad website or elsewhere from the last few years relating to which lounge I may be able to access as a Velocity Platinum departing KL with Etihad in a couple of months time. Can anyone confirm which one it (if any) it is...
  11. K

    Free Complimentary lounge invitation - 20 Jan 2020 expiry [Now taken]

    Please private message me if you want this.
  12. L

    Qantas International Business Class Lounge vs The House

    Hoping to get some views from people, i am flying to London on Qantas in about two weeks and I have both lounge passes for the Qantas International Business Class Lounge and also the The House as well. Do people have a view on which would be better?
  13. F

    QF brand new F lounge in SIN - quick review

    Monday night had a transit in SIN T1 and had the chance of trying the newish opened QF F lounge. Here is a quick review, sorry no photos as that night there were a lot of families and children around. - service staff by Sofitel - mostly local Singaporeans - and they know what they are doing ...
  14. T

    Sydney Hilton temporary lounge closure January 2020.

    The Sydney Lounge will be closed for approximately a month from Monday January 13th for renovations of the rooms on the same level, the 36th floor. A temporary lounge will be located on the 4th floor. Apparently the minimal change to the lounge will include a new coffee machine. The current...
  15. A

    Can I access a Qantas operated lounge in HK with two kids as a WP if I am flying on Cathay

    Hi all I am a Qantas WP travelling on Cathay from HK to Sydney with my two teenage (<18 kids). I can’t access the Cathay lounges with both kids because Cathay only allows one guest (kids included). However the Qantas information is less clear. The policy is that kids don’t count as guests in...
  16. sevenfourtyseven

    FREE - 1x QF Digital Lounge Pass (Expires Sunday 12 January 2020) [GONE]

    Hello, 1x QF lounge pass available. Note that it expires this Sunday - 12 January 2020. First to PM. Kind regards
  17. F

    Business Class lounge access on arrival

    I am flying long haul Business class Qatar airlines KL - Doha - Athens arriving 12:25 am (1 April) I then have a domestic flight from Athens departing 12:30pm the same day. can I access Qatar or One World Business Lounge whenI arrive in Athens? ( Qatar has changed the scheduling of their...
  18. S

    SASCO Le Saigonnais Lounge - Ho Chi Minh

    Hi All, Has anyone had any luck in using this lounge in Ho Chi Minh with VA platinum status? Its not a SIA Lounge but our previous Silk Air connecting to Singapore Airlines out of Malaysia gave us lounge access. Travelling with two grumpy children mean its a bonus if we can access it. Thanks
  19. Z

    Hong Kong Lounge Crawl

    Hi - I am flying Business with Cathay and I might have plenty of times to kill, so question: can I visit Cathay lounges one after another or is there a limit ?
  20. P

    First Class Lounge Invite

    HI, Hope this is in the right place so someone can see and use this.... My husband has a P1digital lounge invite, which we intended to use for our daughter on Jan 10th 2020 However, just went to link her booking, but it expires on Jan 5th 2020 arrhhhh !! Therefore, I know its very short...