First flight in a while


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Sep 17, 2015
One for anybody who's recently been to SIN, specifically flying QF.

I understand masks are no longer needed on flight? Is that correct? The Qantas website isn't all that clear.
And I need to update my proof of vaccine... how easy is that to do online? Presuming my 7yo daughter will be spared that task?

Any other info I need to double check?
Check Sin entry info prefill requirements - online info - relatives travelled last week and described the Sin info requirements as…… time consuming…..

Border entry despite this info prefill also slow.

Go to myGov and download everyone’s vaccine certificates (in Medicare format and also in International covid certificate format).

You may need to check SG specific entry requirements re: vaccine (? 18+ yo only??)

Travellers born on or after 1 Jan 2010 (i.e. aged 12 and below by year of birth) are exempted from COVID-19 border measures.
Thanks for your info. Will printed copies of the certificates suffice? Or is digital preferred?
You upload your jab certs into the online SGAC, that is all that was needed when I went through in Oct. They did not ask to see anything upon entry. But good to have back-up paper copies.
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agree paper back-ups are useful, especially at checkin if the airline carrying you to SIN or wherever wants proof you meet entry requirements at the other end. Much easier than finding the digital form etc.

We completed a single SG arrival card as a couple but they only had the record of the lead passenger in their system. I had to get the digital receipt for my half of the arrival card out to show the officer, who then somehow found it. So it might be handy to screenshot any multiple receipt numbers and have them ready.