Any advice on Covid credit refund with Webjet.


Nov 4, 2022
Hi all,
My husband and I booked flights in Jan 2020 to travel to Sri Lanka and Vietnam from Melbourne through Webjet on Malaysia Airlines. Unfortunately these were cancelled due to covid. We requested a refund at the time and were given a credit instead.
We have recently only been in the position to look at rebooking a new trip for March next year. We then discovered the "new terms" for the use of our credit have changed to: all travel must be booked by end of December 2022 and travel completed by January 15th 2023. We must also travel to the same destinations we originally booked.
Apparently the changes to the terms happened in May this year and we only found out at our own accord about 6 weeks ago. There had been no communication from Webjet regarding these changes. They have said they are a self service airline and we were expected to make contact with them through their website to check for updates. We have asked for a slight extention to use the credit for travel in March 2023. This has been declined. We have made it very clear we are unable to travel in the short window of time given. Webjet have not made any other suggestions on what we can do, it's basically if you don't use the credit before the cut off date we lose our money.
Does anyone have any suggestions on how I should proceed, I think Webjet should put something on the table here and wear some kind of cost as we as the consumer have done nothing wrong. It's our money and we should be able to spend how/when we please.
Any help will be much appreciated.
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