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airline status

For more information about Airline Status, see our Airline Status Tips and Tricks articles.
  1. B

    Is status level determined by sector, or date?

    I will be flying MCY-MEL via SYD in a couple of months, and in doing so, will reach Gold status after the SYD-MEL sector. Thinking about it now, if I were to fly before then I could technically reach Gold status after flying the MCY-SYD sector instead. To me, this means that the credits earned...
  2. vicky whizz

    Status credit run help

    I’m currently in London, and had previously done my calculations and assumed that my flight home to Brisbane would be sufficient status credits to bump me up to gold. It appears I’ll now be 30 status credits short. I have a BA flight booked to Prague (London to Prague), which I know will give...
  3. S

    Maximising status credits to KUL

    As most of you know, intra-Asia flights earn 60 SC when flying non-QF airlines. on QF, East Coast flights to -BKK -CGK -HKG -SYD earn 125-135 SC depending on fare class Flying MH to KUL earns 60 (less than Perth!) Anyone whose flown this route recently/frequently tried to hack a way to...
  4. tgh

    Should I bother to collect status/FF points?

    Just booked Bne> Sfo with Air New Zealand. Great price and seems a good flight. For an annual int J flyer, is there any point in collecting the airpoints ? I used my velocity # in the booking but assume there are no crossover arrangements. We harvest a steady stream of qf points, but status...
  5. R

    Vigin status upgrade when transferring points

    Hi all, Just received an email from Amex. If you transfer 500k+ membership rewards points to velocity points, you will receive bonus velocity points AND a 12 month upgrade to Velocity Platinum tier. 500K-750K = 30% bonus velocity points 750k+ = 40% bonus 500K is a lot of points and I...
  6. N

    Earning maximum status on velocity LAX - JFK

    Hi everyone Can anyone recommend the Best way to get from LAX to NYC to earn maximum velocity status credits? I don’t mind doing multi city but I am wondering if it is worth it vs. flying direct (and if it is, does anyone have a recommendation of where I should try and connect through?) Much...
  7. Nat Z

    Question regarding status credits

    Hi guys If I'm looking at booking a flight on another carrier which is a Qantas partner (also an eligible partner for status credits) then how can I see how many status credits I can potentially earn? For instance, I'm on Jetstar's website browsing fares from DPS-KUL. I'd like to know how how...
  8. n7of9

    View expiring Velocity Status Credits

    I'm feeling really dopey right now - WHERE is the page that shows me which Status Credits are due to expire, or those that expired within the last month? I view the page a couple of times a year, now I can't find it [edit, changed points to Status Credits...i've been staring at the computer...
  9. Z

    Is there any credit card giving VA gold status

    I want to apply a velocity credit card. Any suggestions? And if any can give Velocity gold status? Or how can I match a VA gold with UA
  10. B

    Status Credit's During Soft Landing

    Hi Everyone, My platinum review date is coming up soon which I won't make enough SC to maintain. However I intend on earning enough next year to return to platinum. What happens to the SC I earn now but before my review date? Will they count towards my earn toward platinum or is it only SC I...
  11. V

    Virgin lounge access via SkyTeam status

    Hi All, my travel is changing a bit, a n one of the airlines that I'll likely be flying with a fair bit is KLM. Is there a cunning way to keep having Virgin AU lounge access by for instance using a Delta FF account for the KLM flights, thus getting Delta status? Or any other thoughts around...
  12. kamchatsky

    Double Status Credits Offer (By offer only)

    Just got the email below from VA. Obviously I have just registered it. Kamchatsky, don't let double Status Credits fly by For a limited time you can take off with double Status Credits when you book an eligible Virgin Australia flight*. Here's how: 1. Activate this offer by 15 May 2018 2...
  13. Mattg

    Velocity gold status upgrade with premium economy booking

    Did anyone else receive this offer from Velocity? Free pilot gold Velocity membership for booking 2 return Premium Economy flights to Los Angeles on Virgin Australia. T&Cs below. I assume it is targeted as I can't find any information about this online.
  14. C

    Qantas Platinum - downgrading 1 tier each year if status not reached?

    Dear All, I attain Platinum this year and will anticipate that I would only barely meet silver this year. Is it still true that I will be downgraded to Gold (1 tier at a time) next year? For the 4 minimum eligible flights per year to maintain silver, does each domestic flight counts as 1...
  15. Lindab

    Velocity/Qf platinum status match

    I’m QF platinum and was recently approached by VA corporate rep with an offer to match status, so new velocity platinum card just arrived. I figure I have about 6 months as I can’t see myself being able to maintain both, with the amount of flying I do just barely scraping in for QF platinum last...
  16. F

    Velocity Status Credits on Air NZ Domestic Flights

    Hi all. I'm organising a trip to NZ soon, and will do one domestic flight, Queenstown to Christchurch. As I'm VA Gold I could use some status credits and trying to figure out a way of booking a flight that earns. According to Velocity, only fare classes Q, H, M, V, L, G, W, T on Air NZ domestic...
  17. S

    Status Credits [Travelling VA]

    I new to this but determined to amass some points this year, I'm just wondering the best way to get status credits as without those my points will not be as much use.
  18. D

    Partner status - VA metal - lounge access?

    I have no idea as to the answer, looking at a ticket at the moment KKE-AKL-MEL, and I have SQ * gold status. Looking at NZ marketed ticket, operated by VA, on the AKL-MEL sector. I know VA gold members will get access to the NZ AKL lounge on the flight, does anyone know if VA partner gold...
  19. V

    120 SC's Short - Most Cost Effective Status Run?

    Hi All I have a large amount of status credits expiring in early May, and with already planned travel up until that date I will still fall approximately 120 status credits short of qualifying for Platinum. My main reason for considering a status run is the opportunity of a soft fall to Gold if...
  20. M

    Buying Status with QFF points?

    Greetings All, My status credits expire at the end of this month. I am 55 SCs short of retaining SG, but have 50 bonus credits I can use to get to 595 SCs, still 5 short of the required 600 SCs. QF is offering me the option of buying SG for 80,000 points (regardless of whether I finish 5 or 55...