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stopovers and transit

For more information about Stopovers and Transits, see our Stopover and Transit Tips and Tricks articles.
  1. serfty

    DXB Priority Transit?

    I have an SG friend who is travelling in economy MEL-LHR shortly on QF9. Do they get access to priority transit security during the DXB layover. If so, then how? With an Express Pass or the Gold/Sapphire on their BP? (I have never done this myself.)
  2. K

    Alaskan stopovers outside originating from US

    Hi all, So I just got off the phone from an AS rep who told me that my stopover via HKG would not be possible. I'm trying to get NRT-HKG-SYD and she's telling me that because the flight is not originating or ending up in the US, I can't add a stopover and therefore need to pay for 2 sectors...
  3. L

    Extending stopover time in Singapore

    Is it possible to extend the stopover time in Singapore to around 3 or 4 days? Flights have already been booked. I assume they would charge for this, is anyone aware of what the cost may be?
  4. R

    4-6 hr transit in Auckland - suggestions to while away the time please??

    Next week, we are travelling from Perth to Tahiti, via Sydney and Auckland!! The connections into and out of Sydney are great....but not so the ones in and out of Auckland. We have 4hrs 50mins between connecting flights on the way there, and 6hrs on the return journey. I would be very...
  5. M

    Mixing economy and first class + stopover

    Hi all, I'm looking to maximise my point redemptions with KrisFlyer with 120k worth of points. I don't have enough for a return business class so i was thinking: Redeem economy flight for SYD - LHR (36125 points w/ discount) Redeem business class for LHR - SYD (80750 points w/ discount)...
  6. juddles

    8hr stopover LHR - advice re what to do with luggage and shopping opportunities

    Hi there all, just hoping for some quick advice. This Thursday 18th I arrive 2pm to LHR on QF, and depart that evening at 10pm on an Avianca flight. I will have a checked bag with me. I will have to clear customs with the bag, and seeing I get bored very quickly, I was thinking that maybe I...
  7. v1nce007

    Northern Vietnam hiking (with Hong Kong stopover)

    A friend and I recently took a 10 day trip through Northern Vietnam, doing a lot of hiking and sightseeing as part of a group tour with Intrepid. Starting and finishing in Hanoi, and traveling up though the mountains of the north along the Chinese border. It was a great opportunity to get out...
  8. T

    Codeshare to SIN and HKG with stopovers

    Hi all, Has anyone managed to book a trip from anywhere in Australia to SIN for a few days and then HKG for a few days before flying home? Virgin Australia state that it's impossible, however my partner and I would like to at least look at the cost of the points bonus from our VA statuses.
  9. get me outta here

    Transiting LHR? Watch your LAG's!

    A bit OP, but just transited LHR and they were very strict on amount of 'liquids'. The officer did a valiant job of trying to arrange my potions into a very small plastic bag for scanning. The amount had almost doubled due to all the nice things I had acquired on my two F flights. The officer...
  10. LittleFokker

    Qatar - Transit in DOH - 45min? Really?

    I'm looking at EDI-xDOH-BKK J on Qatar via a QFF redemption. Both Qantas and the Qatar site show flights QR30-QR834 with a transit of 45 minutes. Is this achievable or am I realistically looking at an upcoming missed connection? thanks
  11. A

    Stopover time Dubai QF9

    We are flying QF9 to LHR in March 2017 in J. Can anyone tell me the duration of the stopover in Dubai and if there is enough time to Flounge for a while? Thank you.
  12. A

    23 hour transit in Hong Kong and departure tax implications if i leave the airport

    Hi if i leave the airport for a few hours, will i have to pay departure tax? Its a CX award ticket through QFF so I cant get a travel agent to add it in. If anyone has had to pay it in these circumstances what is the procedure? Thanks
  13. C

    Qatar business flight booked with Qantas FF pts - stopover of over 8 hours hotel?

    Recently booked a business class flight from LAX to PER using Qantas ff points. I have a stopover of almost 9 hours in DOHA. Would this include a free hotel in DOHA? I got one with Emirates a few years back but checked with Qatar and they said no because its a redemption. Have others come...
  14. D

    Stopovers and missing connections?

    Hi all. I was looking for some advice from you more knowledgeable folk. Im booking a trip to the US in July. At the start of the trip I need to go to the west coast and then later will be in new york and then back to melbourne Best economy flights from MEL-LAX return are around 1800AUD on...
  15. D

    award redemption - stopover vs transit - 2 awards vs 1?

    Hi team, i had a quick thread search but not much luck. if i wanted to go say SYD-DXB-LHR with a stop in DXB - if the stop is > 24 hours, does the award then price at SYD-DXB and DXB-LHR separately? also separately - possibly related - if instead i wanted to go SYD-DXB-DFW using EK - is this...
  16. T

    LHR - SYD - with stopover in Singapore?

    So I'm booking my father return flights to London to visit his family and having some trouble with the return leg. I've booked him J Syd-LHR on QF/BA which will be a real treat for him, but I have insufficient points to get him back in J or F. Return, we wanted to fly Y via SIN with a stop...
  17. T

    1hr15min transit time in DXB from QF9 -is this enough time?

    Travelling MEL-DXB-CPH. What are the odds of making this connection? (should I give up hope of lounge time?) What time do the gates typically close for EK flights at DXB? If I don’t make the connection what would EK offer? Would they make me wait 24hrs for the next EK flight or would they book...
  18. Heg

    Hotel close to LAX for one night stopover.

    Hi We need a place to stay for one night whilst transiting LAX. Clean and comfortable and close to the airport. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks
  19. A

    BNE to REK in Sep 2016 with stopover in England on return J/F AAdvantage points

    Hi Having seen some of the trip reports on AFF, my wife and I would like to visit Iceland in September. Dates are flexible (about 18 days all up) but leaving Iceland after 17 Sept would allow us to catch the northern lights. I want to use AAd points and book prior to 22 March to avoid...
  20. T

    Singapore Stopover

    I have two nights, three day stopover in Singapore with 10 pm flight home. Is it possible to get hotel accommodation, airport transfers and half day city tour with any hotel chains or tourist organisations? Could we pay for an extra nights accommodation and not use it?