MEL Mid Winter Bash - OT 14 July 2023

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Oct 31, 2010
Thread title pretty well sums it up - long overdue for another get together so July 14 at OT it will be.

Now in choosing that date I did consult far and wide - Moi = far and whughes3 = wide - both available so 'twas a Monty 👍

Yeah yeah I know the date won’t suit some - sorry but cannot help that - we will play it again Sam in August also so that date might suit those who cannot make July 14.

Usual conditions apply - bring a bottle of quality red to share (Pinot my cough) - bring cash to pay your share of food, corkage and tip - bill will be paid by whoever is prepared to put their hand up and score the points - I am happy to do so but if anybody else wants in it’s theirs.

Just post your intentions to join or not join please - final numbers MUST be confirmed no later than 5pm Wed July 12 - go forth and multiply good peeps 👍👍👍
I'll need to give this one a miss due to trackworks (well, Glenhunly station is a hole in the ground). Later August an option.
For the past few years I have always managed to find a reason to stay a little longer in MEL or found a reason to get to get to MEL to attend the OT dinners. Put me down as working on it.
Well that was just the shortest working on it I have encountered. After posting above I asked MrsM are we doing anything on 14 July and the answer was "Yes, I told you weeks ago we have a family function on that day and asked you to check your travel plans so you will be here' or words to that effect. I guess that counts me out.
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