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freq flyer credit cards

For more information about Frequent Flyer Credit Cards, see our Frequent Flyer Credit Card Tips and Tricks articles.
  1. R

    Has AMEX cut rental car cover on Velocity Platinum

    Maybe my memory is playing tricks on me BUT.... I could have sworn that the Platinum Velocity Amex cc used to provide coverage for rental cars (if paid for flights etc & paid for car rental using same card). For some reason a few days back, I felt that I should check as in Hawaii on the Big...
  2. S

    Don't credit SAS Ireland to United

    I flew with Scandinavian Airlines and wanted to credit the flight to United. However, turns out I flew with SAS Ireland (although it said SAS on my boarding pass). United has (rightly so) refused to credit the miles. Just thought I would mention it as a reminder to always check who is actually...
  3. H

    Double posting of points and status credits

    Had an interesting situation this week. 1) Checked in on an AA flight on a QF codeshare and got a boarding pass. 2) Went to the lounge and asked to be put on an earlier flight. Was put on standby and got a boarding pass at the gate 3) Received points and status credits for both flights. One...
  4. rock86

    Rocketmiles partners with AMEX

    Very interesting. The New Rocketmiles-Amex Partnership is a Back Door Way Into More Miles - View from the Wing I'm not sure whether this is American specific & I don't have a MR card (only the DJ card) at present to test it out. But even searching for a night I need in Brisbane on Monday...
  5. T

    Split crediting of status credits and points

    Hi all, I remember reading something regarding this subject on this forum about 4 years ago but my search-fu is failing me terribly at present. A member of this most excellent forum was talking about Air New Zealand offering the ability to credit status earn to one loyalty program and...
  6. B

    Groupon $10 for $80 credit at Winedirect

    Combine this offer from Groupon winedirect.com.au: $10 for $80 Online Credit - Min. Spend $190 - Existing & New Customers with a referral for an extra $25 off (see my signature for link to referral). Some offers Shirazortment Shiraz I Live and Breathe (will need an extra bottle to tip over $190...
  7. D

    Amex offer

    Anyone else get it? Pretty damn good. Just solved my VA requal debate I've been having with myself. From now until 31 August 2018, American Express Velocity Card Members can take advantage of up to 30% off selected domestic and up to 25% off selected international Virgin Australia operated...
  8. J

    Status credits - Booked Business, flown Econmy...what to I earn?

    Hello Apologies if this has come up in conversation before. I am weeks away form anniversary date and was on target to move up to QF Platinum. I have had two flights with AA in USA this week, both booked/paid in First (aka Business), one aircraft downgrade with no First seats and another...
  9. zenyattamondatta

    The two credit card rule

    After some trial and error at the office, we now have an eminently repeatable pattern, so for those interested in getting a third or fourth "pure" Amex credit card: [there is a specific method to be followed]
  10. Pushka

    About to retire. What should I do re Credit Cards and other messy bits?

    Well I am about to pull down the shingle and retire. Which made me wonder what I should do financially wise - eg with Credit Cards etc before I no longer get a salary. I will continue to get our company dividends (which more than offsets no salary currently) but is there something else I should...
  11. Avidflyer

    1 status credit short

    Hello members I received my monthly Velocity statement and with 10 days to go I am one status credit short to reach gold again next year I’m self funded flyer. Any ideas of how to earn 1 credit in 10 days? Is it worth giving the Velocity team a phone call? TIA
  12. A

    AA status credits

    I have a trip booked to the USA in December/January. I have two AA flights booked — LAX-PHL-BVT, and BVT-DCA-LGA. All of these are in US ‘first’ class (buckets I and D). I can’t work out from the QF website what the status earn is. I understand it is reduced a lot from the glory days, but...
  13. S

    AMEX - cancellation before first annual fee

    My mate has received brand new AMEX Explorer card. The bonus points for meeting the spend requirement have landed, and the $400 travel voucher is also present. The annual fee doesn't yet appear on the account, and may not appear for another few weeks. Does anyone know: Will the annual fee...
  14. B

    Qantaslink Staus Credits Query

    Just had an interesting thing occur. My wife is booking a red-e-deal Broome to Townsville flight, via PER and BNE. 2 legs, BME-PER and BNE-TSV are Qantaslink - with QF codes as always. The thing of interest here is that the flight is showing as only earning 20SC, which is the earn rate for...
  15. W

    MCT KLIA international-domestic

    Hi all, Can anyone advise what the MCT at KLIA is from international to domestic. MH have just retimed an upcoming flight leaving me with a 50 minute connection. That seems far too tight to me. Grateful for an advice. Cheers Wanderlust_tim
  16. V

    Black Hole of status credits

    Hello, first time poster. Recently I was surprised at 984 SC to see my status upgraded to Platinum on the website about July 28, wish I'd taken a screen shot, followed by a welcome email on aug 2. Account says review on Aug 1. Immediately before Aug 1 my partner flew and pooled 30 SCs to me...
  17. C

    QFF Status Credit for Missed Flight?

    I'm short just 40 Qantas SCs and 1 eligible flight from Silver status. Rather than faff about by doing a status run (Melb to Sydney return), I was wondering if I can just book a one-way domestic flight and miss it. Would I still receive my SCs and QFF points if I did this? I've tried looking...
  18. D

    Can you transfer Amex poits to supplementary cardholders KrisFlyer account

    My wife and I have separate Amex cards - one is business and one personal meaning we have membership reward points separately. We are however additional cardholders on each others accounts and both have online account management. We want to end up with all the points into just one person's...
  19. upupandaway

    Double Status Credits on QF Operated Flights. Book 9/8/18-14/8/18 for travel 21/8/18 to 8/8/19

    I haven't received an email, and not sure if this is targeted offer, but potentially another DSC offer coming this week? Book August 9-14, for travel August 21, 2018 to August 8, 2019... Here is the link=:) Frequent Flyer - Member Specials - Double Points offer
  20. k_sheep

    CAI-BNE/MCY, October, 2pax, creativity required

    Here's a challenge for your Sunday afternoon. 2 pax, leaving CAI 28th Oct (can do 27th, or later), arriving BNE or MCY by 9am 5th November. Seems most of the ex-CAI specials have gone the way of the dodo but I'm finding bits and pieces still hanging about. Minimum premium economy, preferably...