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earn points

For more information about Earning Points, see our Earning Points Tips and Tricks articles.
  1. markis10

    Say hello to Dave who will tell you how to earn points!

    I dont think Davie is as good as AFF Frequent Flyer - Earning Points - How to Earn Points
  2. F

    Do you cash up Westpac Earth card into the black and use own money to earn points?

    Hi there, Just wondering if anyone here on this forum cashes up their Westpac Earth credit card so that it is in the black, and pay for things with their own money? Can you still get points for doing that? Also, would it be possible to cash up the card and pay bills via bpay? For...
  3. H

    Earn Points and SCs with Any Seat Award Flights

    Earning Status Credits & Points on ANY SEAT bookings Hi All Does anyone in this forum know if Q will be changing their policy so that ANY SEAT redemption bookings could possibly earn SC's and FF miles. Some of the points req'd seem adsurb (ie. MEL-JFK in ECON for 1.1 million points)...
  4. N

    Should I use my hard earn points to achieve platinum AA status?

    Hello, Long time observer/reader and first time poster here. Ive been reading and trying to digest the myriad of options that I have for redeeming my AMEX reward points for flights to Europe and USA. I have over the years accumulated approx. 2.8 million AMEX points on my platinum business card...
  5. thewinchester

    Do upgraded tickets still earn points?

    I've been searching for the answer and reading the QFF program rules, and either I'm blind, too tired, or the answer isn't jumping out at me. Say I purchase a discount economy ticket (S V L R or M) and want to upgrade to business. If I upgrade the ticket, are sc/points still earned at the...
  6. whereishome

    Earn Points on Oneworld Airlines?

    So I have QF NB. If I fly on JL metal on a JL ticket on JL flight number will I earn points with a QFF card or do I have to join JAL Mileage Bank too?
  7. N

    Using eBay to earn points

    Has anyone ever bought something brand new, then sold it on eBay immediately purely to earn the credit card award points, or is this idea not worth the effort?
  8. F

    Do I earn miles/points on my wife's ticket as well?

    My wife and I will be flying to Canada with Air Canada later this year and I was thinking about joining the BMI Diamond club in order to earn some Star Alliance miles, but I'm just wondering if we both need to join BMI to get the miles, or when I buy both tickets online do they just credit the...
  9. D

    Jetstar Pacific - Jet Flex Fares earn points or not?

    I am heading to Vietnam shortly for work, but may do some internal travel for personal reasons, and looking at Jetstar Pacific. It seems to be a little ambiguous about whether Jet Flex fares on Jetstar Pacific earn QF FF points & status credits. If you click on fare conditions from the...
  10. Nobby

    Can I earn points on AA but use the benefits of my QFF WP status?

    I've finally been tipped over to AAdvantage. The final straw was trying to redeem points only to find the fuel surcharges are so high that compared to buying a fare outright from a different airline, I'm only saving about $25, max $50 per 10,000 points. Compare this to my redemptions of...
  11. simongr

    Starwood Program - very hard to earn points?

    Hi all I am just reflecting back on the three hotel programs I am in - Starwood, Hilton and Mariott. I havent planned my travel very effectively over the past year so am a bit all over the place. Roughly I have had about 18 nights in Mariott (approximately US$4K) 6 nights in Hilton...
  12. M

    Will I Earn Points and status credit depenending on

    the airline I fly or the airline I booked with and have the flight numbers with..? So if i book with american airlines and fly discount economy on a codeshare on QANTAS, will i get the american airlines points of 0.5 for a mile or the QANTAS points of 1 for a mile/ how does this generally...
  13. simongr

    Marriott Rewards - Earn miles & Points

    Hi all I am just re-engineering my trips for the next few months and am thinking of trying to book a marriott trip. I have just rediscovered my Marriott status is Silver (woo hoo?) but trawling through the website I am trying to work out what the cost of earning miles& points is. I can see...
  14. Brissy2

    BPAY won't earn points

    I don't normally read the fineprint but I wonder how many other people know of the new Exclusion for the Altitude Program regarding BPAY Payments .. "From 1 October 2004, all payments made through the BPAY Electronic Payments Scheme won't earn Altitude points". Seems the windows of...