HKG lounge crawl 9 June 2024 (the annual Asian lounge crawl)


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Mar 12, 2016
During the SIN Lounge Crawl 11 June 2023 JessicaTam posted she will not be organising the 2024 crawl as She has decided to go on a road trip :rolleyes: Jess I trust you will get the priorities back in order for 2025 ;)😆

So as not to break with tradition there will be a 2024 Asian lounge crawl to be held in Hong Kong (HKG). The in-town check-in has reopened so we should be able to make a good day of it.

The last crawl in HKG was in 2018 and it was a well-attended, I have not yet checked which lounges are currently open (the crawl is still 10 months away) and suspect there should be 5 CX lounges, QF and a few others that can be accessed via Priority Pass and other providers.

If you have not joined a previous Crawl it is important that you book a flight on a One World carrier to join in on the fun. Also don't worry if you don't have status, there are usually enough Platinum’s around to guest in others.

Here are the previous lounge crawls:

SIN lounge crawl 24 Aug 2013
HKG lounge crawl 8 June 2014
KUL SIN lounge crawl 7 June 2015
HKG lounge crawl 12 June 2016
NRT lounge crawl 11 June 2017
HKG lounge crawl 10 June 2018
KUL-SIN lounge crawl 9 June 2019
SIN lounge crawl 12 June 2022
SIN Lounge Crawl 11 June 2023

Also I may need some help from the Mods as I don’t think I will be able to update the interested/ confirmed attendance post 24 hours see Post 2. Jess we are devastated you will not be attending.

Finally to reuse a phrase from a previous crawl 'what could possibly go wrong' ;)😆😆
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Platinum (I will be there)

Gold (I'm a maybe)

Silver (Still thinking)
@craven morehead what does it take to bump you up a notch ;)

Bronze (Not attending but had to leave a comment)

WhoStatusHKG arrival Flight/Time/DateHKG departure flight/timeSat. Night Accommodation (if applicable)
@Matt_01QFETBAQF30 - 20:00TBA
@RooFlyerQFECI607 00:15 on SundayQF128 - 19:30Regal Airport Hotel, Check Lap Kok
@serftyQFESQ898 22:45 FridayCX101 - 23:55Novotel Citygate, Tung Chung
@BindibuysQFEQF30 - 20:00
@MattgQFEQF127 FridayCX408 - 22:50
@WilsonMQFECX906 FridayCX408 - 22:50
@ScenicbumblebeeQFR/QCQF29 FridayQF30 - 20:00Novotel Citygate, Tung Chung
@Larko1QFEQF29 ThursdayQF30 - 20:00The Silveri, Tung Chung
@jswongTuesdayQF30 - 20:00Novotel Citygate, Tung Chung
@DejaBrewQFEQF29 SaturdayQF30 - 20:00Novotel Citygate, Tung Chung
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All CX lounges have reopened as of 2 wks ago. So unless they decide to refurb something, those plus QF later on in the day are in play.
Please add me as Gold.
I think my last AFF lounge crawl was in HGK.
Unfortunately there don’t appear to be any J awards available so I may have to return home via another country
Just some food for planning thought. The Plaza Premium First lounge at HKG is AWFUL... Especially if there is an EK A380 leaving anytime around your visit.
Interested but not sure it will be feasible as we'll be going to Thailand a few weeks later for June school holidays.
What sort of flights would you recommend looking at out of Hong Kong? What time do the festivities normally start and finish, and early can one check-in (or is it best to be in transit)?
@CaptainCurtis Your 2 questions can have many answers, I will start with the second first. For the crawls I have been on most tend to get to the airport late morning for a lunchtime start however some arrive earlier and some join the party later. The in town check-in has reopened so you can basically check in in the morning get your boarding pass and catch the train to HKG. If you are transiting as long as you have your onward boarding pass you should be able to just go through transit security and re-enter the terminal. If you have luggage I would suggest checking the interlining arrangements, I am normally a HLO type so I rarely worry about this.

As for your first question, for these crawls you need to book a OW flight number on a OW carrier. The departure time is dependent on your next destination. During this years crawl in SIN I recall @jswong and myself were the first to leave as we were on QF2. During the 2018 and 2019 crawls there were others who left before and later as they were heading to different places. I would suggest any flight from late afternoon onwards would work. My flight out is at 20:00.
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Won’t be attending but I did note recently a new CX lounge opened (or is opening soon) at Shekou port in Shenzhen, from where one can catch a ferry to HKG. It may make for an interesting diversion (or may be too much of a PITA). Anyway, thought I’d mention it.
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