flight upgrades

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  1. W

    Emirates upgrades to NZ

    Does Emirates still allow a paid upgrade at check in?
  2. S

    Red E Deal upgrade to J

    Thanks guys. I haven’t done this for awhile so checking to see if it’s still possible to buy a Red E Deal with U availability and put in for instant upgrade request?
  3. K

    Complimentary or Operational Upgrade from QF J Award flight

    Just wanting to know has anyone ever received a lotto like upgrade from a Qantas Business Classic Award flight to First Class via an operational or complimentary upgrade ? Interested to hear stories and your status at the time.
  4. D

    Missing a flight during stop-over/Virgin upgrade waitlist

    I have two questions which are sort of intertwined I have a MEL-LAX-JFK-LAX-MEL trip booked, but I just realised the LAX-JFK stopover is only 2 hours. Given I am arriving at the US border during a particularly busy time of the day and have to clear customs, immigration, etc... I'm concerned...
  5. A

    New here - Love travel and cars!

    long time lurker, first time poster. Travel a lot so keen to contribute my learning with booking travel and leveraging benefits, after many years of benefiting from other AFF members posts! Also own a car buying service, so if anyone has car related questions let me know and ill put up a...
  6. E

    upgrade to gold qantas FF

    Hey all, I woke up this morning and have been upgraded to Gold FF from silver... anyone know why (definitely don’t want to look a gift horse in the mouth though!). I did book several flights last night- was there a promotion I didn’t know about?
  7. T

    kinda confused on sc when you upgrade to next status

    i note a few people talking about loosing sc when they go to next tier. i currently have over 1200 and will have around 1600 by the end of this trip but am yet plat as need three more sectors to fly, will have that when we get home along with all those beautiful sc lol. so when i get home and i...
  8. S

    Paid upgrade Qatar Promo fares

    Qatar newbie, would appreciate the insight. After booking a Y promo fare with Qatar, do you still get a Pay to Upgrade offer (if available) like others do a week before the flight?
  9. T

    Have the rules changed earning points and sc on flight upgrades??

    Just noticed that the flights that we took which we purchased as freedom fares (paid cash) and then upgraded with points to business class we’ve been awarded zero status credits and zero points I thought we still earned for the original freedom fair purchased??
  10. D

    MEL - JFK in Business

    I'm looking at visiting NYC early-mid next year. I have Velocity Platinum and just over 400,000 points. What's the best way to get a business seat? I was looking at purchasing Freedom fares (around $2800 return) and then using 90,000 points to upgrade (return) from Economy to Business. I've read...
  11. M

    Now Available: Upgrade Delta-operated (VA-coded) with Velocity Points

    https://experience.velocityfrequentflyer.com/flying-status/flying-with-virgin-australia/flight-upgrades/upgrademe-points-delta-air-lines Seems it uses reward inventory to upgrade your revenue fare, as award availability must be available. Points and Status Credits are earned on the original...
  12. Atleastonce

    MCY airport upgrade

    Does anyone know if the upgraded MCY airport is going to include a VA lounge?
  13. M

    Upgrade offer to Qantas Ultimate.

    Regarding recent public upgrade offer from qantas discovery to qantas ultimate, I wonder if anyone who did not receive this invitation has applied and got points yet. I was thinking of applying this upgrade get get 40k qantas points, however, when I logged in the request upgrade page, there was...
  14. RooFlyer

    'Unsafe' Hobart airport airspace for upgrade

    From the Oz (probably paywalled) ‘Unsafe’ airport in line for upgrade The 'unsafe' bit in the headline is probably a bit of hyperbole, but it seems it was a word used by a HBA air traffic controller. I don't know what to think about the authorities' attitude to Hobart airport. Over the past...
  15. R

    Mel-Sin Upgrade using Velocity Points

    Need some advice for this leg. I am currently Platinum with both Virgin and Qantas, and heavily use Qantas for all Int'l legs, and use VA for domestic. My travel this year has mainly been centered around Mel-Sin leg, which means I have already qualified for QF Platinum for next year. So want to...
  16. H

    Best chance of upgrade success SYD-DFW or SYD-LAX? and which flight LAX-SYD?

    Apologies if this question has been asked somewhere else - am wondering... Does anybody know whether there's a better chance of points upgrade on QF11 SYD-LAX or QF7 SYD-DFW? I'll be travelling through to NYC, but trying to decide whether via LAX or DFW is better. I'm a WP, flying on a Tuesday...
  17. D

    PER-SYD Upgrade waitlist?

    I'm flying PER-SYD on the a330 in 2 weeks. Just put in a points upgrade request and got waitlisted. I checked the seating availability on BCD Travel and there's a tonne of availability. What are the odds of getting upgraded if I'm only VA Gold? Also I notice that the waitlisted people get...
  18. M

    QF upgrade - points or status more likely to get upgrade

    hi Any thoughts on which is more likely to get an upgrade on QF: one of us is Gold, with 220K points, I'm lower status (just lost some) but 620k points. Which person is more likely to get the upgrade? thanks in advance.
  19. R

    upgrade question

    Hi All just wondering if someone can clarify an upgrade question. Purchased a sale fare a while back which from my understanding can’t be upgraded. Once confirmed I checked it and sure enough I couldn’t use points to upgrade LAX -MEL. But I could submit an upgrade request from MEL -PER. The app...
  20. ChrisMars

    Upgrade on second part of QF1 QF2

    Hi Frequent Flyers. Has anyone ever been upgraded only on the second part of QF1 or QF2, when flying all the way between Sydney and London through Dingapore (or Dubai a few years ago) I can see that a the time of requesting the upgrade online, there such an option to be considered for an ongate...