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  1. Legoman

    Just lodged my first case with the ACA

    After suffering a QF flight cancellation (for "operational reasons" meaning they didn't reach the required load factor threshold for profitability), then rescheduling to another destination in the opposite direction to where I wanted to go, then birdstrike on landing and being stranded in a city...
  2. P

    First name and middle initial merged on United reward ticket, Problem?

    Hi all, I have a reward flight booked BNE - BKK on TG then BKK - JFK via TPE on BR. I am a bit worried that the name on my e-ticket is Paula Gibson, not Paul A Gibson. Anyone had this problem before? If I was flying United metal I wouldn't mind so much as they issued the ticket. Thanks.
  3. vetrade

    IB Express flight not ticketed - Problem?

    Hi all. I'm a bit concerned that IB Express hasn't ticketed our flight yet,10 weeks after I bought and paid for it. As I haven't dealt with IB Express previously I'd be interested in others' experiences /comments as to whether I just need to be patient or if I need to take action. One problem...
  4. K

    should do i bother to complain to qantas

    I recently has a flight for four in J tsv - mel my question is do I bother to take it up with Qantas for some token compensation or just leave it and fly virgin from here on out our flight was delayed in Townsville ( I knew it was going to be a bad trip as soon as I went into the lounge in...
  5. serfty

    Resolved: Double the Qantas Points you earn on the ground (up to 15,000 bonus points)

    24th August - Crediting for promotion - approx 12K point less than expected. Decided to wait 30 days. 23rd September - My Initial Query 25th September - Reply from Qantas Loyalty asking for e-tickets 25th September - My response regarding the promotion and how e-tickets are not relevant. 6th...
  6. D

    How to escalate dispute with QFF program?

    I’m having a terrible time chasing DSC credits from the September promo and the QFF phone staff have been totally useless (and told outright untruths in some cases). Does anyone know what the best way to escalate this to someone who actually knows what they are talking about is?
  7. Jenya

    Qantas displaying LGBT livery - so where is equality?

    Feel really offended now with recent airline move with rainbow colored tail. :( I do respect other people belives and veiws, but seriously - why public transport opeator would openly support one kind of its customers and not the others? Espesially being national carrier.... Bad, bad move for...
  8. codash1099

    Weather delayed compensation

    My JAL flight from HNL to NRT has been delayed by 20+ hours due to Typhoon Lan. Communication from them has been dismal to say the least but it seems they are not offering accommodation or any other compensation. Am I entitled to any compensation in these circumstances? Does anybody have any...
  9. andye

    Widening of EU261 compensation eligibility for missed connections

    News (via headforpoints) that courts have increased eligibility for EU compensation on non-EU carriers For instance if travelling CDG-DXB-PER (single ticket) and the 1st leg is delayed missing the connection to Perth, you may be eligible for higher levels of compensation. Retrospective ruling...
  10. D

    QF : Yet another example of bad service

    Air Berlin flights ARN-DUS-VIE booked via QFF. We overnighted at ARN for a very early morning departure however on arriving at check-in desk area no AB flight and no AB staff anywhere. Despite QFF having two separate contact pointgs nil attempt was made to advise my husband and I of the...
  11. C

    Meal complaint

    First time poster, so apologies if this is in the wrong place. Served special meal (fish) on recent domestic flight, 6 months past use by date! Complained on board and have written via their complaints system. Automated reply. How long should I wait for a proper reply before making a complaint...
  12. kpc

    Score 3 for the Airline Consumer Advocate

    I didn't realise there is a separate thread for the ACA...i wanted to post my +ve results with QF after making a complaint to the ACA.... My QF flying days are numbered - due to poor QF CS
  13. T

    Using AA Compensation Voucher in AUS

    Hi All, I have a $300 AA compensation voucher from a trip last year and I'm stumped for ideas of how to use it here in AUS. I have tried to find an AA codeshare with Qantas to use it on but the AA website isn't having a bar of it. Does anyone have any ideas of what I could do with it apart from...
  14. Geegeela

    EU flight compensation

    Airlines 'refusing to pay out on flight delay compensation', says Which?
  15. pauly7

    Virgin ombudsman complaints pass Jetstar...

    Virgin Australia passengers complained to the airline ombudsman more often than Jetstar passengers last year, new figures show. The industry-funded Airline Customer Advocate's 2016 annual report shows Tigerair again received the highest rate of complaints across the top-five most complained...
  16. M

    Advocate's annual report summary

    The latest annual report of what Choice (Australian Consumers' Association) has described as a 'toothless tiger' has been released: Virgin Australia ombudsman complaints jump ahead of Jetstar
  17. D

    QF Delayed Flights ex US Compensation

    Hi all, Can someone refer me to the relevant rules surrounding mandatory compensation for delayed flights departing the US? More specifically, how do these apply to a QF flight travelling US - AU? Thanks
  18. Stevo.1702

    Cancelled Flight compensation

    Hi all. I've had a pretty lucky run and never come across this situation before. Today I was booked flex Y from Townsville to Emerald connecting via Brisbane and the Townsville Brisbane service has been cancelled. I only realised this at the airport and have been accommodated on JQ seat...
  19. T

    Who deals best with complaints in QANTAS

    My travel experiences with QANTAS seem to be getting worse each time I book a trip or travel. I don't want to be a person that vomits a litany of complaints but they just keep building up as I can't find a responsible and competent person to talk with. Any suggestions besides another letter to...
  20. R

    EU Compensation for overnight delayed flight.

    Hi Everyone, A month ago I was on a delayed QF2 flight from LHR to SYD. Originally it was delayed 12 hours, but I opted to reschedule for the QF2 that was scheduled to depart one day later than my original flight (and which left on time). Qantas said they would cover accommodation, food and...