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  1. P

    Number Qantas Club Lifetime Members without lifetime FF GOLD

    I have asked Qantas this questions and they refuse to answer. When I joined there were only 60 (92). and seen my benefits diminish in value.
  2. K

    Alice Springs Qantas Club lounge closed for 2 months ['until April2020]

    Very disappointed to arrive at the airport for my flight and find the lounge is closed for renovation for two months. That’s ok except couldn’t QF let members know prior? And is it a fair compensation to be offered a $15 voucher at the airport cafe as compensation? Is that all a visit is worth...
  3. L

    Lax layover 5+ hours

    Howdy all need some advise, Im a Qantas Silver FF and travelling with partner and have a 5+ hour layover in lax. We are flying qantas then United. I really would like to use a lounge to shower and freshen up. What is the best way I can access a lounge ??
  4. CMA222

    Free Two (2) digital Qantas Club passes (expiry 26/02/2020)

    I have two (2) QF digital lounge invitations available free to a good home. Eligibility - minimum of 12 months membership of AFF and at least 30 posts. Limitations are: Domestic – can be used at any Qantas Club domestic lounge when departing on a Qantas or Jetstar flight number. General – can...
  5. F

    Wait for Qantas Club Launch (if ever to launch) or transfer to Asia Miles with 10% promo

    Hi All, Apologies if this has been asked before. I tried searching but couldn’t find anything. Does anyone know the rough timeframe for the launch of the Qantas Points Club? All I can find is that it is set to launch in 2020. No specific dates. I was holding off to transfer a stack of Amex...
  6. Carlton3

    Melbourne Qantas Club Guests

    I would like to invite/guest another AFF member into the Melbourne Qantas Club on 16th July as I'll be travelling alone on this trip from Melbourne to Singapore. Does the guest really need to travelling on the same flight? That would limit the invite! International Lounge: you may invite one...
  7. tinkybelle

    Free Expiring Digital Qantas Club passes available continuous thread.

    not sure if this is acceptable but thought maybe there should be a continuous thread for people offering expiring digital QF passes. its so difficult to find them.
  8. R

    How to contact Qantas Club at Brisbane International?

    Hi, does anyone happen to know the best way to get in touch directly with the Qantas Club at Brisbane International? There is a phone number on Google (+61 7 3867 3370) and a different phone number on the Brisbane Airport website ( +61 7 3867 3258), and neither seem to be answered despite many...
  9. deletedelete

    Lifetime Qantas Club

    Hello everyone, I am flying on a international Emirates flight in April out of Melbourne. My father has the Qantas Club Lifetime Membership. He is not travelling with me. Do you think it would be possible for them to let me in if he wrote a letter or some other way? Thanks for your help!!
  10. serfty

    Free 2 x Domestic Passes - Qantas Club lounge when on Qantas or Jetstar flight number. [expire 12Jan2020]

    On offer are two QF Domestic Qantas Club Passes - expiry is Sunday 12th Jan 20. These can only be used to access domestic Qantas Clubs Offer conditions are: Active members with 30+ posts and 30+ days AFF membership, preferably with NB or PS status. Please do not send PM, post in this thread...
  11. F

    Qantas Club access when flying Emirates

    Hello, I am pretty sure I know the answer to this but just wanted to check with the experts here. We are booking a trip next year and both my partner and I are only Bronze QF members (we might get to silver by the end of the trip) but my partner has Qantas Club membership. We are doing most...
  12. Lynda2475

    Qantas Pub Sydney - no more takeaway coffee cups

    At some stage in the last 4 weeks (last flew 24th Oct) the Sydney Qantas pub has gone "green" meaning you can now only get a tiny (halfcup really) ceramic cup of coffee before an early morning flight, not a takeaway one to take to the gate. Guess no more use for the skip app. Means now need to...
  13. timmy-t

    QF First Lounge - Spa treatment (non)-availability!?

    So I’m off to SIN today QF36. I only have carry on, so I checkin yesterday and head to the QF First lounge for breakfast about 8:30am. Next available spa treatment?? After 1pm. Wtf? I’m here before anyone else on my flight who needs to check luggage. My flight leaves just after 12, I’m here...
  14. VPS

    Qantas club on sale

    Looks like Qantas club is on sale until 14th November Make the Qantas Club your first destination for business or leisure. Start your journey in style as a member of the Qantas Club. Simply select a membership option that suits you to enjoy the exclusive benefits and business facilities...
  15. T

    Qantas Club Membership

    Hey everyone, quick question: If you have a paid Qantas Club Membership: Can you only access the lounge if you are actually flying Qantas or Jetstar or also when you fly on other airlines. I know that if you have a gold card with Qantas you have to fly one world yes...but what if you actually...
  16. P

    Qantas Club

    A discussion point the other night at dinner. The Qantas Club started operation in May 1987. At what point did it commence as a Frequent Flyer organisation (I think it was straight away) and when was the concept of status credits introduced?
  17. ontheaisle

    Free 2 x Qantas Lounge digital passes - expire 12 October 2019 *GONE*

    I have 2 x Qantas lounge digital invitations that expire on 12 October 2019. I had hoped to find someone to swap with me for passes that expire after 21 October 2019 so I could give them to my mum and her best friend to use on their upcoming trip but no such luck. The first person to reply...
  18. VPS

    Qantas club renewal

    Does anyone have any hints for cheaper Qantas club renewal. Asking for a friend (because he isn't eligible for the AFF discount unless he joins to become Gold which I don't think he'll do)
  19. p--and--t

    Free Qantas Club General Access Passes x 2 ***GONE***

    Looking to see if there is a worthy home for 2 x QC general access passes with expiry early November 2019. Note: From reading various posts, it is my understanding, they can't be currently be used PER, LAX, (and possibly SIN if the lounge is crowded)
  20. R

    Qantas Club Life Membership

    Around 2001 my now late wife and I both purchased Lifetime memberships for Qantas Club not only to enjoy the benefits of the Qantas Club (mainly in Perth Western Australia and Broome where we lived) but also to support our national airline that at the time was doing it a bit hard. We enjoyed...