Why masks in airports?

The latest number I see for Australia is ~20,000 infections a day and they've decided that masks don't help? LOL.

As for vaccinations that was a rushed job. They did talk about including covid vaccine with the flu vaccine but I'm not sure the uptake of the flu vaccine is that high anyway. Too many allowed to make a choice on whether to vaccinate or not which does affect overall flu infections.

And what do masks have to do with that? It was hundreds of thousands when masks were mandated in virtually all settings. You’re using the “I prayed for the sun to come up and it did, so I was right” argument.

Yes, the vaccinations were “rushed” but they do seem to work and we’ve got a mortality rate that’s as good as zero. But that doesn’t seem to be enough for you?
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Mods …… I started this thread and it was solely about why masks were still needed in airports. Unfortunately it has been hijacked by a few who don’t like the mask rules being removed and should therefore be closed please.

The thread has successfully run its course because masks are no longer required in airports.

Let it run it’s course. We’re down to a few people who are so covid obsessed that it is only good when their irrational views are displayed. Change the title to why masks on aeroplanes. I feel for flight attendants who are still wearing these stupid things 12 hours a day to appease an insane agenda
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What happened to this thread being about masks in airports. There are other threads for arguing expressing personal views on Covid-19 generally.
Agree. The point is that if masks are not mandated in shopping centres and other public places, it does not make sense that airports need to be treated any differently. Which is the common sense ruling that is now being applied and I don't think it will be that long and the same will apply to all flights. They are no longer going to be mandated on various Qantas international flights.