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airline status

For more information about Airline Status, see our Airline Status Tips and Tricks articles.
  1. L

    Targeted QF Double Status Credit Offer. Book 28 Oct - 4 Nov 19. Fly 5 Nov 19 - 22 Oct 20

    Qantas have released another double status credit offer. It is not open to all persons. It is a targeted offer. You must receive an invite and register. 'Get ready to fly higher with double Status Credits on eligible Qantas operated flights with a QF flight number worldwide in all cabins. And...
  2. ALH

    Disappearing Status Credits

    I couldn't find a similar thread, so here goes: I'm pretty good at managing my family's Qantas Accounts and helping everyone to achieve their desired Status for the Year, so I was pretty shocked to find that I had miscalculated (or so I thought) by several hundred Status Credits for one...
  3. C

    Newbie Question

    Hi All, newbie here, question to you all, I am a gold QFF, short of 135 Status point to retain in 3 wks, any advice on how to do achive this? txs
  4. esseeeayeenn

    Premature status renewals

    My membership year ends on 30 September. Having slid from Platinum to Gold a couple of years ago after an unpleasant incident caused me to shun Qantas for a while, I was on track to regain Platinum status this year. However on or about 3 September, with 1235 status credits, and bookings for...
  5. A

    Maintaining Velocity Platinum Status

    Maintaining Velocity Platinum Status Hello All, I am a couple of months and a few too many flights off maintaining long held Platinum status with Virgin Aust. An illness has kept me grounded but will be on the move again in the new year. I just had a chat with Velocity Platinum about a...
  6. P

    A cruel offer of double status credits

    I received a targeted Virgin double status credit offer to maintain Gold. The only problem is that I need to book prior to Sep 30th and fly by Dec 14th 2019. Considering that I already have 10 international sectors already booked in that time frame, there is actually no free dates to use the...
  7. W

    Answered Flying Malaysian, Qantas perks, collect BA status?

    I am QFF Platinum (Oneworld Emerald) and have to fly Malaysian later in the year. I have booked in O, which does not accumulate status credits or ff points with Qantas. I had a similar experience flying Economy with Cathay earlier this year. Is there a way that I can collect the points with my...
  8. B

    Answered Status Credits VS Anniversary Date

    Recently completed a return flight with Qantas SYD/HNL, Business Class. Departed on August 21 and returned on September 12, and I assumed that Status Credits earned (140 x 2) would be credited to my Frequent Flyer Account on completion of my journey, Sept 12. My Membership Anniversary Date is...
  9. S

    Answered Using VA Points Status Question

    Hello All, I was hoping to get some advice from flyers much more knowledgeable than I, on how to use my VA points and current VA status I currently have 504 status credits but don't have gold status as I haven't taken 4 flights operated by VA. I have actually just been bumped back down to red...
  10. P

    Regain status OR one world classic award?

    Unable to travel recently, have been silver for years but have dropped back to bronze. Would 'regain' silver status this yr with intended normal travel 'however' could alternatively incorporate this 'normal travel' into a one world classic award trip (5 stopovers). I am thinking, as bronze...
  11. N

    Answered QFF point and status credits on Award flights?

    Thanks Lance- A F Assist, we have secured our award around the world flights with our Qantas points.Do we accrue status credits/ QFF points on these flights?
  12. D

    Missing status credits before status drop

    Hi, I have just started an international trip and my status credits expire today which will drop me back to gold. However, my Cathay flights taken 2 days ago will enable me to re qualify. Do you know if the system will drop me back or give me a grace period for credits to appear? Given that I...
  13. T

    Double Status Credit - No double SC on domestic leg?

    Hey guys, So I recently flew MEL > SYD > LA and my ticket was purchased while there was in DSC promo (i think in may?). Anyways, I checked my activity statement and I saw that I got bonus SC for SYD > LA, but not the MEL > SYD route, eventhough it was 1 booking and was pretty the option...
  14. Mattg

    Should Qantas open more award seats to Points Club members?

    We often see cases where people have millions of Qantas Frequent Flyer points (e.g. through credit card spend), but can't get access to premium reward seats on long-haul Qantas flights because they only have Bronze or Silver status. As we know, Qantas releases more seats to Gold (and above)...
  15. Admin

    Australian FF Display your Airline Status

    Hot off the heels of my recent announcements about Sponsored Threads and our new Search Function, I'm now pleased to introduce another new feature. (Actually, this feature did exist in previous versions of AFF so its not really new!) You can now include your status with Qantas and Virgin in...
  16. N

    Qantas denies double points due to definition of "booking"

    Well, it's not the first time Qantas have done me out of points, but it's the last time I'm taking it lying down. After registering on May 8 2019 for Double Points, I booked flights on May 13, departed on May 14 and off I went on a work trip to Chile. Curiously, the double points were not...
  17. S

    QF status credit estimate error

    Hi there, This is my first post on AFF (although often read articles here)! Thanks to everyone for making this community happen. I am planning to book a trip to Sri Lanka later in the year and was looking at the Qantas status earn rates to see what is best value for earning/retaining status...
  18. A

    Are Qantas Double Status Credit Promos Really Worth It?

    So I've been pondering lately whether the double status credit promos are really worthwhile... In my own experience even when i receive the Double SC targeted promos, I prefer to wait for Sale fares which I find are usually 50% off the Saver fares This effectively means that for the same $...
  19. Z

    Qantas Points and Status Credit for Bidding upgrade

    Have Qantas change their policy? Previously I had successfully claim for Business Fare Qantas Point and Status Credit after bidding upgrade with Malaysia Airlines for a number of times. The recent trip was unsuccessful as the Qantas agent pointed to me that all bid upgrade now only paid base on...
  20. Mattg

    Hilton Gold status shortcut for Visa Signature/Infinite cardholders

    Hilton Honors is currently running a promotion in conjunction with Visa, for Visa Infinite and Visa Signature credit card holders living in the Asia-Pacific region (including Australia and New Zealand). By registering on the Visa website you can get instant Hilton Honors Gold status after 2...