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  1. P

    EK Lounge Access

    Hi All, Who knows what the world will be like by December, but on the assumption things are open and flowing relatively easily (hopefully). What is the current state of play for people booked into first class via QFF points and the ability of accessing the first class lounge in DXB? Cheers
  2. T

    Lounge Access - Hobart

    I have an upcoming flight from Hobart. The ticket is business class but I do not hold any OneWorld status nor do I have a Qantas Club membership. Reading the QF website I believe it is telling me the lounge in Hobart is a Qantas Club and my circumstances will not allow entry. I am a total...
  3. M

    Free - 2x Qantas Lounge Passes - expire 21st March!

    Completely forgot about some Qantas lounge passes on my account. Expiry is tomorrow - 21st March 2021. First to PM can have them.
  4. S

    Free [GONE] 1 x Qantas digital lounge pass (7 Apr 21 expiry)

    Another lounge pass on offer due to me being stuck on the NZ side of the ditch :-( First in first served - usual conditions, surname and QFF number via PM.
  5. A

    Free ** GONE ** 2 x QANTAS lounge passes - expiring on 7 April 2021

    ** PASSES ARE GONE ** Hello all, I have 2 x Qantas lounge passes available to anyone who wants them. Expiry is 7 April 2021. I picked these up on the forum myself in the hope that I could use them ex Melbourne but it turns out it won't be possible as the Qantas Club is (still) closed...
  6. B

    Rex lounge - Melbourne

    Does anyone know when the Rex lounge at Melbourne airport will reopen to Priority Pass card holders ? I was turned away from the lounge this morning despite the App. saying that the lounge reopens today - the 17th a March.
  7. C

    Free 4 x Qantas General Lounge Passes - Expiry 21 March and 4 May

    I have 4 Qantas Lounge passes that I'm unlikely to use, 2 expiring March 21st and 2 expiring May 4th. I'll need your QFF member number and surname in a PM to transfer these to you.
  8. Jamesaurus

    Qantas lounge pass, but Canberra lounge closed?

    I have linked my QF single use lounge invite to an upcoming Canberra flight, but have read that the Qantas club there is closed :( Unsure if anyone has had recent experience with this; Will they let me into the domestic business lounge instead? (or is it just going to be a wasted pass)
  9. Matt_01

    Free 'Free Stuff' P1 lounge passes x2 - expire 3 Apr

    Given away yesterday and back today, turns out they are being accepted for domestic J lounges (not sure if this is a change) also it would seem that they cannot be linked to a booking in which the QP is not open and it is just the J lounge e.g. MEL. As they could not be used by the previous...
  10. S

    Linking complimentary lounge invitation to QF flight (Melb)

    Hi everyone, I was kindly transferred a lounge invitation, which I am trying to link to my Qantas flight which departs Thursday from Melbourne Tullamarine. I am following the quick guide on the Qantas website, but underneath the invitations part there is no option to link the invitation with my...
  11. Dr Ralph

    Free [Gone] 2 x QF General lounge passes. Expires March 21.

    I have 2 x Qantas Lounge passes that are due to expire on March 21. If you have at least 50 AFF posts and can use 1 or 2 then they are yours. I'll need your QFF member number and surname in a PM to transfer these to you.
  12. Mort

    Free 2 x Qantas General Lounge Passes - expiring on 22nd March

    Hi All, I was having a browse and noticed a few lounge pass posts, promoted me to check my passes and what do you know I have a couple expiring shortly. I have 2 x Qantas General Lounge passes which expire 22nd March, give us a shout if you think you could use 1 or both. Cheers
  13. Matt_01

    Free ** GONE ** 'Free Stuff' P1 lounge passes x2 - expire 3 Apr

    Originally given to another member however as they could not be used they have been returned. They expire on 3 Apr 21, I have spoken with QF and have been advised they will not be extended. Unfortunately the F lounges are not open but they can be used at the domestic J lounges and QF pubs. If...
  14. A

    Free ** GONE ** 2 x Qantas General Lounge passes - expire 22 March

    Hi all, I have 2 x QF General lounge passes expiring on 22 March 2021 available to anyone who can use them - preference to members with more than 20 posts. Cheers
  15. A

    Free 2x QF Lounge Passes

    I have 2x Qantas General Lounge Passes EXP: 07/04 for anyone who can use them.
  16. J

    Free 2 x QF Lounge Passes Exp 21/3

    Hi all, Some more passes (2) for those who missed out on all the others on offer. Exp 21/3/21. Thanks.
  17. A

    EXCHANGE: 2 x Qantas General Lounge passes (exp 22/3/21)

    Hi all, I have 2 x Qantas General Lounge passes that are expiring on 22 March 2021 - just over one week before we're booked to fly on 31 March. 😞 So wondering if anyone is flying soon and would be happy to exchange my passes for 2 expiring 31/3 or later?
  18. T

    Free [GONE] 1 x Qantas General Lounge Passes EXP: 21/03

    Free to a good home, 1 per person. Tell me how you can use them in the next two weeks :)
  19. M

    Qantas Airport lounge invitation

    I put this up today and they went quick. However, the guy who wanted the 20th March 2021 couldn't end up using them. Plus I have a third one for 10 April that I can't use. Just send through Qantas member number and surname. Also post here that you want them so people know that they are taken.
  20. M

    **GONE** 6 x Lounge invitations expire between 20 March to 22 April

    Let me know if you need them.