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Jetstar suuuuuucks.... why don’t I learn???


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Jul 6, 2004
Must admit I haven't had a bad flight in JQ "business" (to HKT, SIN), especially since the catering was upgraded (eg, to free flowing wine). Good value in my opinion.


Feb 2, 2012
Has anyone had any experience with cancelled Jetstar flights when they are a QF award booking? I.e. would QF help you at all if Jetstar mess up your plans?
Yes - it's happened to me twice & it's infuriating! Jetstar sends a text to advise your flights has been cancelled with a link for rebooking options. This doesn't work though if you've booked using QF points. So you have to call Qantas call centre to get onto another flight.
This happened to me last Sunday Feb 8. Flight home to Sydney from OOL was cancelled. Jetstar rebooking online wouldn't work & chat session said they couldn't help. Called Qantas right away, message said wait time was 28 minutes so i left my number for call back. While waiting had to rebook hotel for another night as it was 10am. Finally got call back from Qantas after 3 hours & they initially disputed that the Jetstar flight was cancelled. On contacting Jetstar they confirmed flight was cancelled & next available was Tuesday morning. They would not transfer me to a Qantas flight or to a flight from Brisbane on either carrier for Monday.
So totally unhelpful - you are stuck in limbo. The JQ people would have taken all available seats way before Qantas got back to me. I won't be travelling Jetstar again if I can help it - and definitely not using QF points.
Flight home 6am Tuesday morning was also delayed - due to weather they said - but Virgin flight leaving at the same time left as scheduled. I really think Jetstar does anything to save money.
Jun 7, 2013
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...Took them to MEL for a wedding and got the last flight home to BNE on a sunday night. That flight was cancelled so they put me up in a hotel in morrabbin (with bus transfers) and gave me $50 in hotel credit for food....
Hotel in Moorabbin?

Other side of town. Was every other hotel in same price bracket booked out due to a special event like the AFL Grand Final?

Seems an odd suburb, at least 35km from the airport.

Bundy Bear

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Jul 17, 2004
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Jetstar is you get what you pay for.
If you can fly another airline then do it, although I did fly Brisbane to Darwin on Jetstar with a 30 minute delay.

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