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Shopback have 18% Cashback ($20 Cap) at BWS today (excl. Champagne, Penfolds).

These Cashback deals have been a bit rare lately, and the BWS clearance pages have gotten a bit useless at showing what's available, so I've put together a bit of a roundup of clearance stock that might be worth looking at:

Chris Ringland Reservation Shiraz 2018$60.00$30.0050%$30.00Albert Street (1)
Pierro Ltc Semillon Sauvignon Blanc 2021$49.00$24.5050%$24.50Montague Markets West End (5)
Parker Coonawarra Estate Terra Rossa Cabernet Sauvignon 2019$40.00$20.0050%$20.00Petrie Terrace - The Barracks (3)
Hardys Hrb Chardonnay 2021$39.00$19.5050%$19.50Alderley Barn (2)
Chris Ringland Reservation Shiraz 2018$60.00$42.0030%$18.00Merthyr Road (3)
Blue Pyrenees Vintage Brut 2020$35.00$17.6550%$17.35George Street South (4)
Serafino Orenji Project Mclaren Vale White Blend 2021$33.00$16.5050%$16.50George Street South (4)
Vasse Felix Filius Chardonnay 2021$33.00$16.5050%$16.50Ashgrove West (2)
Pulpo Albariño 2020$33.00$16.6550%$16.35George Street South (4)

Paringa Estate Pinot Noir 2018$80.00$40.0050%$40.00BWS Marrickville (Illawarra Road) (1)
Stefano Lubiana Primavera Chardonnay 2023$58.00$26.5054%$31.50Crows Nest (11)
Cullen Cabernet Merlot 2021$52.00$26.0050%$26.00Gladesville (4)
Domaine Des Grosses Pierres Sancerre 2020$50.00$25.0050%$25.00Neutral Bay (1), Bondi Beach (3)
Emilio Moro Tempranillo Spain 2019$50.00$25.0050%$25.00Gladesville (1)
Leeuwin Estate Prelude Chardonnay 2022$48.00$24.0050%$24.00Crows Nest (2)
Grant Burge Holy Trinity Gsm 2020$46.00$23.0050%$23.00Gladesville (1)
Marques De Murrieta Reserva Tempranillo Blend 2016$45.00$22.5050%$22.50Gladesville (2)
Poole's Rock Premiere Semillon 2018$44.00$22.0050%$22.00Paddington South Dowling St (6)
Majella Shiraz 2017$44.00$22.0050%$22.00Gladesville (1)
Scotchmans Hill Chardonnay 2020$43.00$21.5050%$21.50Gladesville (2)
Simonnet-febvre Petit Chablis 2020$42.00$21.0050%$21.00Gladesville (2)
Dog Point Sauvignon Blanc 2020$41.00$20.5050%$20.50Gladesville (5)
Martinborough Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc 2021$40.00$20.0050%$20.00Paddington Oxford Street (1)
Parker Coonawarra Estate Terra Rossa Cabernet Sauvignon 2020$40.00$20.0050%$20.00Gladesville (2)
Te Mata Estate Gamay Noir 750ml 2021$38.00$19.0050%$19.00Gladesville (1)
Forester Estate Chardonnay 2021$38.00$19.0050%$19.00Gladesville (1)
Squealing Pig Pinot Gris Bagnum 1.5l$36.00$18.0050%$18.00Gladesville (4)
Riddoch Reserve Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon 2018$35.00$17.5050%$17.50Gladesville (1)
William Light Clare Valley Shiraz 2020$35.00$17.5050%$17.50Gladesville (10)
Whispering Angel The Palm Vin De Provence Rosé 2019$35.00$17.5050%$17.50Gladesville (1)
Morris Classic Liqueur Muscat 500ml$30.00$12.5058%$17.50Eastlakes (2)
Mount Majura Chardonnay 2017$37.00$19.7547%$17.25Glebe (1)
Mount Pleasant Elizabeth Semillon 2021$34.00$17.0050%$17.00Gladesville (5)
Miraval Studio Rosé 2021$33.00$16.5050%$16.50Botany (2)
Dominique Portet Fontaine Rose 2021$33.00$16.5050%$16.50Gladesville (1)
Pulpo Albariño 2020$33.00$16.5050%$16.50Burwood Plaza (4)
Pirramimma White Label Mclaren Vale Petit Verdot 2018$33.00$16.5050%$16.50Gladesville (5)
Cleanskin Super Saver Chardonnay 2021$18.00$2.0089%$16.00Park Sydney Erskineville (5)
Forester Estate Sauvignon Blanc 2022$32.00$16.0050%$16.00Balmain (1)
Yarra View Valley Chardonnay 2019$32.00$16.0050%$16.00Concord Drive (1)
Zonzo Estate Pinot Noir 2021$31.00$15.5050%$15.50Gladesville (3)

Martinborough Vineyard Chardonnay 2020$60.00$30.0050%$30.00Belconnen (3)
Chris Ringland Reservation Shiraz 2018$60.00$30.0050%$30.00Dickson (Dickson Pl) (1)
Jean-marc Brocard Chablis 2019$50.00$25.0050%$25.00Canberra City (1)
Pierro Ltc Semillon Sauvignon Blanc 2021$49.00$24.5050%$24.50Belconnen (10)
Leeuwin Estate Prelude Chardonnay 2022$48.00$24.0050%$24.00Belconnen (5)
St Nicholas Commandaria$45.00$22.5050%$22.50Mawson (1)
Cullen Mangan Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 2023$45.00$22.5050%$22.50Canberra City (2)
Stonier Chardonnay 2020$42.00$21.0050%$21.00Belconnen (5)
Parker Coonawarra Estate Terra Rossa Cabernet Sauvignon 2019$40.00$20.0050%$20.00Dunlop (2)
Tasca Lamuri Nero D'avola 2018$40.00$20.0050%$20.00Canberra City (2)
Hardys Hrb Chardonnay 2021$39.00$19.5050%$19.50Calwell (2)
Chris Ringland Reservation Shiraz 2018$60.00$42.0030%$18.00Bonner (1), Charnwood (1)
Mount Pleasant Elizabeth Semillon 2021$34.00$17.0050%$17.00Bonner (4), Kaleen (5)

Bottega Gold Prosecco Magnum 1.5l$120.00$60.0050%$60.00Young & Jackson's (3)
Mollydooker Blue Eyed Boy Shiraz 2017$60.00$30.0050%$30.00Williamstown Drive (6)
Martinborough Vineyard Chardonnay 2020$60.00$30.0050%$30.00Elsternwick Drive (1)
Psagot Sinai M Series 750ml$52.00$26.0050%$26.00Hawksburn (4)
Domaine Des Grosses Pierres Sancerre 2020$50.00$25.0050%$25.00Richmond (5)
Ultimate Provence Cotes De Provence Rose 2020$49.00$24.5050%$24.50Ascot Vale (Mt Alexander Rd) (1)
Nanny Goat Pinot Noir 2021$46.00$23.0050%$23.00South Yarra (Toorak Rd) (1)
De Bortoli Noble One Botrytis Semillon 375ml 2017$42.00$21.0050%$21.00South Yarra (Toorak Rd) (2)
Tabor Winery Shiraz 750ml$41.00$20.5050%$20.50Hawksburn (3)
Tabor Winery Cabernet Sauvignon 750 Ml$41.00$20.5050%$20.50Hawksburn (6)
Fowles Wine Ladies Who Shoot Their Lunch Riesling 2021$41.00$20.5050%$20.50Ascot Vale (Mt Alexander Rd) (1)
Martinborough Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc 2021$40.00$20.0050%$20.00Elsternwick Drive (5), Williamstown (7), Ascot Vale (Mt Alexander Rd) (5)
Parker Coonawarra Estate Terra Rossa Cabernet Sauvignon 2019$40.00$20.0050%$20.00South Yarra (Chapel St) (4)
Kendall-jackson Vintner's Reserve Chardonnay 2019$39.00$19.5050%$19.50Morwell Drive (4)
Hardys Hrb Chardonnay 2021$39.00$19.5050%$19.50Ascot Vale (Mt Alexander Rd) (6)
Hardys Hrb Shiraz 2019$39.00$19.5050%$19.50Williamstown Drive (4)
Galil Mountain White 750ml$38.00$19.0050%$19.00Hawksburn (1)
Chris Ringland Reservation Shiraz 2018$60.00$42.0030%$18.00Churchill (4), Hawksburn (3)
Jansz Tasmania Brut Rosé$35.00$17.5050%$17.50Warragul (2)
Golan Yarden Mt Hermon White 750ml$34.00$17.0050%$17.00Hawksburn (10)
Santa Margherita Superiore 52 Prosecco Di Valdobbiadene... 2022$33.00$16.5050%$16.50Prahran (1)
Teperberg Sweet Red Moscato 2020$32.00$16.0050%$16.00Hawksburn (5)
Murphy-goode California Chardonnay 2019$32.00$16.0050%$16.00Ascot Vale (Mt Alexander Rd) (1)
Teperberg Vision Cabernet Sauvignon 750ml$32.00$16.0050%$16.00Hawksburn (6)

Penfolds Grandfather Rare Tawny$109.00$66.5039%$42.50Kingsmeadows (1)
Martinborough Vineyard Chardonnay 2020$60.00$30.0050%$30.00Shorewell Park (7), Scottsdale (3)
Chris Ringland Reservation Shiraz 2018$60.00$30.0050%$30.00Moonah (11), St Helens (5), Lauderdale (5)
Ultimate Provence Cotes De Provence Rose 2020$49.00$24.5050%$24.50Retreat Drive (1), Scottsdale (1)
Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc 2023$69.00$48.3030%$20.70Gateway Drive (5)
Chateau Berne Grande Recolte Cotes De Provence Rose 2019$40.00$20.0050%$20.00Wellington Drive (3)
Island Belle Chardonnay 2019$40.00$20.0050%$20.00Retreat Drive (5), Shorewell Park (1)
Martinborough Vineyard Chardonnay 2020$60.00$42.0030%$18.00Gateway Drive (4)
Fleurs De Prairie Provence Rosé 2020$34.00$17.0050%$17.00St Helens (6)
Miraval Studio Rosé 2021$33.00$16.5050%$16.50Moonah (7), Brooker (2), Shorewell Park (4), Retreat Drive (1)

Chris Ringland Reservation Shiraz 2018$60.00$30.0050%$30.00Seaton (The Links Drive) (1), Newton Central (1), Slug n Lettuce (1)
De Bortoli Old Boys 21 Years Barrel Aged Tawny 500ml$56.00$28.0050%$28.00BWS Adelaide (Gilbert Street) (2)
Peter Lehmann Margaret Semillon 2015$50.00$22.5055%$27.50Edwardstown (1), BWS Adelaide (Gilbert Street) (5), Eastwood (1), Happy Valley (3), Findon (3), Marryatville (1), Rose Park (1)
Island Belle Chardonnay 2019$40.00$20.0050%$20.00Happy Valley (5)
Parker Coonawarra Estate Terra Rossa Cabernet Sauvignon 2019$40.00$20.0050%$20.00Unley (4)
Martinborough Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc 2021$40.00$20.0050%$20.00Exeter Drive (8)
Morris Wines Classic Liqueur Topaque 500ml$30.00$12.5058%$17.50Slug n Lettuce (3)
Riposte The Sabre Adelaide Hills Pinot Noir 2021$35.00$17.5050%$17.50Victoria Hotel Drive (5)
Morris Wines Classic Tawny$30.00$13.0057%$17.00BWS Adelaide (Gilbert Street) (5)
Fleurs De Prairie Provence Rosé 2020$34.00$17.0050%$17.00Rose Park (4), Unley (1), Mitcham (5)
Pulpo Albariño 2020$33.00$16.5050%$16.50Finsbury Drive (16), Prospect (12), Gepps Cross Drive (5), Hendon Drive (4), Halfway Drive (4), Magill Drive In (2)
Miraval Studio Rosé 2021$33.00$16.5050%$16.50Royal Park (3), Findon (4)
Santa Margherita Superiore 52 Prosecco Di Valdobbiadene... 2022$33.00$16.5050%$16.50Victoria Hotel Drive (5)
Howard Park Granite Ridge Chardonnay 2021$33.00$16.5050%$16.50Rose Park (1)
Stonyfell The Baton Shiraz Cabernet 2021$32.00$16.0050%$16.00Hendon Drive (2)

Morris Wines Old Premium Rare Liqueur Topaque 500ml$120.00$50.0058%$70.00Midland Centrepoint (6)
Domaine Des Grosses Pierres Sancerre 2020$50.00$25.0050%$25.00Mt Pleasant (Queen Road) (4)
Miraval Côtes De Provence Rosé 2020$50.00$25.0050%$25.00Manning (3)
Ultimate Provence Cotes De Provence Rose 2020$49.00$24.5050%$24.50Manning (3)
Louis Latour Mâcon-villages Chameroy 2020$36.00$14.5060%$21.50Perth (5)
Parker Coonawarra Estate Terra Rossa Merlot 2019$40.00$20.0050%$20.00Floreat (Cambridge St) (3)
Hardys Hrb Chardonnay 2021$39.00$19.5050%$19.50Mt Pleasant (Queen Road) (7), Subiaco Square (4), Alfred Cove (2)
Cipriani White Peach Bellini$37.00$18.5050%$18.50Queens Park (3)
Kendall-jackson Vintner's Reserve Zinfandel 2019$36.00$18.0050%$18.00Karrinyup (6)
3 Drops 3 Drops Shiraz 750ml 2018$33.00$16.5050%$16.50Kingsway (2)
Snake + Herring Sabotage Riesling 2021$31.00$15.0052%$16.00Queens Park (3)
Credaro Chardonnay 2021$28.00$12.5055%$15.50Manning (2)
many thanks
The Frequent Flyer Concierge team takes the hard work out of finding reward seat availability. Using their expert knowledge and specialised tools, they'll help you book a great trip that maximises the value for your points.

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It is now a Chinese company. Not implying anything but keep it in mind.
So with the Shopback I have just had a call from BWS to say my 4 bottles of Parker Coonawarra Estate Terra Rossa Cabernet Sauvignon
are not available but I can have the 2020 but they are $40 not $20 - yeah nup. Will pop in tomorrow to talk to the manager. I presume that if BWS credit me then Shopback is cancelled
I picked a few of the BWS Gladesville reds but when it came to checkout it said that it couldn't deliver to me and also pick up instore unavailable. Gave up
I received 15000 points (worth $30 credit) from TWC. Is there any item worth for buying? I haven't bought from them for almost 2 years.
besides champagne:
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JD Secret Wine #725 down from $60 to $19.98 is Carlei Green Stephen Thompson Yarra Valley PN 2019 (SK95).

Never heard about the wine and the only published score is by our favourite reviewer for hire. Hmm 🤔
JD Secret Wine #725 down from $60 to $19.98 is Carlei Green Stephen Thompson Yarra Valley PN 2019 (SK95).

Never heard about the wine and the only published score is by our favourite reviewer for hire. Hmm 🤔
Previously offered at the same price as JD #607 in August 2023.
Was $18 on Vinomofo in February 2021.

Update: Two TN for this from the same person over at my place, one from last August (purchased from JD) not really positive, one from today much more positive than the previous one and indicates good value at $20.
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Interestingly get Wines direct offering the Seppelt Jaluka Chardonnay for $14.99 which is cheaper than the cellardoor price.

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