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airline status

For more information about Airline Status, see our Airline Status Tips and Tricks articles.
  1. M

    QF Double Status Credit Promos - I am not 100% sure I follow the logic anymore...

    Bear with me a moment..... the first time I remember any kind of status credit "promo" was in 2009 during the GFC. The company I was working for went bust and I went from 15x international business trips a year on QF to zero. Needless to say, I was jobless and grounded (pun intended). So keeping...
  2. coyote25

    Wrong (Higher) Boarding Pass Status

    Hi everyone, Back in February my QF WP status dropped to my LT SG status. Due to changes in work duties I rarely travel for work so the life time Gold status will now come into play for my personal international trips :) Anyway last week I did my first QF trip since the drop and checked in...
  3. C

    Have I just had my status comped ?

    I have been running my re-qualification for QP down to the wire (exp May 31) and I am currently at 1180 status credits. Following my last flight this week that took me to this level i have noticed that my account now shows the following even though i have not yet reached the 1200 point...
  4. A

    Qantas tier status on partner airlines

    I'm about to book a big trip on BA. Does anyone know if Qantas will give me my gold status credit bonus? I can't get on to chat.
  5. Kiwifruit

    QF Platinum status match to Star Alliance Gold?

    In the past where possible I have tried to consolidate my travels on One World carriers to retain status. I now have a number of flights coming up on Star Alliance carriers in the next six months, some of which are in economy and if possible would love have lounge access. Can anyone recommend...
  6. S

    Qantas Tier Status Bonus ("75% more Qantas Points") Never appears

    Hey everyone! First time posting here and I would appreciate knowing if anyone else has the same issue I have discovered. I was wondering if someone could explain to me what Qantas' Tier Status Bonus applies to? From their website the criteria are: Qantas flights. I am gold so would have...
  7. mrsterryn

    Continuation of status

    Is there a value to have continuous status eg gold or platinum? Having had platinum for a few years I am going to lose it end of next travel year but more than likely regain the following year Wondering is it of value to do a status run to maintain? I will have 700 odd credits but not the 1200
  8. Mattg

    Buy Air Italy Gold status for €500

    Not that Air Italy status is of much use if you're not flying on Air Italy, but I notice that you can pay €500 to buy a year of Gold status in lieu of the usual qualification requirements. Now if only Air Italy would join Oneworld ;)...
  9. N

    Answered Status credits on annual guaranteed redemption seats

    Hi all, Wondering if anyone has any experience on this. In relation to the guaranteed reward seats for Gold/Plat members; are these booked into revenue buckets and do you subsequently receive status credits on those flights? Thanks in advance.
  10. mikevictor

    Advice on getting 281 QFF status credits in a week

    Hi all. I've got a BNE-MEL return trip (Flexi and Saver) and BNE-SYD-CBR-BNE (Saver, 2x flexi) trip booked before I hit the last day of my membership cycle. I just noticed I was (sort of) tantalisingly close to hitting Platinum and needed 281 status credits to get there. I'm thinking there's...
  11. G

    Answered Has there been a Reduction in Silver baggage allowance for Silver Status flights to Europe? [no]

    As a retiree I usually only do one overseas trip a year and was surprised when booking a trip to Europe with Qantas recently to find the checked luggage allowance for Silver FF has been reduced to the same level as Bronze members. When did this change occur and why wasn't it publicized? Apart...
  12. L

    VA Double Status Credits Promo coming this week (20 May)

    Looks like there is another double status credit promo coming up on Monday. Book by 27 May, travel until April 14 2020. https://experience.velocityfrequentflyer.com/offer?channel=agent&promo_code=VADBLSTAT
  13. AFF Editor

    Turkish Airlines Miles&Smiles Status Match

    This thread is for discussion about the ongoing Turkish Airlines Miles&Smiles status match offer. The following AFF article contains more information about this status match: Star Alliance Status Match with Turkish Airlines
  14. G

    Answered Do SQ redemptions earn VA status credits?

    I have an SQ F saver redemption (O class) flying MEL-SIN-BKK RT for next year with my VFF number linked to the booking. Will this flight earn VA SC's & if so, roughly how much? I usually hover around 100-110 SC's as a VA Red, but if the above flight does earn SC's I might book a few Dom...
  15. A

    Answered Qantas status timing [How Long after Qualifying]

    If you join QF. FF in June and aquire gold in October when does the gold expire. In the following June or October, or is it June the year after. Thanks
  16. M

    Answered How to access WP Status benefits but not accrue points or status credits.

    Hi all My employer has a policy that does not permit me to accrue status credits or points for flights. Is there a way to get my WP number on the booking so I get priority seat selection and lounge access but not actually accrue any points or status credits in the process? Cheers m
  17. Tacce73

    Answered VA v Singapore Air

    Hi, we are flying one way from Adelaide to Singapore in Nov (cruise back). I am Silver VFF atm but hope to become gold in mid June, if I've done my calculations right. Flying direct out of Adelaide we have two choices Singapore or Virgin, but essentially only one as it is a codeshare flight...
  18. Mattg

    How much would you pay for status credits?

    This is just a hypothetical question, but how much would you be prepared to pay to buy status credits from Qantas outright? I recently received an offer from United (who I have gold status with) offering to sell me PQMs for USD150 per thousand (up to a maximum of 15,000 PQMs). To put that into...
  19. L

    Status credits and using points

    Hi Guys, I have some status credits that are about to expire end of this month. If I was going to book some business or first class seats through KF points for a flight several months out, will that give me extra status credits / add onto my current status credits and let me move up a tier...
  20. Mattg

    United selling premier qualifying miles

    I received an email today from United with a "special offer" to buy up to 15,000 PQMs (Premier Qualifying Miles)/15 PQSs (qualifying segments) between now and 30 April. For those not familiar with the program, these count towards status (so it's basically like buying status credits). The prices...