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  1. Mattg

    Should Qantas open more award seats to Points Club members?

    We often see cases where people have millions of Qantas Frequent Flyer points (e.g. through credit card spend), but can't get access to premium reward seats on long-haul Qantas flights because they only have Bronze or Silver status. As we know, Qantas releases more seats to Gold (and above)...
  2. A

    Strange J availability on AA flights - LIM-MIA

    I'm trying to find 2 J seats on a flight from LIM to MIA on AA as part of a OW Classic Reward itinerary. The date I want isn't yet available (it's over 331 days away) but I've searching as close to my date as I can using the QF site to see what might be the options and am getting strange...
  3. Mattg

    Asia Miles multi-city awards can now be booked online

    Asia Miles now allows multi-city and complex award bookings to be booked online, including Oneworld multi-carrier redemptions. Previously this required a call to Asia Miles. However, the website...
  4. S

    MH award availability with QFF

    Hi, Apologies if this belongs in a different forum. Mods, feel free to shift if so. Question for the brains trust is how many J awards does MH release to QFF for their intra-Asia flights? I'm looking to travel TPE>HKG>KUL in a couple of months (mid Sept) and am interested in trying MH J-class...
  5. Priscilla_A

    Use Qantas Frequent Flyer points to book JAL flight Tokyo - Honolulu

    Hello everyone, Just wondering if there is any way to book JAL flight from Tokyo to Honolulu by using the Qantas Frequent Flyer points. I can see JAL flight Sydney - Tokyo on the Qantas website, but not available to Hawaii from Tokyo.
  6. D

    SQ221 saver award availability (F)

    Good morning. My wife and I are looking to experience the Singapore Airlines lastest A380 cabins. I've ran a few dummy bookings on SQ 221 and it seems saver flights are 'Not Available'. Is it worth calling up reservations directly to book? Cheers Drew
  7. B

    Mum spoke to Travel Agent. Said she can book Syd to London Return Business for 280k points. How?!

    Hi all, As the title asks. My mum is travelling to Europe in mid-September 2019 and went to a travel agent to book flights. The travel agent said she can book mum Sydney to London, return, all in Business class, for only 280k points. How is this possible? I myself have quite a few points but...
  8. M

    VA Award availability with Hainan Airlines

    Hi All, Have been trying to book an award J flight through VA on Hainan Airlines from Xian to SYD on 3/8/19. It keeps telling me no flights available. This is also the case for every Saturday after that until year end. This also includes Y class. A few weeks ago I was able to book this flight...
  9. pauly7

    SQ App / Reward bookings

    Hi all quick question, is anyone else having issues looking for reward seats on the SQ app? It’s very buggy and searches mostly return just a blank screen!
  10. Mattg

    BA changing partner award prices

    Uh oh, this cannot be good news :( British Airways is apparently making "changes" to the number of Avios required for redemptions on partner airlines, except for BA, Iberia, Aer Lingus and Vueling. However, they haven't actually said what the new prices will be! I expect prices will increase...
  11. 4

    Booking different cabins in EK for redemption fare?

    Hello folks. I'm looking to book some flights with EK next year for points. Flying ex PER I'm inclined to spring the extra points for F, but be happy enough in J for the DXB-Somewhere-In-Europe leg, and vice versa. I looked at booking the flights under separate itineraries, both risky and more...
  12. Pushka

    Baby and an Award booking.

    Help please. I’m sure this has been answered but I’d like to check again. I’m making an Award booking for my DIL into Manchester for November in J. Her baby is due in August. So, how do I go about this. No gender nor name is known, well, not to me anyway. So help please? Maybe I should call and...
  13. R

    Being bumped - less obvious downside of award bookings

    Late last year I was booked into business with QF on MEL-ADL using BA Avios, and was downgraded at the gate to economy, being left to chase up a refund for the difference with British Airways. In my most recent booking, my partner and I were bumped from a MEL-CNS QF flight the night before...
  14. S

    RTW award flights itinerary questions

    Looking for some advise and help from AFF who have managed to snaffle the elusive J flights using Krisflyer points RTW. Having finally saved up the 240k points each to fly RTW in J my husband and I are now at the planning stage and to be honest it's not as fun as I thought it might have been...
  15. O

    EF not seeming to reflect award flights for QF platinum

    Hi, I am a premium member of EF and a QFF plat. I have added my QFF number to EF but the searches do not reflect the availability on the QF award site. I have checked dates for SYD-SIN/JNB/HKG and, although seats are available on the QFF engine, they do not show on EF. EF is so much easier to...
  16. A

    Using Qantas Frequent flyer points to book classic rewards flights- SYD to London with Qatar

    Hi all I am a newbie here and wanting to get some guidance/ tips on how to utilise the Qantas FFY points to redeem SYD-London flight(business class) for April 2020 (end of April) with Qatar airline. I have been carefully watching for past couple of weeks and I have seem it come up 2wks ago for...
  17. S

    Qatar J redemption ticket and Doha lounge access

    Hi all, Have just been lucky to find 2 J reward seats from Asia to Europe. I've heard how tricky Qatar tends to be with J lounge access. If I have J on both legs, will I still be able to get Al Mourjan J class? or am I stuck at the one world class lounge? From what I'm looking, we will have a...
  18. A

    QF Domestic Eco. Reward Booking - upgrade to J

    So, I booked a Y reward domestic from SYD to MEL on QF last night. I understand that this is a last minute booking, given that tomorrow is ANZAC Day. I chose the last flight out of SYD today (24/04) and return on Monday (29/04) morning to go straight into work As per usual, it was 8000 points +...
  19. cqtiger

    Award Booking adjusting points/$$$

    when booking virgin reward seats and it says 100000 points or 80000 + $110 when does the second option of points and pay come up as I proceed forward.(dont want to go too far forward as just researching the flight atm)
  20. NZflygirl

    Earning Avios with AND free award night

    I was just scoping out BA Avios and learned if you book through the BA website to here you can still earn your rewards night after every 10 nights (which I value highly for personal stays in non-chain places) but you can earn Avios as well. Thinking about accruing a few Avios as I...