Virgin Australia Business Class - Meals, Menus & Service

What @The-Aviator experienced was additive, not replacive.
This one great experience does not create an expectation of a new standard but contributes to the n as another data point in the distribution curve.
I expect that most of us here want to maximise the Amaze Service events, minimise the cough Service events and happily accept the Good Service events.
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I have to agree. Whilst @twinaisle is absolutely right that in an ideal world everyone would follow the exact same standards and provide "good service", it just doesn't happen consistently for all sorts of reasons, both internal and external. Case in point previous poor experiences such as this one and this one.

So ultimately the spectacular experiences help balance out the not-so-spectacular ones. In an ideal world I think it would be nice if VA brought back some more premium elements to their transcon and international flights, such as service more akin to what I saw on my SYD-PER flight in J (surely they can afford it with cash fares at $2k) and perhaps an Air NZ "The Works" style package in Y (at a charge of course). Surely it could be revenue-positive for VA too, as was reported recently QF only holds 5% more market share than VA on the SYD-MEL corridor yet generates almost twice as much revenue on the route.
VA781 BNE/CNS 30/4 10:40am Departure

Had already eaten in the lounge but needed this as had to get to Port Douglas and last until dinner


Also got a photo of seatmates lamb rissole. She said it was very tasty. Photo quality not as good

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BNE-SYD 1005 4/6/24

Orders taken 1A and C, 2AC, 2DF and 1DF.

Options were a buttermilk chicken salad or Thai vegetable curry. We got our choices and I believe everyone else did too.

We tried both and I had the vegetable curry. It was well seasoned and had an enough spice to make it interesting. My partner thought the chicken salad was okay. We must have just ticked over into the lunch service window. I could have gone for breakfast myself at that time.

Offered water or orange juice for pre departure beverage.

I didn’t partake of any alcohol on this flight but did get top ups of my water and some tea.

Another good flight on VA.


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VA786 departing CNS for BNE two minutes early at 4.48pm.

The chicken dish seemed popular as everyone I saw ordered it and seemed to enjoy it.

Cabin service was excellent. A FA saw me battling trying to get my hand luggage into the row 1 overhead bin which is always just a bit smaller than the others. He placed it in row 2's bin for me and retrieved it for me at the end of the flight.

Service was very good. Drinks arrived just as the previous one was gone. Everything was done cheerfully and efficiently. My name was remembered even as I exited the plane and thanked the cabin manager for her great service.

Excellent service and meals/drinks on both sectors of my recent SYD-NAN-SYD. Beef with black bean and rice, and the butter chicken with rice were both nice, and a small entree, cake and cheese/crackers also provided. Lots of beverages!

Blanket/pillow provided on both sectors and a nice amenities kit was provided on the evening return sector. The int lounge issue will hopefully be sorted out soon, but the lack of lounge access is not a deal-breaker for me.
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I’ll soon be flying business MEL to PER return. Can someone please tell me what I may expect on both flights?

Is it one meal only, or is there a second service (tea/coffee/snacks)?
I’ll soon be flying business MEL to PER return. Can someone please tell me what I may expect on both flights?

Is it one meal only, or is there a second service (tea/coffee/snacks)?
I've only done SYD-PER but assuming it's the same thing, one main meal, however you get more food compared to if you were flying SYD-MEL. You can ask for tea, coffee and snacks from The Pantry on demand.
Thanks… is the Pantry actively offered or is it a bit of an insider’s thing?
depends on the flight and the crew.

some shorter flights like SYD-MEL the crew will either not mention it at all, proactively offer it, or happily offer on request.

Often pax who don’t have a meal, but still have a drink, will be offered something from the snack range.

on longer flights, with the second drink service, the snacks are freely available.
New business class menu cycle has started
Virgin Australia Business Class menu

Breakfast menu items available on a rotating basis
  • Carrot and walnut slice
  • Yoghurt with apple and cranberry granola
  • Chia and coconut pudding with mixed berries, kiwi fruit and rhubarb
  • Frittata with salsa and mint yoghurt
  • Frittata with bacon and potato, bean ragout and relish
  • Corn fritters with crumbled goat cheese and capsicum relish
  • Apple Lumberjack
  • Mixed berry coconut oat balls
  • Bircher muesli with fruit compote and kiwi fruit
  • Banana bread with mascarpone and fruits (cold or hold options available)
  • Cheese and chive crumpet with bacon, scrambled egg and beans
  • Raspberry friand
  • Mango and coconut sago pudding
  • Frittata with crumbled feta, pumpkin and tomato relish
  • Bacon, egg, sausage, tomato with Turkish bread
Lunch/Dinner menu items available on a rotating basis
  • Loaded potato salad with bacon and chorizo
  • Orzo and bean salad with yoghurt pesto with optional sliced chicken breast
  • Chicken bulgogi with aged rice and broccoli
  • Vegetable pasta with pesto with optional sliced chicken breast
  • Creamy butter chicken with aged rice and naan bread
  • Cheese tortellini with tomato pesto
  • Beef chipotle quesadilla
  • Chickpea and vegetable tagine with couscous with optional pulled beef
  • Soy caramel karaage chicken with aged rice
  • Pumpkin gnocchi with creamy pesto with optional chorizo
  • Hummus with marinated artichoke with pitta
  • Spinach and cheese pie with bean ragout
  • Soba noodle salad with chicken and teriyaki dressing
  • Cheese tortellini Caesar salad with optional prosciutto
  • Sweet pork belly with aged rice and vegetables
  • Leek and mushroom macaroni with vegetables and optional sliced chicken breast
  • Chicken with grain mustard, potato and vegetables
  • Creamy vegetable korma with rice and optional tandoori chicken
  • Tomato and mozzarella salad
Dessert items available on a rotating basis
  • Goat cheese with apricot and sumac amuse bouche
  • Mango coconut cake
  • White chocolate and macadamia cake
Source: Virgin Australia serves up new inflight menu, reveals Aussie travellers' favourite sky-high snack
I’ve always been hooked on those cheese and crackers. I’ve purchased the same type from Woolworths but they don’t seem to be the same.

Jetstar still has a better hot food menu for Y pax, not sure why Virgin can’t up the offering.