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  1. C

    Return flights from SYD to Europe in September - Business Award

    Hi all, Looking to spend a few weeks in Europe in September, preferably flying Business, but PE or Economy will also be okay for the shorter legs. I have substantial points with Qantas and AMEX (can transfer to Velocity or KrisFlyer). Main requirement is that I need to be in Venice by...
  2. T

    Award flight to Tbilisi, Georgia

    I recently moved points across from Virgin with the hope of redeeming a return J flight to the country of Georgia. I recall checking a few months ago and seeing that this was possible with routing MEL > SIN > IST > TBS with the last leg on Turkish. I am struggling to get this to appear on the...
  3. SYD

    “Reward Nights. Faster.” (aka Accelerate Q1 2019)

    REGISTER NOW: IHG launches its new Accelerate-style promotion for January to April Note the early registration cutoff compared to usual Accelerate offers. Some interesting ones for me including Platinum after 7 nights! And 49,200 Bonus points: 16,000 Stay 8 night(s). 16,200 Stay at 3 Crowne...
  4. T

    How to find/add Domestic JL leg to existing international JL reward?

    Mrs tizey & I have a MEL-NRT J reward booking using QFF for later in the year . I'd like to explore adding a domestic leg (Y is fine), either as a connecting flight to same day we land on NRT (so not go into Tokyo), or even a day or two later as a stopover in Tokyo. Where to? Not sure.. I'd...
  5. mrsterryn

    Rules on carry on luggage reward flight

    Have a rewards ticket which is done through Qantas and Qantas is also my first leg SYD to HND Qantas and JAL (my second leg ) have different carry on limits. Qantas is more generous. Whose limit applies ? My flight is a 'direct ' Syd to CDG
  6. C

    CX Premium Economy award codes

    Hi, Setting up alerts on EF but they don't show which are awards and which are revenue classes. PE has E, R and W, does anyone know which is the award bucket? Thanks for any help. Cheers, CM
  7. S

    2019 and beyond, cc rewards and flights

    2019 will see a huge devaluation in the amex program Churning offers still exist but seem to be less frequent/less generous as previous Ato spend using gift cards is gone And with various ccr changes Eventually, will there become a point where the points earning becomes pointless we just...
  8. get me outta here

    Upgrade a CX reward on an existing PNR

    Is this correct advice from QF or a HUACA .... I have a J CX reward CBR-HKG-JFK which has a very long transit in HKG, booked via QF. I saw an F seat on CX with a much shorter connection and wanted to upgrade to that in the same PNR on the same date. QF said CX wouldn’t do it as all CX see was...
  9. mrsterryn

    Rewards Seats and why you purchase

    I just have booked a rewards flight SYD CDG and return LHR SYD have to say part of the considerations behind my dates were having to experience 1st class with other airlines apart from Qantas Obviously :) people book the travel to visit stacks of places on a fixed cost but do many just book...
  10. TahoeSkier

    Can my Platinum friend help with award booking?

    Hi all A conversation over dinner with a good friend last night got us thinking what he might be able to do to assist me with making my next award booking (USA). He's been Plat for a few years but isn't quite sure exactly what (if anything) he could do to help. At a basic level, I know he will...
  11. H

    Why is only Economy available for classic award flight

    Hi, I was trying to look for a Qantas classic award flight from Hong Kong to Melbourne in Dec 2019. Not sure why, but I could see ONLY economy seats available for the whole Dec 2019. I could see Business and Premium Economy seats available in earlier months. I wonder if the upper flight classes...
  12. Mr_Gimlet

    Classic award - different fees and charges for economy and business?

    I normally use my points to fly Mrs_Gimlet around Australia for her meetings and conferences as she works for a charity. In a rare case of preplanning, I am looking at using points for Melbourne-Jakarta via Sydney. No problems checking dates and availability etc, but I see that the fees and...
  13. craven morehead

    JNB - DUR is this possible as a classic award?

    On Christmas Day I managed to snare 2 x elusive J Rewards SYD - JNB :D so I then tried to book JNB - DUR and get halfway through process and then it just goes nowhere! Does BA's (Comair) count as OW? After this screen it lets me type in JNB - DUR and then nothing :confused:
  14. D

    Qantas classic reward one way from BOM to SYD Problem

    Hi There, looking at booking a one way award seat from BOM to SYD on the Qantas Indian website and can't get the classic award screen up, it only gives me the below option.I Have ticked the correct box but still no joy. Have tried a couple of other of the overseas Qantas websites and they seen...
  15. A

    Qantas classic reward flight on American Airlines - seat selection fees?

    Hello, I am planning a somewhat 'last minute' return trip from Australia to America - in a few weeks time. Since I have left my planning and booking quite late, there are limited options for classic reward flights. The flights I am looking at have me travelling from MEL to SFO on QF metal...
  16. Pushka

    Booking award flights as 2 separate sectors

    I’m preparing for the release of award tickets next year with all the city variations etc. We are looking at a Hong Kong transit then through to Tel Aviv on CX. If I use the multi sector function via HK then availability seems to be held back a little longer than if I plug in as separate trips...
  17. F

    West coast USA award A or J to SYD

    So I need to fly west coast usa to syd at the end of next year. Ive never flown first before, so considering that on the A380 out of DFW. If I knew the cabin refresh was done by then, id probably go for it. 168k points and 293usd. Award open on my needed dates. SFO or LAX is available in J...
  18. D

    Classic Flight Reward Booking from CMB

    Looking to book a classic flight rewards booking one way from CMB. The QF website wont allow CMB as the from field... guessing only way to book is ring up?
  19. M

    How to find QR award availability

    Is there any easy way to find QR award availability. I’ve tried the AA and QR sites (I’m a member of both the Advantage and Privileges) and never see any award flights (J or Y) for a range of itineraries (eg CNS/BNE to LON/BCN/MAN) with flexible dates around 25 Sep to 20 Oct but nothing comes...
  20. Mattg

    Qantas fix for partner award ticketing problems

    If you've been keeping an eye on AFF over the past few years, you may have heard some of the horror stories of partner Qantas award tickets being cancelled with no recourse. People would redeem Qantas points for a partner airline award (e.g. on Qatar Airways), and Qantas would then take forever...