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  1. Lat34

    Free (GONE) 2x Qantas lounge invitations expiry Mar 22 2021

    Two complimentary Qantas lounge passes on offer if anyone can use them... first in best dressed!
  2. wendlle

    Fast Track & Lounge Questions

    I usually fly with Virgin. I applied for the Qantas Fast Track as I have Velocity Gold. I only just sent my details to them but noticed I can call a number if I have a flight in the next 10 days, which I do. I have a flight on Feb 11 and 12 with Qantas. My Questions are. I have points to use...
  3. D

    Lounge access passes - website glitch

    Hi all, Has anyone had any luck checking out their lounge passes online... I've just been getting errors for a week or so. Maybe wondering if somehow points club plus is playing with it ? Any ideas on how to contact to resolve - dont feel like sitting on phone for hours - but chats offline and...
  4. A

    Melbourne Virgin Lounge using old "The Club" Space - Overcrowded!

    Had the misfortune to spend a couple of hours in the Melbourne Virgin lounge yesterday. It is a temporary lounge and was so very disappointing. Table service only. Order via a QR code and have to go through the laborious QR system of ordering every time you want anything. So I tried ordering...
  5. R

    No wine in OOL Virgin lounge

    My poor mother flew Virgin business class from OOL to MEL today. She was in the lounge this afternoon and said there was no wine. I thought this was strange and checked whether she asked the staff for some and she did and they said they didn’t have any. I noticed the AFF review of the BNE lounge...
  6. F

    Brisbane Lounge (Domestic)

    Could somebody confirm for me please whether it is now again possible to enter Brisbane Lounge directly from outside and check in there (with only hand luggage), or whether I will need to go through regular check in, security, etc and enter from airside? Thanks!
  7. C

    Using Qantas Business lounge if you have One World Emerald status

    Hi All, Does anyone know if I am a one world emerald status (Platinum on Qatar) - but Gold on Qantas, can I use the Sydney domestic business lounge? I've booked the flight via Qantas (Syd-Mel) so my one-world will not be on the boarding pass, but I do have my Qantas digital card to show...
  8. B

    ANZ Black: Can I request Complimentary Qantas Lounge Passes and then cancel the card?

    Hi all, I have just received the bonus points for my recently acquired ANZ Black card. I note the card also comes with two complimentary Qantas lounge passes. Can I request these, have them added to my account, and then cancel my card and still retain them? If so, how? Thanks, Brad
  9. T

    The new Virgin lounge in Adelaide [opened 23 Feb 2021]

    it says early 2021 I’m flying on Thursday assuming it’s not gonna be open then?
  10. JessicaTam

    [Cancelled] SIN lounge crawl 25 September 2021

    As we all know the 2020 Asian lounge crawl had to be abandoned before it even began. As I write there is hope of a vaccine sooner rather than later, and QF are taking bookings for later in the year. In an effort to find a public holiday later in the year the weekend of Victoria's football day...
  11. P

    Digital lounge pass expiry notified?

    Does Qantas notify you of expiring digital lounge passes? Looking on the QFF I thought I had 4 passes but now only shows 2......I cannot see anywhere that the other two may have expired recently? Is contacting QFF and seeing if they have any more info (history) an option or a waste off time?
  12. P

    Priority Pass Australia phone number?

    Sorry if this is a double post MOD but does anyone have priority pass Australian phone number to contact them? Card and app overseas numbers only???? I seem to have priority pass with 2 years expiry date compared to other pass that expires yearly? Does the 2 yearly expiry have a yearly fee or...
  13. SydneySara

    VA SYD lounge experience - pandemic / Bain era

    Despite being attached to QF FF like a barnacle, I took advantage of the VA status match to Gold. I’m in the lounge awaiting a flight to BNK. What’s 10 QF SCs between friends...? Takeaways: -The food selection doesn’t rival a regional motel breakfast spread. - Options are bowls of pre...
  14. O

    opening times Qantas Lounge Hobart for Jetstar flights

    Hi, My daughter and partner are travelling Hobart to Brisbane next week on JetStar. I want to use 2 lounge vouchers for them, but I just wonder if they are worthwhile. Sure, it is only a regional lounge, but they are facing a long time on Jetstar. The trouble is that the lounge only opens 1...
  15. P

    Travelling with Qantas on Christmas eve.

    Hours Domestic Qantas Club – The lounge is open one hour prior to the first Qantas service until the last Qantas departure. Qantas for Christmas for its loyal customers, please. Travelling from Perth to Canberra via Brisbane on 24/12/20. Sitting at Brisbane business lounge waiting for 19.00...
  16. S

    Free x2 Qantas lounge passes

    -Update - all taken now! :) Hi all, very happy to gift x2 qf lounge passes to anyone who needs it in the holiday period. feel free to PM and they are all yours! cheers, S
  17. G

    Unable to access QP at OOL [Closed April 2021 for Renovations]

    Currently at Coolangatta Airport about to fly QF J to Melbourne. Went to access Qantas lounge prior to departure only to be told we can’t gain access because the door won’t open!! I understand some things are beyond anyone’s control, but seriously in this day and age, they can’t open the door...
  18. D

    QF Platinum Denied Lounge on Arrival with Qantas Sydney Airport

    QF Platinum FF. I travelled from Brisbane to Sydney yesterday. We arrived at the lounge and were greeted by the staff who advised " Platinum Frequent Flyer access to lounge on arrival is " at their discretion due to the pandemic". We questioned if this is qantas policy and have they received...
  19. Duck

    Virgin no access to Sydney lounge

    At Sydney airport and have been denied Virgin Lounge access with the ANZ complimentary pass. Very disappointed considering there is hardly anyone here and they are trying to relaunch the airline. Passes expire soon. Called ANZ and they said they have had many people today advise them of this...
  20. Lynnelanne

    Back to the air, back to the lounge? (QC Melb)

    Hi all I am a silver & Club type. Tomorrow flying from MEL to PER for first time since COVID. Online seems to indicate Biz lounge is open, but sadly I am flying economy. Seems that I can access Biz lounge "depending on numbers". Anyone got any experience with this? Numbers were bad before...